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Tracking | Rank Tracker

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ProRankTracker is a powerful rank tracker that can help you monitor your content’s performance on search engines. With ProRankTracker you can track your ranking on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.

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Description ProRankTracker

When you put content online, your biggest wish would be for it to rank high on the SERPs. So, to know the type of content that climbs best on the SERPs, it is necessary to constantly monitor your rankings. Indeed, ProRankTracker is an indisputable solution that you can use to complete this task. It has almost all the features that allow you to track the behavior of your website on the SERPs. We will discover these features in this description.

What is ProRankTracker ?

As already said, ProRankTracker is a great tool that can provide you with valuable data about your SEO campaigns in an easy to understand way. The tool’s user interface is clean and intuitive, and information is presented in the form of color-coded graphs, tables, and lists.  The advantage of ProRankTracker is that you can learn all about the tool and try it out for free before committing.  Indeed, the tool offers a seven-day free trial plan, without any conditions, it does not ask for your credit card information. Most rank trackers have free trials, but they often only give you access to basic features and limit you to checking just a few keywords.  With the ProRankTracker free trial, you’ll have access to all the features of the tool, with two URLs and 20 search terms, so you can test everything out before upgrading to a paid plan. Besides the free trial, you can also book a demo of the tool and view sample reports to get an idea of ​​how the tool works and what insights it can provide.  When it comes to pricing, the monthly subscription plans offered by ProRankTracker are quite reasonable.  If 500 keyword searches are enough for you, the $49 starter plan is a bargain, considering you can also use the tool’s on-page SEO features for up to ten sites and 200,000 pages. .  Plans go up to 100,000 keywords for $3,300, but you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed. Here are the features of this tool:

Site Audit 

Although the primary function of rank trackers is to track how a website is doing in terms of search engine rankings, ProRankTracker finds it necessary to offer a audit to its users. The goal is to make website owners discover what makes them more visible on the internet and what prevents them from ranking high. Thus, ProRankTracker allows you to explore your website pages, external URLs and subdomains. Then, it gives you a score that reflects the health of your site. The higher your website’s percentage score, the better your site performs. The final score is based on an average of:
  • The quality of your page;
  • Tech and meta;
  • Page structure;
  • Structure of the link;
  • External factors
  • Etc.
Like most audit software, ProRankTracker provides you with some improvement measures in its audit report. You can download your audit report to compare it to future reports to see if you have progressed or regressed.

Rank tracking

Obviously, this is the main function of ProRankTracker, like all other trackers. ProRankTracker is a website search engine ranking tracking tool that effectively does what it was designed to do. Once registered on the tool’s website, you can enter one or more URLs in the dedicated section from your dashboard. The number of keywords you can track for each of these URLs depends on the subscription plan you have chosen.

Local and Mobile Keyword Tracking Data

Using ProRankTracker, you can track your keyword rankings in any language and from anywhere in the world. You can track your local rankings on Google, YouTube, and Amazon Local sites. You can also track your Google My Business (GMB) listing on ”Snack Pack” and Local Finder i.e. top 100 map listings.  This way you can keep tabs on your rankings for your relevant keywords in Google Local Finder and monitor your GMB listing. This local ranking tracking data is even more for businesses that prioritize local SEO. Additionally, monitoring your local search results can help you determine if your content is having an impact on your potential customers in one specific area over another.  This way, you will have a clear idea of ​​where you need to better optimize your pages to increase your visibility. You also have the option of mobile ranking tracking for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Since the number of mobile device users far exceeds computer users on the Internet, it is important to track the rankings for mobile searches.

Generating Reports

ProRankTracker is not just a rank tracking tool, it also has a reporting feature. The tool provides through its report functionality different types of reports:
  • Summary reports : This accurately traces a detailed overview of the ranking of your URL or selected terms;
  • Progress Reports : This report gives you information on your changes in terms of ranking;
  • Comparison reports : As its name suggests, this report allows you to compare the rankings of the selected term on different URLs or in different search engines;
  • Referral Reports : A great way to see your ranking progress for the same URL between two dates, weeks or months;
  • Automated Reports : This is a report that the tool can provide to you via email or to your Dropbox or Drive account.
The reports generated by ProRankTracker are quite detailed and you can view the data in the form of lists, graphs and tables, which allows you to easily assess the SEO performance of your site.

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Rank Tracker is a SEO platform, created in 2014 by Felix Rose-Collins. Its creation started from the idea of ​​providing quality SEO tools, capable of surpassing those already existing. Rank Tracker offers its users a simple interface that presents all the information necessary for SEO experts.  It also offers SEO tools, such as the Rank Tracker, which allows web marketers to check their site’s position against that of competitors.  It also allows you to follow the chosen keywords to the letter, in order to be able to improve the optimization of the sites as you go along.  Rank Tracker also has:
  • a keyword research tool;
  • a SERP checker;
  • a web audit tool;
  • a backlink checker.
The platform has nearly 25,000 users, including large firms with premises, particularly in England and Poland.

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