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Header Checker Tool | Internet Marketing Ninjas

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Understand the importance of known HTTP response codes in SEO and use Header Checker Tool to check certain HTTP codes of your web server.

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Description Header Checker Tool

Error 404 Not Found. If as a website owner, your server often returns this HTTP response code when faced with a request, that’s not a big deal yet. But if this response code becomes repetitive for several URLs, then it would be a good idea to quickly find a solution. Not only will users doubt the reliability of your website pages, search engine robots will not position you correctly in the SERPs. In this case, it is advisable to make use of HTTP response code checkers. In the SEO market, there are many. Nevertheless, I suggest you discover Header Checker Tool. It is basic, but still effective.  At the end of the reading, you will definitely have an idea of ​​some known codes in SEO and you will know how to use the tool. Good reading !

Overview Header Checker Tool – IM Ninjas

Header Checker is a free SEO tool owned by the Internet Marketing Ninjas company. The latter allows you to check the HTTP response codes of a web server. Indeed, response codes, also called status codes, provide a sort of indication of the result of a request on the web. By indication, we mean an error or a redirection of a URL on which you click after a request on a web page. If you are the owner of websites, these indications can be useful to you in your referencing. Moreover, in this regard, in the SEO environment, there are two codes that often come up. These are the HTTP 200 code and the 404 error code. By using Header Checker Tool, you will easily be able to define the status of your web page URLs. Which is important since it will allow you to rework your search engine optimization. Of course, the Header Checker tool displays almost all response codes as well as redirect chains for the URLs to examine. It is a tool that provides you with essential data on the status of the URLs of your web pages. Vital data, because anything that can improve your SEO is, I think, important, especially if it can help you compete.  As such, Header Checker Tool is aimed at webmasters, marketing professionals, but also SEOs.  Being a pretty basic tool, it doesn’t always return all HTTP response codes. Most of the time, it returns the codes best known by the SEO community. About these codes, I will tell you about right after. 

Header Checker Tool: frequently returned HTTP response codes

The credibility of your web page can be recognized through the redirect chains of your URLs as well as the response codes it indicates. Which means that as SEO professionals, you absolutely must have an idea of ​​its status codes. Thus, you are sure to be better optimized for search engines. This is why Header Checker Tool frequently returns you the most well-known response codes in the SEO environment. These are the following status codes:

HTTP code 200 OK

Very well known by SEO professionals, but less known by Internet visitors, this code indicates that the page at the requested URL has been successfully processed by the webserver. It simply means that the request went well. It is cached by default. In other words, it does not display on the web page in question. You now know why it is unknown to Internet users.

HTTP code 301 

Also called permanent redirect, this status code means that the page at the requested URL has been permanently redirected to another URL.  The content of the affected page may have either been deleted, which is quite rare, or moved to another URL, which is the norm.

HTTP code 302 

This code indicates that the requested URL has been temporarily redirected or assigned to the URL contained in the location header. This is a response header that indicates the URL to which a page has been assigned. In principle, search engines do not update their links to Internet resources contained in the URL page. So even if a browser redirects to this page, it will see this code.  If we should speak in terms of SEO, it means that the natural referencing XML feed is not transferred to the new URL. XML Extensible Markup Language means Extensible Markup Language, which allows you to specify your own tags.

HTTP 404 code

Which Internet user has not yet seen this code? To answer this question, I will say a few, although I very much doubt it. In fact, after the 200 OK response code, it is the second most well-known on the Internet and by the entire SEO community.  It indicates that the page at the requested URL cannot be found, i.e. the resource on the page at the URL is unavailable on the web server. It is a code that also does not indicate whether the redirect is temporary or permanent. Links that lead to such responses are referred to as broken links leading to a broken link. This answer, so often repeated on a website, is proof that the owner does not manage his links well.

HTTP code 503

If the previous codes concern only the page at the URL, this one concerns the web server. This code indicates precisely that the web server is unreachable or unavailable and as such, it cannot process the URL request. Now you know why Header Checker Tool often returns these codes. They are just essential if you want to perfect your SEO. Now let’s find out how this tool works.

