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Keyword and Description Generator | Joomla (Plugin)

Keyword and Description Generator | Joomla (Plugin)

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SEO-Generator is an SEO extension for Joomla, which automatically generates keywords and description for each post by extracting title and/or content text, to help with SEO. It also gives you the option to set different title layouts, robots meta tags and google webmaster verification keys.

Long Description : Keyword and Description Generator


The meta description has lost its power over the past few years and 25.02% of the top ranking pages have no meta description. You would think that meta descriptions don’t really have any impact on rankings anymore. But if the meta-descriptions hardly intervene in the classification, what is really its interest and is this a reason to do without it? The meaning of meta description can help us answer this question. It is a summary of a few characters that describes the content of an article. It often appears below URLs in SERPs and allows visitors to read the content of the article. Starting from this idea, we can already deduce that the meta-description intervenes in the decision visitors to click on the URLs from the SERPs. But while its creation seems like a relatively easy task for small blogs that only publish a few articles per week, it requires much more time on large sites and online stores. Fortunately, some extensions allow you to generate these meta-descriptions automatically, such as SEO-Generator for Joomla sites. Through this description, I invite you to discover SEO-Generator.

What is SEO-Generator?

SEO-Generator is an SEO extension for Joomla sites. Using the latter, you can automatically generate keywords and a meta description for each of your articles to help with SEO.  SEO-Generator pulls meta descriptions from the content you post or its title. It also allows you to set different configurations of titles, robots meta tags and Google Webmaster verification keys. Joomla provides a great system for including metadata keywords and description on articles. During the edition of your contents, you can find this system which will allow you to modify the keywords and the description. Using this information, Joomla generates the meta tags for the page and they are used to link pages using the standard Related Articles module that comes with Joomla.  But when you don’t have the head or the time to think of the ideal keywords and meta descriptions for the many pages you put online, it’s easier to let SEO-Generator do it. Note that this plugin works no matter what language your content is written in. SEO-Generator will also allow you to modify the title tag of the site’s home page to include a custom string.

How does SEO-Generator work?

Whenever you create or save an article in the Frontend or Backend, this extension automatically fills in the keywords and description for you. For the keywords, SEO-Generator analyzes all the words in the content and ranks them by the number of times used and if it suits you, you can generate the keywords from the title or from both. The extension then removes the most common words in your language from the list by checking them against a blacklist. Finally, it adds the most frequent words in the keywords section while putting a length and number limit. After saving the article, it is also possible to make your own changes and any words added in the keywords or description section will not be overwritten when saving. For old articles that you published before installing the extension, you have the option to regenerate the keywords for all these articles. To do this, set the option to “Yes” and reload “Frontpage”, then set it back to no. From then on, all old articles will now have keywords. Besides, you can save, delete or modify the keywords of all articles by modifying the options “Regenerate all keywords and save them” and “Minimum word length” or the “Keyword blacklist” . It should also be remembered that when you do not activate the “Save while writing” option, the description and the keywords will not be saved in the article. However, the search engine can get them from the source text, since they are also generated “on the fly”.  Also, the keyword blacklists are mostly in English and German, but you can use a translator like DeepL to create your own keyword blacklist.

What is the interest of SEO-Generator for your Joomla store?

While the meta description doesn’t directly influence your rankings, it does affect a website’s click-through rate and traffic. Indeed, the description tag is an indicator for visitors to know and understand the content of your page when it appears in search results. So the better they know what they’re going to find in your content that’s interesting, the more likely they’ll be to click on the URL when they think the content is relevant to them. That said, the meta description is an opportunity to make a good impression on visitors from the SERPs. This is why it is crucial to add meta description tags in your on-page SEO strategy, hence the interest of the SEO-Generator extension.  But just having meta descriptions in place is not enough. In fact, your meta description should reflect the content of the article. Unlike other tools that generate meta descriptions from a template, SEO-Generator is inspired by the article’s content and title, or even both. Thus, the meta description that this extension offers translates the essence of your content, which makes it relevant and will reduce the bounce rate on your site. In general, when a meta-description and an article title seduce visitors and they decide to consult a page, when the content of this one does not meet the expectations of visitors, they quickly leave the page. For Google, this is a bad experience, and the more bounces you accumulate, Google could cause you to lose rankings. Also, the meta description is a way for you to advertise your article to users.

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Joomla is a content management system also called CMS (Content Management System). Created in 2005, the project allows companies and individuals to create high quality professional websites. This CMS is used by many web developers for the design and management of sites. The software has a large user community across the globe. It should be noted that it is multilingual and can be translated into 64 different languages.  Joomla has a very easy-to-use content editing system. Content optimization is a task that this platform allows you to perform without difficulty. The CMS also provides users with various tools, sometimes available in the form of extensions. Each of them constitutes a real solution to solve problems encountered by the majority of people in the management and optimization of the content of their sites.  

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