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Content Trend | BuzzSumo

Content Trend | BuzzSumo

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BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that has many features within it that can help you through your content creation process. The idea is to help you produce potentially viral content.

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Description BuzzSumo

Content goes viral when you find exactly the right ideas to produce it in a way that it really resonates with your audience. It’s not something you see often because virality is, for some, a matter of probability. To make that certain, BuzzSumo has developed all the features to make your content quickly consumable and shareable. Let’s quickly discover in this short description the best features of this tool.

Discovering trending content

The trending feature is where BuzzSumo shows you the new content ideas of the moment. Here you will discover the content that users are consuming and sharing best at a given time. To use this feature, you must go to the Discover tab and then click on ”Trends”.  At this stage, you just need to search for a keyword and the tool displays a result of content related to your search topic. As you can see from the image above, each piece of content is tracked with actionable insights like: 
  • Trending score which is a unique metric that indicates how viral a piece of content is based on how fast it is shared and total commitment;
  • You will also find the number of engagements on each social network individually such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.
When content catches your eye and you want to visit it later, you have the option of saving it to your project. You can also personalize the result by displaying content based on their trending score and social media engagement.  If you do local SEO, Buzzsumo gives you the ability to find trending content in a particular country or locality. Thus, you can click on ”Trends by country” and select the country for which you wish to make research.

Keyword Research

Being a tool specifically focused on content, BuzzSumo did better to integrate keyword research functionality. The feature apparently works like most online keyword research tools. The concept is simple, you need to search for a main keyword to find other similar keywords with high ranking potential. Although this feature is specific for researching keywords, you can use the previous one, i.e., trending discovery feature to find the significantly searched keywords. Next to each keyword, you’ll find helpful stats like monthly search volume, CPC, search trend, and top articles that ranked for that term.  This last data point is particularly useful for content marketing because it lets you know if you can still write about this topic or if the competition is already tough enough. You can also switch to the ‘Analysis’ tab to get even more insights into the keywords. While the charts basically show you search volume and published articles over time, the “SERP Overview” section lists the top five ranked websites along with their authority scores. To search the keywords, you can also enter your domain instead of a seed keyword, by the way, this is the best recommended option.

Content Idea Generator When

setting up a marketing campaign or writing content for your pages, it’s important to come up with the best ideas that resonate with your audience. With BuzzSumo’s idea generation feature, you can spot these ideas very quickly and easily. To do this, you must go to the Discover tab > Content idea generator. Once on the search for ideas feature, you can enter your main keyword to find ideas around. The content discovery feature is able to understand any search operator; which gives you the freedom to customize your queries. What is even more interesting with this tool is that it does not just analyze written content, it also determines the trend of other types of content like video, audio and many more . When you go to the “Create your content” section, you are going to find graphs that give information not only on the type of content that receives the most engagements, but also on the amount of content written on the subject. In the next section ”Distribute your content”, the tool highlights the most potential social networks to publish the content for your specific topic. The idea is to understand the type of content that works according to each social platform and their users.

Topic discovery

Also in the discovery tab, you will also find a content topic discovery feature. All you have to do is enter a key topic and the tool will show you a sizable list of related topics. The tool provides these topics based on the most popular keywords that have less competition and a fairly high search volume. You can see from the map that there are not only topics, but also short and long tail keywords.

Content Analyzer

The content analyzer is also a very remarkable feature of Buzzsumo.  This feature has the function of helping you find the best performing blogs and articles on the web.  A first way to use it is to enter a keyword to find the top performing content that responds for that search term. Next, the tool will display a list of all prominent content related to that keyword, along with information about them, such as their total number of backlinks, social engagements, and evergreen score.  You can sort the results by their performance in any metric like Twitter shares, negative reader reactions to the post, number of links, or number of clicks.  You can also filter the results to access specific types of content that interest you. For example, you can choose to display only content written by journalists or B2B publishers. So you have the ability to see data like the average number of engagements and linking domains for all articles on a given topic, allowing you to make a comparison of your site’s performance to others. You can also compare two topics, track trends over time, view top reactions, and more. The second way to use the Content Analyzer is to search outright for a domain or URL.  It’s a great way to quickly spy on a potential competitor’s content strategy and find out how specific content is performing.  Just type in their domains to see what content they rank for best on the SERPs or enter a specific page URL to see their engagements, backlink profile, top sharers, and more. In general, Buzzsumo is a great content marketing tool that you should adopt for your marketing campaigns.

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BuzzSumo is a content marketing platform. It was launched in 2014 with the aim of helping companies create quality content. Indeed, it allows them to monitor competing brands and their industry to discover new growth opportunities. To achieve this, BuzzSumo has a few key components. At first, it is based on discovery, allowing companies and marketers to explore the content that has obtained the most likes, links or shares.  Thus, BuzzSumo allows businesses to distinctly track trends so they can seize opportunities in real time.  The use of influencers is also one of the privileged tracks of the platform. It must be said that the latter makes it possible to analyze many data points to refine marketing strategies. BuzzSumo has worked with thousands of businesses around the world for over 5 years, and remains one of the most beloved trend research platforms.

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