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Check your Canonicals | Inspect Canonical

Check your Canonicals | Inspect Canonical

Short description : Check your Canonicals

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Inspect Canonical is an extension that allows you to check whether a URL is canonical or not, directly from your browser, without reading the source code.

Long Description : Check your Canonicals

Description Inspect Canonical 

Inspect Canonical is a Chrome extension that allows you to examine the canonical tag of any web page with a single click. When a page has (or not) errors related to the canonical tag in its lines of code, the extension will display a color to let you know.  If, for example, a canonical tag or the Href attribute is missing on a page, the extension icon will be in red with indications of the error encountered. You can then easily correct the problem and have correctly functional pages. 

What is Inspect Canonical? 

Inspect Canonical is a very easy to use extension that shows you the canonical source of any web page you visit right from your Chrome extension. You therefore no longer need to consult the source code of a page before checking whether the canonical tag points to the correct destination.  Inspect Canonical is especially appreciated for its ease of indicating the canonical state of a page thanks to a color coding system which is displayed directly on your Chrome browser when you visit a web page.  Source: Inspect Canonical  The extension reports the status of the page’s canonical tag in 3 colors: 
  • GREEN to indicate the canonical tag is present and correct
  • ORANGE to indicate the canonical tag is present, but differs from the current URL
  • And RED to indicate an error. 
For each color displayed, Inspect Canonical also displays a message to guide you exactly what to work on to have a web page that works properly. 

Inspect Canonical: How to use the extension? 

To get started, you need to download and install the extension. To do this, go to the chrome web store and then search for Inspect Canonical.  Click the “Add to Chrome” button to start installing the extension.  Once the installation is complete, you can start using it. But before you start, make sure to pin Inspect Canonical to your browser’s menu bar, otherwise you have to on each new page, scroll down the list of installed extensions (on your browser) before seeing the status of the canonical tag .   Once the C is attached to your menu bar, visit a web page whose canonical tag status you want to check. Automatically as this page loads, the C should change color.  Here is the value associated with each color taken by the “C” of the extension:  The C : This is the default color. The extension icon takes on this color when you are on a page that is loading.  The C : This means that the canonical tag is present, but does not point to the current URL.  The C GREEN  The C RED : This can mean one of the following: 
  • The page contains the robots ‘noindex’ tag. Canonical tags are therefore ignored. 
  • The canonical tag was not detected in the Head of the page, but it is present in other places in the code, maybe in the body, the footer, etc. 
  • No canonical tag was detected in the page code.
  • More than one canonical tag was detected on the page. 
  • The canonical tag was successfully detected, but the Href attribute is missing.
Finally for each of these situations, hover your mouse over the Inspect Canonical extension icon to bring up a detailed message about the status of the canonical tag. 

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Inspect is a tool developed by SEO consultant Nick Leroy with over a decade of SEO experience. The Inspect tool developed by him is a one-page canonical tag checker. It is precisely a Chrome extension that shows you the canonical source of any URL you are on. With such a tool, you no longer have to search your site’s source code one by one to find out if or when the canonical tags are heading to a new destination. Indeed, all the work around canonical redirects is already done with Inspect The latter is therefore aimed at VSEs and SMEs as well as digital marketing professionals and SEO specialists.

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