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Embed Code Generator | Twaino

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Are you looking for an SEO tool to ensure the visibility of your images? Opt for Twaino’s image integration tool.

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Description of the image integrator 

As with most SEO tools that you will find on the Twaino website, the image integration tool is a free tool.  It has been set up to facilitate the process of integrating and sharing images whether on your website or that of third-party sites.  When it comes to websites, images are important.  They are used for many reasons as they allow complex messages to be transmitted at a glance.   Indeed, the use of relevant and useful images for the Internet user both improves the user experience and increases the waiting time on a page.  You should therefore neither misuse them nor integrate them in a hazardous way on your web pages. This is exactly what the image integration tool allows you to do. 

Who is the SEO Image Integrator for? 

As you can imagine, the SEO image integrator is aimed at both natural referencing professionals and private individuals who wish to use an innovative solution to integrate images on their website.  It also allows them to promote their images to get more visibility online.  For webmasters, the image integrator is a great tool that ensures visibility for their visual content. It also allows them to have a strategy to get new backlinks to their website.  Individuals, on the other hand, could use the image integrator as an effective and simple way to add new images to their articles without necessarily downloading them. This will reduce the size of the elements that are on the site and optimize its loading time.  In fact, the SEO Image Integrator was designed to help anyone who has a website and is trying to find the right solution to embed images on their website.  

Why use an SEO image integrator? 

If you’re wondering why you might want to use an image-by-code integrator, here are a few: 
  • It’s a free tool, so you won’t have to pay anything; 
  • It allows the integration of images on your site without having to download them;
  • It helps to increase the visibility of your website and earn you backlinks;
  • When other site owners find your images, they can also easily embed it into their content from a code that is already below the image.

What are the features of the image integrator: code embed generator? 

In terms of functionality, it should be remembered that the image-by-code integration tool that Twaino makes available to you is a tool with great potential despite its simplicity and ease of use.  As far as the display is concerned, this tool is presented in the form of a table with three columns: 
  • The first column contains several fields to be completed. These fields allow you to insert information relating to the images that you wish to integrate into your website. It is the most essential column, because it allows to collect the details of the image; 
  • Next comes the second column. It is in this column that appears the code that you must use to finalize the process of integrating the image on your website; 
  • The third and last column when did it, actually allows you to have a preview of the image you want to integrate on your site. 
As you will be able to see when using this tool, its functionalities not only allow you to modify the dimensions of the image.  As such, you can modify for example: 
  • The width and height of the image; 
  • And the width and height of the window with the code. 
You can also add ALT image tags.

How does the image integrator work? 

As you will discover, the image integrator that Twaino makes available to you is based on a simple design and is not at all difficult to use. It therefore naturally adapts to your screen.  To use the Twaino image integrator, follow these steps: 
  • Go to the tool by going to the Resources tab. Select Tools and choose Code Integrator;
  • Once at the level of the tool, you must fill in the boxes which are at the level of the first column;
  • In the site name tab, put the link to which people who integrate the infographic indicated as the source;
  • Then, indicate the link of the page from which the image you want to integrate on your site comes from;
  • Then put the URL of the image you want to use;
  • Fill in the ALT attribute of the image, that is to say the alternative text of the image;
  • Check the size, height and width of the image.
After having filled in all this information in the code and image generator, you will obtain a code that you will be able to integrate on the page of your website.  All you have to do is copy the code and paste it either in your editor or in the HTML code of your web page.  Once the code is added to your website, all you have to do is check the result of this integration.  Anyway, note that the tool provides you with a information resource that tells you everything you need to know about using the tool.  In addition, this resource provides you with several tips and ways to take advantage of the power of this SEO tool. So take a tour to find out for yourself how this tool can help you improve your website. 

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Twaino is an SEO agency based in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris and present in several cities in France. Its main objective is to support companies, merchants, service providers and organizations to develop their activities through sustainable organic growth of their website. For this, Twaino has set up a list of SEO services such as SEO Audit, SEO Campaign Management, Local SEO, Netlinking and SEO Training. The agency also offers other complementary services such as SEO Web Writing and the Creation of personalized visuals or illustrations. But in order to popularize and deepen SEO concepts, the agency has created a blog on its site where content is regularly published. The most interesting remains its SEO tools which are accessible for free and which help users in their various SEO optimization tasks.  Other tools from the same company: 
  • Word counter; 
  • SEO audit; 
  • FAQs; 
  • SERP Simulator; 
  • Image integrator.

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