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Combine Keywords | Kombinator

Combine Keywords | Kombinator

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Kombinator a free tool that allows you to combine keywords of all kinds to obtain new combinations of keywords to target.

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Description Kombinator

If you are an SEO, it has surely happened to you once, during the word research phase, to obtain better combinations of keywords by juggling with the plurals of words, city names, the year in courses, etc. The Kombinator tool is a free keyword mixing tool that lets you combine multiple keyword lists so you don’t miss any possible combinations. This can be useful for discovering new keyword ideas for your Google Adwords campaigns and for content creation.  

What is Kombinator? 

Kombinator is a free keyword mixing tool that lets you combine all kinds of keywords to get better keyword combinations to optimize on your web pages.  The tool remains an easier and more efficient way to combine Google Ads keywords to get more profitable keywords.  All you have to do is paste your keyword lists into 3 separate columns, specify a few parameters if possible and then after a few seconds the tool will generate a new keyword list with all possible relevant combinations .   And for this, Kombinator uses a mathematical technique known as the Cartesian product thanks to which the tool is able to identify the ideal combination of keywords much faster than spreadsheets would allow.

How to use Kombinator? 

The Kombinator tool remains very easy to use. 
  • To get started, first access the Kombinator homepage
  • Then enter your keyword lists in the 3 boxes and click on the “Konbinate” button. 
Within a few seconds, the tool will show you a new list obtained from the mix of your different starting lists.  To get the most out of this tool: 
  • Enter the desired combinations in the first column (e.g. best, affordable, kids)
  • Add all relevant keywords in the middle column (e.g. shirt, bag, shoe)
  • Then complete any additional modifiers in the last column (e.g. Paris, nearby).
Once you have defined all your modifiers and keywords, you can effortlessly transfer all the keyword phrase pairs/combinations from the tool into a spreadsheet.  This is useful for comparative research in a keyword research tool, determining targeting on Google Ads, or even for tracking ranks to gauge where you stand compared to others, etc.

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Why merge keywords online? 

Typically, keyword research is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO, as poor keyword selection can hurt future optimization efforts. The importance of keyword research is often overlooked by website owners, SEOs, bloggers, and internet marketers. Yet without the right keywords, a website cannot attract enough visitors before attempting to convert them into prospects or loyal customers.  Keyword combining is an effective practice that makes keyword research easier and uncovers new profitable terms to target.  Source: honed  This can be useful for example to acquire a relevant domain name or to write the title of your website or to use them as titles in the content of the site.  However, finding the right word combinations for the pages of a website is not easy. By using the manual method, you can form bad combinations or miss out on profitable keyword combinations for your website.  Hence the importance of using a keyword mixer tool to automate the merging of your keyword lists. Kombinator is an SEO tool designed to speed up keyword combining.

Why use Kombinator? 

Kombinator is a keyword mixing tool that can be of great importance to you. Say you have targeted keywords that you want to rank well on Google pages.  Combining these keywords to come up with new keyword ideas is an additional opportunity to boost your presence on Google and show up more often in search engine results.  And this is where the Kombinator tool can help you. All you have to do is split your keywords into three lists. The tool will take care of mixing them to offer you new keywords.  You will be able to create for example:  1st list : Best, cheap, children 2nd List : Shirt, bag, shoe 3rd List : Paris, nearby, 2022 Thanks to Kombinator, you can easily add a word to any list and the -this will automatically generate new combinations, so you won’t have to.

Who should use Kombinator? 

Kombinator can be used for several purposes, in particular to strengthen your Google Adwords campaigns by automatically merging a large number of keywords.  The tool can also be a source of inspiration. Apart from its usefulness during Adwords campaigns, Kombinator can also be useful for web editors to have an idea of ​​all the possibilities of the targeted keywords. This is an effective way to enrich the semantics of their content around the main keywords.  Moreover, thanks to its keyword merging feature, Kombinator basically generates long-lasting keywords, which are known to be less competitive and thus bring you traffic to your website much faster. 

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Kombinator is a keyword combining SEO tool. It is a product of the Danish SEO platform Become. It allows you to combine keywords from Google Ads quickly and easily. When building Google Ads keyword lists at Beruf, most SEO professionals usually end up with an impressive list of keywords.  It is then urgent to find a way to obtain possible combinations between them. However, this may seem complicated and difficult to do. It is to overcome this dilemma that the Kombinator tool was created. By using Kombinator, most manual work can be avoided. The keywords to be combined are simply inserted into the three fields displayed on the platform.  A word separator is then proposed in the “Parameters” section, followed by the desired type of correspondence and that’s it. Kombinator is a very effective tool, which is recommended by many specialists.

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