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Google Algorithmic Update tracking | Accuranker

Google Algorithmic Update tracking | Accuranker

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AccuRanker features
Track the performance of your main keywords on search engines for the success of your campaigns with Accuranker

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Description Accuranker

Accuranker is a cloud-based keyword rank tracker that is essential for anyone running an SEO campaign. The tool allows you to see how your website ranks in the SERPs for your keywords. Web marketing requires the monitoring of many statistics for the success of your online campaigns. In reality, tracking all of your website data to see how your strategies are performing is quite a complex job. To make your life easier, you can opt for a tracking tool like Accuranker to follow the progress of your campaigns. Accuranker is a solution that helps you keep an eye on the performance of your keywords in search results. Here is in this description how the tool works.

What does Accuranker mean?

AccuRanker is a cloud-based form of technology that tracks local and global website rankings on Google and Bing search engines daily.  You can track these incredibly accurate results across a wide range of areas, including by keyword, zip code, city, or state. Des donnes historiqures Accuranker You are completely free to save these results for later access as historical data. The tool allows you to make strategic decisions using additional analytics data per keyword, which includes search volume, traffic potential for that keyword, and preferred URL function. The software has all the features you need to monitor and analyze your keyword performance, such as:
  • Share of voice ; 
  • Rank tracking functions; 
  • The distribution of the ranking;
  • Tools to generate simple and meaningful reports with the highest quality data you need.
This helps you track and analyze important keywords and understand how to revise your content to optimize it to rank higher. Accuranker is specifically designed for agencies, but it’s also a compelling solution for SEO professionals, especially when you have  a large website with lots of keywords to track.

What are the main features of Accuranker?

Find out what the Accuranker tool can help you do:

Instant updates on demand

For a good SEO strategy, it is important to make updates according to the effects of your keywords on the SERPs. Accuranker allows you to refresh your ranking whenever you need it for the purpose of tracking your search ranking. Crasement des mots cles de plusieurs localites du monde Best of all, you can see your keyword rankings for multiple locations around the world.

Easy Tool Setup

What makes Accuranker an even better tool is how easy it is to set up and use. It is extremely easy to set up in just three steps:
  • Add domain 
Once you are logged into the dashboard using your Accuranker ID, all you need to do is add your website address, a business name and a default search engine. Tableau de bord Accuranker The tool also offers the possibility to filter the results by REGION or COUNTRY  
  • Adding keywords
Once the configuration of your domain is complete, you will be prompted to add the keywords you wish to track in the “keywords”tab . Onglet d ajouter de mots cles You can either add the keywords manually or import them from Google Search Console. While manually adding a keyword is always effective, I recommend logging into your Google Search Console and importing from there. It will save you a lot of time. Next to the keywords box is other important information that you will need to fill in. It basically comes down to where you want your specific keyword to be tracked, the devices, whether it’s a desktop device, and the search engine of your choice.
  • Accuranker
Rank Tracker Accuranker Rank Tracker lets you see the keyword rank report. Rapport de classement des mots cles You have the option to view the Accuranker keyword tracking report, which can be filtered by country, ranking (lower as well as higher). 

Accuranker SERP Checker 

The Accuranker SERP checker is a free option of this tool available to everyone. You do not need to create an account to take advantage of this option. Verificateur des SERP Accuranker Using Accuranker’s SERPs Checker, you can check Google search results pages to see how your website is performing on the SERPs.  This is a great feature when working on local SEO campaigns. You can see both organic and paid search results for mobile and desktop. 

Google Grump

AccuRanker also tracks fluctuations in Google’s algorithm using the Google Grump rating, represented by a tiger icon on the sidebar.  lcone de tigre AccuRanker For this, the score level used to control the fluctuations of the SERPs by this feature is marked by the moods of a title:
  • Chilled (1-10): This mood simply indicates stability in the ranking. Otherwise, there are no keyword ranking inconsistencies that could affect you at this time;
  • Cautious (10-12): As the name suggests, this tiger mood urges you to be cautious. Although everything may seem correct, there may be a possibility of mood swings caused by Google’s algorithm;
  • Grumpy (12-15): This mood appears when the rankings seem to deviate rapidly from normal and reasonable positions;
  • Furious ( 15+): This mood indicates an anomaly, so you must be careful.
You can use this tool from Accuranker to track daily changes in your country’s rankings, both on desktop and mobile. Essentially, it’s a powerful SEO keyword ranking tool that helps you track changes in the market, your own keywords, organic search, landing pages, and competitor performance.

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AccuRanker is a Danish rank tracking and SEO agency founded in 2013 by Henrik and Karen Jorgensen. It is one of the best agencies in the field, renowned for its speed and accuracy. AccuRanker’s main objective is to help companies and individuals with search engine optimization, in order to promote better SEO for their websites. It has many effective tools, which make it a popular platform for SEO professionals.  AccuRanker users can also track the ranking of their site and that of their competitors. In addition, some of the agency’s tools let you know the impact of Google’s algorithm updates on your site’s traffic.

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