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Find Influencers | GroupHigh

Find Influencers | GroupHigh

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GroupHigh is an essential content marketing tool that lets you quickly find contact information for any influencer or blogger. Search for posts on social media and blogs, and create targeting lists.

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Description of the Grouphigh tool

The Grouphigh platform was founded in 2012 by Andy Theimer and Bill Brennan. It specializes in providing public relations and marketing software to a clientele of more than 400 companies, including both small agencies and large companies.  With these numerous solutions, this platform wishes to provide its clientele, made up of teams specializing in public relations and marketing, with the tools they need to create, evaluate and manage their marketing relations.  On this basis, Grouphigh provides them with a rich and varied set of web and social data allowing them to follow and rate their relationships in order to increase more trust and generate more audiences. 

Who are the solutions of the Grouphigh platform intended for?

The different solutions offered on this platform are aimed at the various agencies involved in digital marketing and who need an innovative and complete solution made up of effective tools for managing their clients’ marketing relationships. 

What features does the Grouphigh platform offer? 

When it comes to platform functionality, here’s what Grouphigh lets you do.  Grouphigh allows you to: 
  • Find blogs: with this platform you can search and find all blogs related to a content by filtering your results according to measures such as: type of content, similar web traffic, authority of SEO, social following, language or even location. You can also discover blogs that are related to your competitors and target demographics to identify the best bloggers who could help you promote your audience;
  • Search for influencers: With this option, Grouphigh helps you find the most engaged influencers on social networks and who have a loyal following. This will allow you to filter the profiles of influencers likely to help you with your product; 
  • Automate the search on a website: This platform option allows you to import URLs in order to automate the search process with Grouphigh; 
  • Create earned media reports: This feature allows you to set up measures and automate them in order to collect statistical data and analyze the engagement on your various publications. 
Apart from these functionalities, it should also be remembered that the Grouphigh platform provides you with a blog API for the collection and analysis of more precise data.  The platform also provides access to quite varied resources including both: 
  • Books; 
  • Lists of free influencers;
  • Case studies;
  • Client ;
  • Testimonials ;
  • Virtual conferences;
  • Etc.
As you can see, all of these resources will allow you to not only have a good understanding of how to use the platform, but also an idea of ​​the results you can expect when using the solutions that you they offer you. 

How much does the Grouphigh platform cost? 

No information on the tariffs for the use of the platform services is available on the Grouphigh site. This will mean that if you want to benefit from the features it offers, you must contact the tool’s support to obtain the necessary information. The same approach is to be observed when you wish to use the API.  Anyway, it is important to clarify that the Grouphigh platform has not been accepting subscriptions or trials for some time.  This will therefore mean that if you want to use their service, you must contact them directly on the site.  To do this, simply write a message to support. So do not hesitate to do so if you want to take advantage of the tools of this platform.

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GroupHigh is a company that was founded in 2012 by Andy Theimer and Bill Brennan. It is located in Boulder, Colorado. The latter has evolved into one of the leading providers of marketing and PR software. GroupHigh has a customer base of at least 400 organizations that range from small PR and marketing agencies to subdivisions of large corporations. It offers marketing software as a service that allows these different organizations to design, analyze and manage individual marketing relationships. GroupHigh also supports marketers in blogging and social media research by offering powerful social web data. This allows these specialists to classify, note and follow the publications won to:
  • cause more word of mouth;
  • increase public confidence;
  • hold their greatest advocates accountable.

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