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Backlinks Explorers | SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer

Backlinks Explorers | SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer

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SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer Mise en avant is the newest and most dynamic backlink index on the web, and the leading source of backlink data for SEO PowerSuite.

Long Description : Backlinks Explorers

Description WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUp Backlink Tool is an SEO product launched separately in 2013 to specify itself as a backlink checking tool. With its own crawler and rich index of several billion links, WebMeUp is undoubtedly one of the best tools available on the market today to monitor your links and improve your backlinks profile. 

What is WebMeUp Backlink Tool?

WebMeUp is a backlink checker tool that offers both free and paid accounts. The brand defines itself as “the web’s newest and most dynamic backlink index”.  With WebMeUp Backlink Tool, you can analyze the links pointing to your site, improve your backlink profile, perform a link audit or spy on your competitors’ backlink building strategy. Source: WebMeUp Backlink Tool One of the particularities of WebMeUp is that the platform has its own indexing robot, BLEXBOT, with an index comprising several billion links.  The tool allows to find backlinks of a domain and its subdomains. This can be useful for those who want to know the backlinks of a specific page.  Concretely, WebMeUp offers you the possibility of consulting the exact number of backlinks that a particular web page obtains.  It can be for example a blog page, a product page, a service page or any other page of your site.  But be careful not to confuse WebMeUp Backlink Tool with WebMeUp backlink module.

WebMeUp Backlink Tool: How to use it? 

  • Go to WebMeUp Backlink Tool
  • If you don’t already have a WebMeUp account, click on the “Please register” link to open a free account and take full advantage of the tool. 
  • Once the account is created, enter a domain name or a subdomain in the URL address bar and click on the “Check backlinks” button. 
The tool will then generate an analysis report on the verified link: 

WebMeUp Backlink Tool: Important features 

WebMeUp Backlink Tool comes with several integrated features including: 

1. Website explorer

This is undoubtedly one of the most important features of the tool. WebMeUp’s website explorer explores all of your pages and generates a fairly detailed analysis report:     Source: Stateofdigital 

2. The backlinks research toolAs

a backlink checker, WebMeUp unsurprisingly has a backlinks profile analysis tool.  Source:Stateofdigital  As you can see from the screenshot above, this is a standard analysis report that is usually found on most backlink checkers.  With this feature of the tool, you can access a lot of information about your backlink profile such as: 
  • Domain age 
  • Country of origin
  • Anchor texts Backlink 
  • score 
  • And many more. 
All this organized on a simple and friendly user interface, very easy to navigate even for a beginner.   

3. The tool for monitoring and managing backlinks

It is also possible to manage your backlink creation campaigns with WebMeUp. The tool lets you perform common tasks of your backlinks strategy, record earned links, and set up an automatic backlink tracking plan. Source:Stateofdigital  For example, you can: 
  • Show the best backlinks to a given domain
  • Label the links you deem most important
  • Check the status (follow or nofollow) of the links  
  • Check the anchor texts used 
  • Get a Page Strength indexing score
  • Well others. 

4. On-page optimization tool 

Another great feature of WebMeUp Backlink Tool is its on-page optimization tool.  Indeed, with WebMeUp you can customize your web pages for better on-page optimization thanks to valuable information such as: 
  • Page accessibility 
  • Site architecture 
  • Encoding factors 
  • Duplicate content issues 
  • Title tags and Meta Description missing 
  • Etc. 
Source: Stateofdigital WebMeUp also offers you the possibility of tagging your pages on targeted keywords to improve your visibility and your conversion. 

5. The WebMeUp Backlink Tool Keyword 

Research Tool allows you to filter your keyword list by important criteria such as search volume, competition level, etc. Interestingly enough, the tool also offers you the ability to get relevant keyword suggestions from trusted sources such as Ubersuggest: Source: Stateofdigital 

6. Keyword Rank Checker

For any SEO strategy, it is always useful to track your ranking on search engine pages.  With WebMeUp Backlink Tool, it is possible to follow the ranking that your website obtains on the keywords on which you already appear on the SERPs: Source: Stateofdigital 

7. The competitive analysis tool 

Thanks to WebMeUp Backlink Tool, you can also analyze the domains of your competitors. The tool offers you the possibility to access certain information on your competitors such as: 
  • The age of the domain 
  • The number of indexed pages 
  • The level of SEO visibility 
  • The loading speed 
  • The engagement around their pages on social networks 
  • And the Alexa ranking. 
Source:Stateofdigital  You also have the possibility to graphically compare the visibility of your site to that of competitors thanks to a keyword visibility report.   Source:Stateofdigital 

8. The widget builder 

In addition to the user-friendliness of the tool, WebMeUp Backlink Tool also offers you the possibility of easily customizing your dashboard thanks to its widget builder which works with “drag and drop”.  With all available customization features and built-in widget gallery, you can make your dashboard more attractive.  Source:Stateofdigital 

WebMeUp Backlink Tool: Pricing

WebMeUp is a backlink checker tool available in free and paid versions.  WebMeUp Free Account If you are a blogger or freelancer, you may not need to sign up for a paid subscription.   As a free member, the tool offers you the possibility to generate 20 backlinks up to 3 possible reports per month. You also have the option of exporting 10,000 backlinks per month.  WebMeUp paid account For agencies and companies with important SEO projects, you can subscribe to a paid subscription on WebMeUp.  You have: 
  • A first paid version at $59 per month offering the possibility of generating up to 50,000 backlinks and 100 reports. Each month, you also have the possibility of exporting up to 30,000,000 backlinks.
  • A second paid version at $149 per month offering the possibility of generating up to 100,000 backlinks and 250 reports. Each month, you also have the possibility of exporting up to 70,000,000 backlinks.

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WebMeUp is a company that supports SEOs by offering them tools commensurate with their daily task. Among these ergonomic tools that the WebMeUp team had to develop, there is the SEO PowerSuite Link explorer tool. link the most accurateIt is also the main source of data related to the backlinks of the SEO PowerSuite software.  WebMeUp aims to provide SEO specialists with the most comprehensive and up-to-date backlink data for the web. A way to help companies using their services to have a good ranking in the SERPs of Google.

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