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Boost your Ecommerce | Sellzone

Boost your Ecommerce | Sellzone

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Succeed in your e-commerce activities on Amazon by discovering the tools and the different functionalities offered by the Sellzone toolbox.

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Description Sellzone

Sellers on Amazon are in the throes of fairly stiff competition on this platform from Jeff Bezos. It remains the largest in terms of e-commerce. It is also an advantageous commercial solution for said sellers, regardless of their levels. However, Amazon has its own rules and in order not to be intimidated by them and by competitors who like you want to have a good turnover, it is essential to find and use the right tools. Sellzone is one of them. It is precisely a marketing toolbox that can lead you to better develop your activities on Amazon by impacting your various marketing strategies. This box may well be the key to your e-commerce success on Amazon. In this description, I bring you some details about the tools that form Sellzone as well as its basic functionalities. Good reading.

Presentation Sellzone

Sellzone is a set of digital marketing tools that supports sellers in their online business.  Whether in terms of SEO or in terms of advertising campaigns, each of these tools covers almost all of your different digital marketing strategies. Sellzone can therefore in theory participate in your success in the field of e-commerce. Developed by Semrush Inc, Sellzone helps Amazon sellers profit from every product listing. The latter will thus be able to increase their income by relying on the various Sellzone tools which offer certain advantages such as:
  • improved Amazon referencing;
  • better visibility of your products;
  • increased traffic to your e-commerce sites;
  • the increase in the conversion rate. 
Keep in mind that Sellzone analyzes your e-commerce site data to guide you in your decision-making regarding your activity on the Amazon platform. Sellzone offers 3 different monthly packages for this purpose. It is therefore up to you to choose between the free but limited version and the paid version which provides you with all the features and tools of the Sellzone suite. About the tools that form the said suite, here is a brief overview.

The various tools in the Sellzone suite

Renowned as a fairly user-friendly toolbox, Sellzone has proven itself with a large number of Amazon sellers. This can also be very well understood when one attaches particular importance to its interface. Indeed, Sellzone has a simple and pleasant design with light colors. Its more or less intuitive navigation system hides a dynamic and quite sophisticated e-commerce tool. It is made up of a wide variety of beneficial and vital tools for your e-business in the Amazon marketplace. So far, it’s a suite of eight tools, among which I suggest you discover five.

Traffic Insights for Amazon Tool

As the name suggests, this is a traffic analysis tool that evaluates and compares different traffic channels for Amazon product listings. Thus, the analysis offered by this tool can be suitably adapted to the marketing strategy that you have decided to set up. It also increases the reach of your brand outside of the Amazon universe. Anyway, the Traffic Insights for Amazon tool faithfully supports you in discovering the external traffic of any type of Amazon products. Boosting your sales and turnover then becomes easy.

Search Insights for Amazon Tool

Very practical, this tool of the suite allows you to obtain concrete information in order to better develop your visibility in terms of search on Amazon. Indeed, a good visibility guarantees you the increase of your sales as well as an important traffic. Moreover, staying one step ahead of your competitors is proof that you know the market better than they do. For this, the use of Search Insights Amazon is an essential asset insofar as it allows you to discover the strategy of keywords used by your rivals on the Amazon platform.  In principle, the tool allows you to get your product listings noticed through an in-depth analysis of search performance on Jeff Bezos’ platform.

Keywords Wizard for Amazon Tool

This is a keyword research assistant for Amazon that can intervene in your content marketing to make your products more visible on the latter. With the tool, boost your visibility and dominate Amazon search. Amazon being a jungle where the law of the strongest is a daily thing, use Keywords Wizard for Amazon to improve your search ranking through relevant terms, regardless of the product chosen.

Listing Quality Check Tool for Amazon

This tool is kind of the real guide for Amazon merchants. Concretely, it is a tool that checks if the lists of your products are incomplete and if they respect the standards of Amazon.  It also checks for errors in the ad content of your Amazon product listings and offers suggestions for better optimization of said listings. These are recommendations and practical advice based on good optimization techniques.  The Listing Quality Check for Amazon tool gives you a score that assesses the overall quality of your listing. Very interesting therefore to develop its e-business.

