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Duplicate Content | Kill Duplicate

Duplicate Content | Kill Duplicate

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Protect your content | Detect, analyze and resolve plagiarism | Automatically monitor your content

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Description of the Kill duplicate tool 

As you will see on the front line of the Kill Duplicate platform website, this is a tool that has been put in place to help you: 
  • Protect the content of your website ; 
  • Detect, analyze and deal with plagiarism; 
  • Monitor your sites automatically.
Its purpose is to help you quickly find sites that have content similar to yours. This will allow you to take the necessary measures to avoid possible sanctions from the Google search engine or the downgrading of your content in the SERPs. The content is said to be duplicated when it appears at several URL addresses or web pages of the same or different websites.  Although Google has recognized the fact that this type of content can be created unintentionally, the existence of such content can have a negative impact on the SEO of your website. It is for this reason that it is necessary to identify them to quickly get rid of them.tool offers you to do Kil Duplicate

 Who is Kill duplicate intended for? 

There is no doubt that the Kill duplicate tool benefits all website owners. It will allow them to effectively fight against duplicate content. It can also be useful for web editors insofar as it will allow them to check before any publication if their content is original content 

. Why use the Kill duplicate tool? 

The main reason why you can use the Kill duplicate tool is that it also helps you in the detection, analysis and treatment of duplicate content that you find on your website.  It recommends actions to take on your website and provides you with all the necessary tools to put an end to duplicate content once and for all. 

What are the features of the tool 

The Kill duplicate tool is designed quite simply. In addition, it is an accessible and easy-to-use tool. As far as these functionalities are concerned, they can be summed up in a basic way with three essential functions, namely: 
  • The scanning of websites for the detection of duplicate content or plagiarism; 
  • The addition of new web pages, website; 
  • The ability to delete scanned websites. 
The scan function of your website gives you the following information for each web page scanned: 
  • The HTML status code;
  • The percentage of duplication; 
  • The maximum percentage of duplicate content; 
  • Duplicate pages; 
  • The maximum position your page can occupy in the SERPs. 
Once the results have been exposed, you have a set of solutions available to you which, among other things, indicates the preventive actions to be taken at the level of your page.  You also have the opportunity to get a full report about the page you just scanned. The feature to add new pages allows you to add other pages of your site for analysis. Note that you can also add new websites. 

How much does the Kill duplicate tool cost? 

The cost of the Kill duplicate tool varies depending on the plans you want to adopt. The tool offers a total of 5 subscription plans.  These formulas vary between €19/month and €399/month. But you also have the option of taking out annual subscriptions.  Likewise, it should be remembered that apart from the plans that are offered to you, you have the possibility of requesting a completely personalized plan. To do this, all you have to do is contact support. 

How does the Kill duplicate tool work? 

As you will see, if you want to use this tool, you must first register and subscribe to a plan.  If you use a browser like Google Chrome, be aware that Kill duplicate has an extension that you can install directly on this browser. But before proceeding with such an operation, you must either have an API key or register by purchasing credits on the platform. Once this step is completed, you can start taking advantage of Kill duplicate technology by adding and scanning your website or its web pages.  Don’t wait any longer, register now and make the content of your site unique. 

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Kill Duplicate is an SEO tool that helps deal with duplicate content. It is offered by SEO Hackers SARL, which has its headquarters in Paris and whose founders are Paulo Sanches & Mathieu Gheerbrant. With Kill Duplicate, companies can protect their content, detect, analyze and resolve instances of plagiarism, and then automatically monitor their content.  Indeed, it allows users to accurately identify content thieves and take the necessary action against them. Especially since the content is analyzed regularly and the detection is done in real time.  Kill Duplicate is widely used by many companies publishing content on the web. It is a very effective and highly recommended tool.

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