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Keywords Long Tails | Kasper

Keywords Long Tails | Kasper

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Find your best keyword ideas with the Kparser word suggestion tool.

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Description of the Kparser tool

keyword suggestion tool Kparser helps you identify the most profitable keywords not only for optimizing your site for natural referencing, but also for advertising campaigns.  It is able to exploit and extract from several sources information relating to the keywords that you submit to it. It presents itself as a complete tool and as a perfect and profitable alternative to Google Keyword planner.  As you know, when you want to create content and be successful online, you need to match your content to people’s search intent. To do this, you need to find the right keywords that correspond to this search intention.  Although there are many tools that can help you achieve this goal, I suggest you discover the Kparser tool. 

Why should you care about Kparser? 

Kparser is a keyword research tool designed in a simple and pleasant to use model.  It brings together many features and allows you to have access to a selection of keywords from the most used platforms, but also from several locations and languages.  It is recognized and presented as a useful tool by reliable and well-known SEO and marketing blogs such as: 
  • Search engine; 
  • BuzzSumo; 
  • Single Grain. 

Who is the Kparser tool intended for? 

Whether you are an expert in natural referencing or a layman, as long as you are interested in creating quality content online, the Kparser tool can be of great use to you.  Indeed, thanks to these many features, it will help you in all your keyword research operations. 

What are the features of the Kparser tool? 

Among the features you have with the Kparser tool, I can cite: 
  • The possibility of choosing between several platforms as a source of research for your keywords. In reality, from the choice you make, the tool extracts the keywords and displays them to you; 
  • The possibility of choosing between several locations: With the Kparser tool, you have the option of carrying out your search from hundreds of locations; 
  • Choice of multiple languages: This feature allows you to choose the language in which your search results will appear. 
Beyond these features, Kparser also allows you to conduct searches from various elements that you can configure at the advanced search level.  Thus, you can: 
  • Collect your results by including clues such as numbers, questions, prepositions or simply the letters of the alphabet; 
  • Include or exclude keywords; 
  • Indicate for how many search levels the indices can be searched. 
Apart from these different functionalities, it is useful to specify that the Kparser tool offers you two tools, namely: 
  • The free domain name generator which allows you to obtain domain name ideas for your site; 
  • And the Negative Keyword Research Tool: This tool helps you identify which keywords you should avoid when optimizing your site for another keyword.  

How much does the Kparser tool cost? 

As you will realize, Kparser is a paid tool. It offers you to subscribe to three different plans. 
  • The first is the Basic plan: this plan is billed at $19 per month and entitles you to: unlimited keyword research covering 18 sources, 38 languages, 248 regions, and exports; 
  • The second plan is the pro subscription: Billed at $69 per month, this plan offers you, in addition to the advantages of the basic version, the possibility of researching negative keywords, identifying the profitability of keywords and unlimited exports and copies of your search results;
  • The third plan is a startup plan: It gives you the same advantages as the Basic plan except that it allows you to make unlimited exports and copies. This plan is billed at $29 per month. 
Furthermore, please note that with the Kparser platform, you can make your subscription can be made by means of payment such as credit cards or PayPal. 

How to use the Kparser tool? 

Like most keyword research tools, the Kparser tool is simple and easy to use.  Indeed, if you want to take advantage of the features of this tool, you just have to register by subscribing to one of the subscriptions offered.  Then, all you have to do is log in using your login information and start your search by configuring the tool according to your needs.  For example, to use the keyword suggestion tool, you just need to indicate a word or several words in the empty field and then choose: 
  • The source; 
  • The location ; 
  • And the search language. 
These various criteria can be supplemented by the advanced search options by simply clicking on the “advanced” button.  Once you have chosen all the options you need to perform your search, all you have to do is press the “begin” button to launch the search and display the results.  Now you have all the information to take advantage of the Kparser tool.  So use it! 

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Kparser is a tool developed by the company Boosta. It is an international multi-product IT company founded in May 2014 and headquartered in Estonia, specifically in the capital (Tallinn). The products developed by the company very often relate to educational projects and referencing tools.  Speaking of SEO, Kparser is one of those SEO tools. This is a keyword generator that helps you find profitable terms for PPC and SEO.  Thus, Kparser can be used by SEO specialists, digital marketing professionals as well as e-commerce specialists to either improve their SEO campaign or generate more sales.  Whether on Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay or Youtube, Kparser can generate more specific keyword ideas than some tools to better refine your various marketing strategies.

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