PPC Optimizer for Amazon tool

Through its Artificial Intelligence, Sellzone’s PPC Optimizer For Amazon tool makes your Amazon advertising campaigns automatic. It does this by considering several strategic advertising aspects that you might miss when making critical bidding decisions. In addition, the tool automatically launches and organizes the most profitable ads, thus contributing to your ROI.  On the go, PPC Optimizer for Amazon helps you automatically optimize your campaigns by changing keywords, product targets, and bidding strategies. Although it automatically directs your campaigns, it is also flexible. Which allows you to direct them yourself. It therefore participates perfectly in the development of your activities on Amazon. I randomly chose five tools from the Sellzone suite that I tried to introduce you to in a few words. Although it lacks details, the most important has been said through these words. Now, I offer you its basic functionalities, because it is from these tools that they derive.

Sellzone basic functionalities

If Sellzone is used by at least 7 million marketing professionals, it is certainly because of the different functionalities they give them in their marketing strategies. Here they are.

Amazon SEO Amazon SEO

is a digital marketing strategy whose conscientious implementation allows you to harvest more traffic to your product list. It also contributes to obtaining a better visibility of the latter. Thus, by using Sellzone, you will make more sales and convert your prospects faster. Through this feature, the tool mainly allows you to:
  • provide main lists for the search terms hidden in your ad;
  • find the keywords used by your competitors;
  • optimize the different contents of the list;
  • track your progress in the SERP.
The Amazon platform has at least 2 billion active customers, which makes the competition quite tough. This is why this feature of Sellzone sets you apart from your rivals in your business. 

Listing Optimization 

Listings for your various Amazon products help advertise better and for that, they must be well written. These must be original with a pleasant style, but above all they must respect SEO rules and that is what this feature offers. Concretely, this feature allows you to audit your various Amazon ads. Also, it improves the performance of the various ads in your product listings. Anyway, through this option, Sellzone participates in:
  • the correction of all errors in the content of your advertisements and the improvement of the lists with a good choice of keywords;
  • the continuous improvement of your income with split tests which are offered in an unlimited way;
  • Consideration of all Amazon requirements and recommendations.

Product research

If you sell on Amazon, you’ll agree with me that you always have to have an idea of ​​what products are trending. In other words, you have to know or anticipate what your potential customers prefer best. This will allow you to have more traffic and accelerate your sales. To be able to achieve this feat on Amazon, it is necessary to exploit the art of digital marketing. Said art would like you to be able to identify and offer the products that your customers are usually looking for by offering them more attractive offers than other competitors. So, if you really want to strategically trade your products, this feature is a great help. In principle, it detects for you the perfect items or products to sell on Amazon. Specifically, this Sellzone feature makes it possible to:
  • identify the products most often searched for by Internet users with smart filters;
  • make an assessment of the search request;
  • analyze the power of traffic to the products sought;
  • have some idea about the limits of competition.
Another feature that is just as awesome as the previous ones is growth hacking. Here are the key takeaways from this feature.


growth hacking Growth hacking literally means ”growth hacking”. It allows to activate the growth of a startup through a set of marketing techniques. To this extent, ”growth hacking” boosts the growth of your turnovers representatively and promptly. This very interesting feature of the tool can then allow you to stand out from the competition in your niche.  De facto, Sellzone supports you in the development of your business through prescriptive analysis. It is a business analytical approach that focuses on improving business decision-making in specific situations. To do this, it focuses on data and AI technology. The perspective analysis directs the organization on the strategic choices and on the business actions of your company. In summary, Sellzone’s growth hacking feature assists you in your e-business by allowing you to:
  • study your main competitors with the most advanced ASIN tool;
  • increase your customer acquisition strategy by using external traffic channels;
  • generate a list of long tail keywords for your various PPC campaigns.
The last core feature of the tool is Listing Alerts. It is quite beneficial to save time in your marketing strategies.

Listing Alerts

With this Sellzone feature, automatically receive alerts in the event of a problem on your e-commerce site. Indeed, the alerts received allow you to have total control over your business. Thus, you will no longer need to hover over the data each time in the event of a problem. In concrete terms, this last feature allows you to:
  • receive piracy alerts for your advertisements, either by email or by SMS;
  • check the status of buy boxes and any price changes;
  • track Amazon search rankings.
All in all, the Sellzone toolbox is an asset for developing your online business on Amazon. It allows e-commerce professionals to increase their sales and outperform the competition.

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