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Find Emails | Hunter

Find Emails | Hunter

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Hunter Mise en avant is a prospecting tool that allows you to find the email addresses of individuals or companies on the internet for marketing purposes.

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Finding new leads for your business or finding email addresses for your link building campaigns can be time consuming. is an email lead generation and outreach tool designed to help you optimize outreach processes for your business. Let’s find out in this description how works.

What is ? stands out for its minimalist approach in its design, with simple interfaces and self-explanatory options.  The tool works by crawling the web to find emails associated with a certain organization or website. Suppose you are running a tech-focused blog and you want to reach quite reputable blogs in your niche to build links, you just need to search for a website name in the reserved bar. When you enter the name of a fairly popular website, you will automatically see suggestions followed by the number of expected results. The tool will display a list of people who work for the company whose identities are known along with details like their email addresses, job titles and social profiles. You can customize the display of results by type of e-mail address such as personal or professional address in just a few clicks. Here are in detail the magic features offered by the tool:

Email search The email

search functionality, and moreover the first one, of Hunter is divided into two different modules namely:
  • Email Finder which is used to search for a person’s email address on a given domain;
  • Author finder which is used to find the email address of the author of an article on the internet.
The first option is useful when looking for contact details for a specific person in a niche. The second module also intervenes to find the email address of a particular person, but only that here, this person must be the author of the content of a page. But when it comes to searching multiple email addresses on a website or multiple content authors, you should refer to the Bulk task feature. This feature bundles each of the email search features together, only that they work a bit differently when run here. Thus, you can carry out grouped searches of email addresses by:
  • Domain search;
  • List of people;
  • List of items.
search options email we will click, in our case, on ”Domain search”. You must add a new project to perform a high volume email search. Choose whether you want to search by domain name or company name. You can then choose to paste a list of domains from another source or download them directly from a data file. Additionally, you can then set a range of number of email addresses you want to search. This feature is a huge plus if you’re specifically looking for an important person’s or company’s email address.

Email Verification

When you set up a marketing campaign, you collect emails at the prospecting stage in order to provide value to your individual audience. Once the email addresses are collected, it is important to verify these emails in order to refine your nurturing process. And for that, you just need to launch Hunter email verifier to get started. But when it comes to checking an email list, you have to open the Bulk Tasks feature again. Thus, you will have the possibility of importing a list of email addresses to verify them all at once and in a few clicks. Because you get a better ROI on any awareness campaign you run in addition to being proactive about data hygiene. Email verification is an important step in the marketing process because it allows you to understand the profile of each of your prospects. In addition to knowing which emails are really active and valid, you will have an idea of ​​which ones will remain unacknowledged. It should also be noted that there is a limit of 10,000 verifications per bulk task and each verification consumes a credit from your account during verification. Additionally, Hunter is designed to only search work email accounts, not personal ones. So, it is simply not part of the scope of service that the tool offers you.   It is therefore useful to check the validity of the email addresses collected in order to optimize the awareness-raising process.

Campaign Management offers a campaign management module that helps you launch an actual awareness campaign. It’s actually not very advanced and customizable like Mailchimp, but it offers the essentials to start your outreach. However, you can also configure forms from scratch. This feature also allows you to have a permanent follow-up of your emailing campaign such as the number of openings, the number of bounces or responses.

Chrome Extension

For significant coverage, the tool also offers an extension that allows you to search and verify email addresses on the go. The extension is installable on the Chrome browser and works automatically as you browse. The concept is simple, if you click on the plugin while browsing a website, it will automatically scan the domain and show you the email addresses linked to that domain, along with the sources and pattern of email addresses on the site. web. You can also them to a list from the plugin itself, which makes finding leads a lot easier. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to send emails directly from this screen, so you should stick to the main campaign management tool.

Google Sheets

add-on The Google Sheets add-on is even better. It lets you find email addresses by domain search and automatically adds them to the sheet you have open. You can also use it to verify email addresses already in your sheets. Google Spreadsheets is limited to around 500 actions at a time, so if you want to perform actions in bulk, it’s always best to do them in the actual app and then import them into Drive.

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Hunter is a platform created in 2015 by Antoine Fink and François Grante.  It specializes in email tracing and its mission is to enable professionals to forge new links using simple email tracking methods. Hunter has three effective tools for this, including Email Finder, Domain Finder, and Mail Checker. The e-mail and domain search tools allow users to find the e-mail addresses of professionals and those of companies respectively, in order to contact them if necessary. These tools use a large number of signals to find the proven email address of any contact in a fraction of a second.  As for the e-mail checker, it allows the user to carry out a complete verification of each e-mail address found, so that the messages sent arrive safely.  In addition, Hunter allows cold e-mail campaigns to raise awareness. Over 3 million marketers trust Hunter. The platform is also adopted by several large companies

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