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Find Broken Links | Xenu

Find Broken Links | Xenu

Short description : Find Broken Links

Xenu Mise en avant
Xenu is an SEO software that has a crawler that crawls through a website to reveal malfunctions in terms of natural referencing and then suggests improvements.

Long Description : Find Broken Links

Description Xenu

There are several crawlers in the market that allow you to understand how your website satisfies search engines as well as users. Nevertheless, Xenu offers quite outstanding features through which it provides data about your website’s SEO performance with high accuracy. If you want to understand how the Xenu tool works, I invite you to read this description carefully.

What is the Xenu ?

Xenu crawls your website and lets you export the report to a TAB separated file so you can copy and paste into an Excel spreadsheet. Thus your excel file will be broken down or categorized into several elements such as images, scripts, html pages, sitemaps, etc.  And for these elements, here are some statistics that you can exploit:
  • The status code of the page;
  • Indication of the status code;
  • The size of the content;
  • The title of the page;
  • The date of publication;
  • Outgoing links;
  • Internal links;
  • Server errors;
  • character sets;
  • A description.
In addition to being able to filter results, you also have the ability to separate HTML pages and find broken links, find meta titles and meta descriptions, set page levels and site architecture.  The idea is to help you optimize each of these page elements according to good SEO practices. If you don’t find the excel spreadsheet or the separate TAB file compelling enough, the tool can produce a standard report for you that is also easily readable and understandable. This report reveals enough compelling data for SEO like:
  • Broken links, categorized by link type;
  • Broken links, sorted by page;
  • List of redirected URLs;
  • List of valid URLs that you can submit to a search engine;
  • Sitemap of HTML pages with a title;
  • Broken local page links;
  • Orphan files;
  • Statistics for managers.
So here are some of Xenu’s features in detail:

Analyze Competitor’s Links

You can enter the link of any competitor’s website for the tool to explore and provide statistics on the website’s broken and correct links . This exploration feature of Xenu allows you as a website owner to understand the link structures of competing sites and gain insight into their SEO strategies and performance.

Analyze Website Information Architecture

Xenu has a specific feature that allows it to display a picture of the complete structure of any site.  Besides a list of links to all the elements of the site, it can indicate the number of clicks necessary to go from one page to another, for example from the home page to another internal page of the site.  Thus, you can deduce if the architecture of your website can easily be read by search engines or if it is complex enough for users. Xenu’s Link Sleuth feature allows you to check up to 100 pages of your website at once. Xenu can work with any SEO strategy to improve website performance, rankings, and user experience, including Scripted’s comprehensive content marketing solutions.

How to configure Xenu?

Being a downloadable tool, it requires advanced configurations to be able to deliver the right information as it should. To go into detail here are some of the settings you need to configure to start using Xenu:
  • It is best if you reduce parallel threads to 10 or less. The ideal would be to reduce them to five, this will prevent you from cluttering your shared server;
  • You will then tick the boxes according to your needs for once and you will not need to do it for the other times;
  • When you need to explore the hidden parts of your website, you need to request a password or a certificate. In this case, you will be redirected to the default Internet Explorer browser or to CMS sometimes, when you are redirected to your CMS, you must be careful not to delete your contents without realizing it. Either way, a well-written CMS sends a mail window asking for deletion confirmation;
  • In addition to prioritizing the boxes for broken links, you can also check the boxes for redirects such as errors;
  • FTP URLs can also be considered in your configuration to verify that they are working correctly;
  • Even if it seems a bit trivial, you can configure the tool so that it draws up a report which relates all the valid URLs of your website;
  • As for orphan files, it would be better to leave this box unchecked which you should always leave unchecked.
In addition, the tool presents statistics such as the following: In addition to these parameters, you must mainly configure the tool so that it crawls the external links of your site or web page, but make sure to add a list of URLs according to the format indicated on the configuration page. When you do not configure the tool correctly, you may get inaccurate or erroneous reports. In general, if you need to make your web more dynamic in terms of natural referencing, Xenu can be a perfect solution for you.

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Company Description Xenu Xenu is a tool that checks websites for broken links. It is more of a website crawler tool that detects and verifies almost all the links available on said sites.  In practice, the control of links by Xenu’s Link Sleuth is carried out on normal links, images, plugins, but also JavaScript links. It is free to download and is supported by some operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10…or Ubuntu. The tool is aimed at all SEO and digital marketing professionals. Here are some features of Xenu’s Link Sleuth:
  • Ergonomic user interface;
  • Check again for broken links;
  • Simple data report format available via email;
  • Support for HTTPS pages;
  • Identification and reporting of redirected links;
  • Display of the site map.

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