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Email Pipeline | Streak

Email Pipeline | Streak

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Streak Mise en avant
Simple collaboration. Collaborate with a single click. Share your contacts, emails, files, and anything else you need to get your work done. Versatile. Manage your contracts, support queue (and more) in Gmail. Replace multiple external systems with Streak. Works with Google Apps. Streak securely connects to Google Apps.

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Streak Gmail CRM

Streak Gmail CRM

72% of businesses say using CRM tools gives them access to better buyer data and it’s estimated that conversion rates can increase by up to 300% using a CRM. It shows that customer management tools help companies better organize and analyze data about their customers as well as their prospects to achieve their sales goals. However, most CRMs are difficult to learn and often require huge expenses. Fortunately, there is a CRM tool like Streak CRM Gmail that freelancers and small businesses can use for free. In this description, we discover the Streak CRM Gmail tool and its different features.

What is Streak CRM for Gmail?

The Streak CRM Gmail tool is an extension for customer relationship management (CRM) that can be integrated into your Gmail to organize your emails efficiently. This CRM tool uses custom workflows to help you monitor day-to-day processes such as project management, recruiting, and sales. Boite de reception Streak Gmail CRM Streak CRM for Gmail makes it convenient to manage your customer profiles, attachments, and other personal information to ensure efficient Gmail management. The CRM tool has several cutting-edge features like pre-written templates, email tracking, mail merging, etc. to improve Gmail efficiency and management. With the Streak CRM Gmail tool, it is possible to share pipelines, set reminders and assign tasks to encourage teamwork as well as productivity among your employees. The Streak CRM Gmail tool is compatible with several Google applications and ensures a secure connection to your different Gmail accounts. It is very easy to install and connect to the cloud to effectively access your data from any mobile device or authorized account.

Who is the tool for?

Streak CRM for Gmail offers different plans that are suitable for freelancers, startups, and Google users. The Solo plan and Free plan are plans you might consider if you run a small business. Not only can you integrate it with Gmail, you can also use it with other types of Google WorkSpace apps. Startups with a low CRM budget can use Streak CRM’s free and affordable plans for Gmail. These plans give you the ability to send bulk emails and track emails.Sucharge de boite recepton Streak Gmail CRM It is also possible to opt for the Pro plan, which offers more advanced features, such as native support for dialers, reports and contact data.

How to use the Streak CRM Gmail tool?

Here are the steps you can follow to use the Streak CRM for Gmail tool for your Gmail accounts.

Learn the terminology associated with Streak CRM for Gmail

Before using the Streak CRM Gmail tool, you should understand the terminologies associated with this CRM tool.
  •     Pipelines : it refers to any workflow or process that contains several stages;
  •     Columns : Columns refer to an arrangement of information that is collected and stored in a box;
  •     Boxes : Boxes are where you store all relevant information about your contacts, candidates, and clients;
  •     Stages : Stages are the milestones or stages that form a pipeline.

Install the Streak CRM Gmail extension

This tool can be installed from the official Streak website or from the chrome web store. Search for it and then simply add it as an extension to your browser. Extension Streak Gmail CRM Next, you’ll link the tool to your Gmail account to begin setting it up.

Set up your business pipelines

After completing the setup steps, the next step is to set up your business. The Streak CRM Gmail tool is an efficient CRM tool that represents different workflows using pipelines. It comes with pre-written templates that you can use for various processes such as projects, investment operations, support tickets, recruitment, etc.

Add stages to your pipeline

Once you’ve selected your pipeline, it’s time to add more stages to your pipeline. Milestones are the milestones of your workforce and represent the movement of an item from start to finish. Etape du pipeline Streak Gmail CRM A pipeline stage can start with Lead, Demo, Negotiating and end with Closed-won. It is possible to assign colors to each step to facilitate identification.

Customize your columns

The next approach to adding milestones to your timeline is to determine the type of information you want to store. Feuille de calcul integree a gmail It’s important to organize all your relevant information, and Streak CRM for Gmail does just that. The extension displays your information in columns and allows you to delete, move or add new information.

Manage and track your emails

Using this CRM tool, you will be able to track your outgoing emails and sort your contacts by browsing their recent activity on Gmail. Streak CRM Gmail also makes it possible to create visual charts and diagrams to help you track your progress. You can use the join feature to send multiple emails that may contain the customer’s personal information so they don’t appear as a mass email.

Features of Streak CRM for Gmail

These features are intended to improve sales, promote better collaboration between teams and strengthen communication with potential “hot customers”. The features of Streak CRM for Gmail are:
  • Support ticket management;
  • Follow up on cases and leads;
  • Custom pipeline views;
  • Enrichment of contact data;
  • Meeting and call logs;
  • Data validation;
  • Data export and import;
  • Management of recruitment leads;
  • Reports ;
  • Personalized workflow;
  • Custom team billing options;
  • Mobile Application Composer;
  • Project and task management.

What are the benefits of Streak CRM Gmail

Let’s find out the benefits of Streak CRM Gmail extension

The ability to prioritize emails Not

being able to prioritize emails by importance level can waste valuable time skim through unimportant emails. The Streak CRM Gmail tool makes it possible to display emails according to their importance. Possibilite de hierarchiser les e mails This tool can thus identify the e-mails of the most serious buyers. Just filter the e-mails to retain only those which seem to you the most important.

It reduces complexity for the user.

Unlike some CRM tools, Streak CRM Gmail is able to integrate several popular tools to eliminate complexity for the user. Streak CRM Gmail can integrate with all Google suites including Drive, Sheets, etc.  Complexite de l utilisateur Streak CRM Gmail With this tool, you can also integrate with Zapier and have a wider option to use multiple apps.

Streak CRM Gmail reduces the possibility of data loss

If you use the Streak CRM Gmail tool, your data will be better protected since it will be stored on the Google cloud. This CRM offers the same level of security as other Google services.

It eliminates inaccessibility issues common to most desktop software.

The Streak CRM Gmail tool is simple to use on the go. It has a mobile app that works on smartphones. Fonctonnement Streak CRM Gmail sur mobile In this description, we have discovered how you can effectively manage your customers for free using the Streak CRM Gmail tool.

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Streak is an American software company, created in 2011 by Aleem Mawani and Omar Ismail. She is based in San Francisco, California. Streak was born out of the frustration of constantly switching between an inbox and external systems. As such, she helped develop a customer relationship management platform for Gmail. It is this Gmail extension that Google Chrome generally offers when opening your mailbox.  Thanks to Streak, Gmail users have the option of encrypting their messages. It also overcomes the problem of acknowledgment of receipt of Gmail, allowing to be alerted when an email is opened by the recipient and to follow each email. Ultimately, Streak improves the functions of sending and receiving emails on Gmail.

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