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Broken Links | Online Broken Link Checker

Broken Links | Online Broken Link Checker

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Broken Link Checker Mise en avant is a free online website validator/integrity checker/issue detection tool that can check your web pages for dead links, validate…

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Broken Link Checker

Too high a bounce rate on a website is an indication that visitors are not having a better experience on that site. But in reality, an increase in bounce rate can be linked to broken links. These are the missing pages on your site that cause visitors to leave your site faster. In addition to impacting your site’s ranking, missing pages frustrate users and can cause you to lose business. And please note, broken links don’t just affect your site when they’re on your domain. When you create references to a page that no longer exists, it can also frustrate your users and cause you to lose credibility. Fortunately, this problem is correctable whether the broken links are on your site or on a third-party site. The Broken Link Checker tool helps you spot missing pages on your site and on sites you’ve created referrals to. In this description, I will introduce you to this Broken Link Checker tool and how it can benefit you.

What is Broken Link Checker?

Broken Link Checker is a link checker that lets you find and fix errors in an easy way. It doesn’t just crawl your site and show you which web references on your pages are dead. It also shows you where exactly those outdated hyperlinks are in your HTML code, highlighting the problematic tags. This feature sets Broken Link Checker apart from other problem detection tools available. It makes it easy for webmasters to find bad URLs and clean them up in no time. With Broken Link Checker, it’s so easy to locate and fix broken links. The Link Checker tool only flags really bad stuff, unlike other tools that sometimes mix up good links with bad ones. Broken Link Checker scans your entire site for link problems and keeps track of previously reported problems so you don’t repeat the same invalid URL multiple times except when you want.

What causes these broken links?

With the growth of web content, it becomes more and more difficult to manage the relationships between the different pages, especially when some are moved, renamed… Moreover, there are very few tools that can be used to verify and enforce the relationship between the different pages. It is thus difficult to keep track of moved content, renamed web pages, added subdomains in order to automatically update each corresponding URL. This causes some of your internal links to become outdated or simply broken because they no longer lead to valid resources. Also, modern content management systems (CMS) and blogging software can make this problem even worse. Indeed, they are able to reproduce the same broken internal links on many web pages that they generate dynamically. So, “Page not found” messages appear much more frequently on your site and your users will face this every time they try to access these missing resources. When it comes to outbound links, the situation is even worse because the domain you are linking to can change its name and the location of its pages at any time and break the backlinks that worked before. It is even likely that these external servers may be taken out of service (temporarily or permanently) or that their domains may be expired or sold. Unfortunately, you have no control over such things. The only way to be on top would be to perform regular tests to check each outgoing reference to ensure that it is still operational.

Why should you find broken links on your site with Broken Link Checker?

While error pages on sites are known to be annoying, they can also do real damage to your online business and your reputation on the Internet. Because of broken links, a website can:
  • Lose its old customers, because sooner or later they will be frustrated by Page Not Found messages and never come back again, especially when they are frequent on your site;
  • Having trouble acquiring new customers, as people won’t be able to find what they’re looking for on your site due to broken links;
  • Harm to your online reputation because visitors consider your site untrustworthy or that you don’t care about users;
  • Having a negative impact on your website’s ranking because broken links increase the bounce rate, which means users are unhappy when they arrive at your site.
All of this proves how badly broken links can affect your site. Thus, it is important to use Broken Link Checker to spot and fix them.

Why do you need our Broken Link Checker?

There are very few adequate problem detection tools, be it URL checkers, spiders, website health analyzers. This makes it very difficult to identify internal and outgoing links that are broken and return 404 responses. It is even more difficult to fix them since you will first need to know the precise location of the tag broken link in HTML markup. Without it, you’ll have to wade through your pages’ source lines to find the exact HREF that’s having the problem. Broken Link Checker offers a tool called Spider that crawls through your entire site, checking every page for problems. It detects invalid web page references on your site while telling you exactly where to fix them. For each bad link found, whether internal or outgoing, you will see a screen that contains the source of the page and highlights the actual HTML tag containing the URL that no longer works. This way, you will have an easy time fixing that faulty URL very quickly before it affects your site and your visitors will no longer be annoyed by “Page Not Found” type errors when they click on your links. As an online tool that works on the Internet, Broken Link Checker can be used on any system to discover problems on your site.

The paid version of Broken Link Checker

If you can use Broken Link Checker for free, it also offers a commercial version which allows you to make requests without limits.  For example, you will be able to:
  • Check sites of any size — large or even huge;
  • Scan individual subfolders (URLs with slashes) and subdomains;
  • Test URLs for images, PDFs, documents, and other resources;
  • Provide advanced report templates with column sorting and filtering;
  • Obtain exportable results in CSV format compatible with any spreadsheet;
  • Produce redirect statistics.
In addition, it is possible to program certain tasks and obtain the report by email or send automated reports to several recipients on a daily basis, per week, per month, etc. Finally, remember that Broken Link Checker helps you detect broken links on your site and broken links to which you have linked on other domains. This will allow you to correct this problem as quickly as possible so as not to frustrate your visitors when they come across empty pages.

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BrokenLinkChecker is a free website validator or integrity checker. It is also a tool for detecting link problems on your web pages. In other words, this tool is capable of finding dead links, detecting and reporting broken hyperlinks on your sites’ web pages. BrokenLinkChecker is considered a website scanner and it can work on any device.  The following features characterize BrokenLinkChecker. These are:
  • checking for dead links on your blogs and websites;
  • unlimited analysis of web pages;
  • examining both internal and external URLs;
  • HTTP error code inventory for reported URLs.

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