How Header Checker Tool Works

Knowing how to use the right type of URL redirects is necessary for SEO purposes for search engines. As such, using an HTTP header checker like Header Checker Tool is a big plus. To make it work, just go to its interface. Once redirected to the interface in question, all you have to do is enter or paste the URLs in the space reserved for this purpose. Next, click the “Run Tool” button and let the tool generate the response codes for the selected links for you. But before starting the race for the codes, it is very important for the process to work that you put on each line one and only one link. Without this condition, HTTP response codes cannot be generated. The operation of the tool is simple as you can see. This does not prevent you from illustrating it for a better understanding. Consider this illustration as an example to follow so that you don’t miss the process.

Illustration of the use of the Header Checker tool

For illustration, I will only consider more than twenty URLs. Precisely 23. These are links to Tool Descriptions from our agency’s blog. The generation by the tool will be done in a few steps. Follow carefully.
  • First step, here is the text of the link that will allow you to open the interface of the tool. After selecting and copying, paste it into your browser’s address bar par excellence.  In my case I opted for the Google search engine in the Chrome browser. By pressing the ENTER key, I was redirected to the interface of the tool as presented.
  • Step Two

For this step of the process, I selected 23 Tool Description URLs from the Agency SEO Tools. The URLs were chosen randomly.  After the selection, I copied and then I pasted it in the area reserved for this purpose. This is my selection of 23 URLs, but if you wish you can go beyond. The goal is just to show you in practice how the Header Checker tool works.   It is important that you notice that in the black box of the image above, each of my 23 randomly chosen URLs is on the same line. Otherwise, the generation of response codes runs the risk of not starting.
  • Third step

This step is the one that starts the generation of the codes. Indeed, after pasting your selection of URLs, you must launch the tool by clicking on the “Run Tool” button, just after the area. By clicking on the button, the interface of Header Checker Tool should launch the “Report”. It will take a few seconds for the “Report” of URL codes to complete. That said, the higher the number of URLs, the longer the tool’s “Report” time will last.
  • Step Four

This step marks the final step in the tool’s operating process. Thus, you must notice at the end of the process that the HTTP response code of the selected links is displayed. And the “Report” can be downloaded either in CSV format or in Excel format.   In my case, it’s only 200 response codes, only one URL showed a 301 status. Therefore, the pages from each of my URLs were successfully processed by the web server. What about the usefulness of Header Checker Tool?

What is the point of using Header Checker Tool?

It is true that the interface of Header Checker Tool is quite basic, but that does not mean that as a website owner you do not gain anything from using it. Indeed, well-used HTTP response codes can easily improve your SEO. To this extent, the use of tools like Header Checker allows you to have a more meaningful idea about the redirects of your pages. For example, if your URLs have enough 302 redirects, this is a big problem for your SEO. On the other hand, if it is a permanent redirect like the 301, it is better since it will not affect your ranking in the SERPs. Still on the codes, if you don’t know that your users always come across links that lead to 404 redirects, it’s very serious for the reliability of your web page. Thus, by using this header checker, you put the odds in your favor since you can determine the URLs that lead to broken links. If the tool allows you to detect them easily, you can review your entire SEO strategy. You can also improve the user experience and add value to your page for search engines. Ultimately, the Internet Marketing Ninjas Header Checker tool helps your search engine rankings by giving you the power to generate response codes. Thus, you can easily improve your ranking in the SERP.

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Internet Marketing Ninjas is a company founded in 1999 by Jim Boykin, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of SEO. The company’s mission is to help their customers get better traffic to their websites through secure methods. Internet Marketing Ninjas specializes in optimizing pages and websites for search engines. Based in the United States in Clifton Park, the company is made up of 50 members who are all experts in their fields. Internet Marketing Ninjas offers the entire digital community complete digital marketing services, but also SEO services and tools. Among the 87+ tools developed by them, here are some free SEO tools they have developed:
  • Social Image Resizer Tool;
  • What’s My Browser Size Tool;
  • HTML Source Code Viewer Tool;
  • Meta Tag Analyzer;
  • Domain Age Checker;
  • Meta Tag Generator & Snippet Preview;
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator;
  • Keyword Combination Tool;
  • URL Inspection Tool…
These tools are aimed at SEO agencies as well as marketing professionals, not to mention companies. They will surely help to improve your various marketing strategies.

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