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CognitiveSEO is a search engine optimization software that offers a host of features to improve website performance. It is a tool that can, without a doubt, help you achieve higher rankings. 

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Description CognitiveSEO

“In the last year alone, cognitiveSEO has helped over 11,000 SEO professionals and agencies recover and improve the rankings of over 36,000 sites,” said says the CognitiveSEO tool team. Obviously, you will have no doubts about it if you try to use the tool just for a few times. It is a tool with many very advanced features to cover almost all SEO tasks. Therefore, introducing CognitiveSEO into your SEO processes will give you a better chance of boosting your site’s ranking on the SERPs. To go into more detail, here are the main features of the tool:

Site audit

Basically, CognitiveSEO is a tool allowing webmarketers to perform a complete audit of their websites. Thanks to its explorer, the tool scans your entire website very quickly to find potential problems related to SEO. Once the exploration is complete, CognitiveSEO provides a detailed report with actionable insights that will help you improve your performance.  Virtually all SEO issues like:
  • Broken links;
  • Duplicate content;
  • Slow response time;
  • Incorrect canonical tags;
  • Architectural issues;
  • International referencing issues;
  • Problems with image attributes;
  • Malware threats;
  • Sitemap issues;
  • Anchor text issues
  • Etc.
This report aims to give you an understanding of the SEO challenges you are facing so that you can put a plan in place for improvement as soon as possible. The site audit feature also includes targeted keyword analysis.  The idea is to help you use the keywords and phrases that have enough potential so that you can maintain a high ranking on the SERPs.

Backlinks analysis

As you know, backlinks are among the main ranking factors and form a basis when it comes to promoting your brand. Indeed, CognitiveSEO’s backlink analysis feature allows you to have full monitoring and control of your link profile. So you can focus as much as possible on the ways that earn you the most high-quality links. In addition to allowing you to do unlimited backlink analysis, the tool also gives you the option to examine the link profile of competitors. It’s a great way to see where your top-ranking competitors are linking so you can benefit from them too. For example, you can contact the webmasters of these sites and request a guest posting opportunity.  In addition, you can find and disavow unnatural links in just a few clicks, which can easily damage your online reputation and your site

‘s ranking. Rank Tracking

To aim for higher rankings, you must first try to see if your current strategies help you rank better. And for that, Cognitive SEO offers a great tracker that lets you examine your desktop and mobile rankings abilities.  You can use this information to see if you need improvement in any way.  The tracker works by tracking your keywords for all locations and languages.  Which is a great advantage for understanding how your website is performing in the SERPs for international queries. Likewise if you are just trying to target people in a community, the tool can show you your local rankings. Of course, you can filter the results to see your performance in any search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Content Visibility

Another sure way to improve your rankings is to provide the type of content that is best consumed. CognitiveSEO not only allows you to see what type of content your competitors are ranking high for, but also to identify their strategies through a specific algorithm it developed. For your own website, the tool highlights content strategies that are working really well for you so you can put more effort into them.  In terms of content, CognitiveSEO will even compare your site’s strengths and weaknesses against a competitor’s site so you can gauge your abilities to compete for top ranks in the SERPs.

Content optimization

The content of your pages is the main element on which search engines rely to display your site to a user. When your content is well optimized and informative enough, it increases your chances of impressing search engines. For this, cognitiveSEO offers a useful WYSIWYG content editor that gives you all the resources you need to produce optimized content. Several CognitiveSEO users testify to their increase in visibility to this specific feature.

Signals of updates

It is true that the signals of change of algorithm are not elements which you use every day, but they can make you avoid the fall of your efforts. The tool offers a clear overview of how each change impacts search engine results pages. CognitiveSEO uses this feature to monitor fluctuations in over 170,000 keywords so you can know if you need to take action during a Google algorithm update.

Analytics Reports

The reports on your website are still the best way to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. CognitiveSEO offers you the possibility to schedule the automatic obtaining of the reports thanks to its complete and customizable reporting solution.  You can get the reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Additionally, cognitiveSEO works well with Google Analytics. So it can produce reports that show all your key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place.  It’s a great way to create custom reports and tailor them to your own digital marketing needs. Indeed, cognitiveSEO lets you create reports with a user-friendly, widget-driven user interface.  On top of all that, the tool also provides white label marketing reports so you can add your own branding to them before uploading or sending them to your customers.

CognitiveSEO API

This feature will be more suitable for you if you want to develop a personalized digital marketing solution. So you can use the CognitiveSEO API to:
  • Run in-depth link audits; 
  • Track keyword rankings; 
  • Identify your most shared content; 
  • Discover new and lost links;
  • Recrawl all lost links on your site;
Like most API solutions, CognitiveSEO lets you get the data in JSON format, which makes parsing with server-side or client-side code even easier.

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CognitiveSEO is a relatively old search engine optimization toolkit. It was launched in 2012 by Razvan Gavrilas, developer and CEO of the company of the same name, which is headquartered in Romania. Cognitive SEO emphasizes backlink analysis and link building. It also helps with content and site audit analysis, as well as keyword research and tracking. It also has a suite of SEO tools for digital marketing agencies, SMBs or web professionals. The main purpose of CognitiveSEO is to detect and repair problems that may reduce traffic to a website, as well as to optimize its content. The CognitiveSEO team is also constantly working on managing and improving the software, being regularly connected to the latest updates from the digital marketing industry.

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