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Content and Keyword Research | SEO Surfer

Content and Keyword Research | SEO Surfer

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Discover search data and content guidelines for your keywords with Keyword Surfer.

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Description Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a browser extension developed by Surfer SEO to help web writers and business owners discover high potential keywords to produce content that ranks in Google. Did you know that organic search drives over 50% of all website traffic? For reference, paid search only gets 10% of traffic, even social media only gets 5%. WordStream backs this up by claiming that for their website, organic search drives around 70% of total traffic. This therefore evokes the need for in-depth research and a very increased analysis of the keywords before producing your content. Because if no one searches for your keyword, no one will find you. And to carry out this task, Keyword Surfer is an efficient tool to use. We will allow ourselves to discuss the different features of this SEO tool in this short description.

What is Keyword Surfer?

Basically, SEO Surfer developed Keyword Surfer to help webmarketers find the relevant keywords that allow them to better establish their online activities.  The feature allows them to discover highly competitive terms that people are actively searching for. This allows them to direct their content marketing plan to increase organic search visibility, rankings, and traffic. It is a tool you can resort to when it comes to optimizing your content as it also provides similar keywords to your term of interest to help you reach more people and offer you more chances of conversion. Keyword Surfer supports 70 different countries for keyword research and analysis at the moment. If your country is not there, you can adjust searches for countries near you.

The Different Features of Keyword Surfer

To know what you can do with Keyword Surfer, you should read the following features:

Monthly Search Volumes Monthly

keyword search volume is the key to building content that your audience actually wants . Keyword Surfer helps you find out the search volume for a specific term as well as its cost per click over the course of a month in a given region. Une recherche de mots cles Coton This helps you prioritize content topics, understand search trends to create potential showings. When you can use a term with high potential effectively, you can easily:
  • Boost traffic;
  • Qualify your visits in the sense that those who come to you will be genuinely interested in your offer.
However, keyword research is much more than just combining words.  It’s about exploring them to really know how you can use them to your advantage to get a good ranking. Thus the Keyword Surfer extension allows you to understand:
  • The relevance of the search term, ie you can see how significant the keyword is for an audience;
  • The popularity of the search term in that you have the ability to see how many big brands are using that keyword.
But sometimes a keyword with very high search volume can pay less than another with medium volume. For this, I recommend that you take your keyword analyzes a little further.

The monthly traffic, the number of words in the article, the number of keyword usages

It is also free organic traffic which increases the visibility of your website in search engines.  This means that SEO traffic is important for every business to get more leads and sales from search engines. Thanks to the Keyword Surfer extension installed on your browser, you can consult the number of traffic that a website has received over the course of a month with your specific search term directly readable in the SERPs. Une recherche de mots cles Coton Right next to the domain traffic for the specific region, the numbers written below the search results correspond to the word count of this article. Le nombre de mots de l articles It is an important aspect of SEO to know the length of your competitor’s article to rank higher than them. Moreover, Keyword Surfer, also helps you to know the density of the main keyword. Le nombre de mots de l articles This feature shows how many times the exact keyword you are looking for was used in a competitor’s post.  This is indicated by the spanner icon right next to the word count. It should be borne in mind that the variation of keywords is not included in it.

Similar Keywords

Obviously, you can agree with me that targeting a single keyword will yield less of the much-desired success.  Therefore, including related keywords and keyword variation in an article is a must to rank for multiple keywords. Keyword Surfer displays the list of keywords similar to the one you are looking for on Google as well as their monthly volume.  Liste des mots cles similaires sur Google Similar keywords are a great way to expand your target market and give you more traffic and conversion opportunities.

Content Builder

This is the newest and coolest feature of the Keyword Surfer tool.  You just need to enter the keyword you want to write for and AI based content generator will create content with pretty impressive H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags. Contenu evec des balises Which requires enough effort and research when you have to do it manually. Overall, Keyword Surfer is a good option that can help you with effective keyword research and analysis. It precisely helps you to:
  • Find the search volume for specific queries;
  • Discover the keywords related to your search queries;
  • Focus on searches by geographic area, a good option to improve local SEO;
  • Estimate traffic data related to keywords;
  • Find pages that rank high for your search queries;
  • And generate content based on your search term.
It would definitely be a very useful tool that you can use to write content that sells to the right audience.

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Company : Content and Keyword Research

Surfer is an SEO content optimization platform. It was created by Polish Michal Suski and a whole team of technicians and developers in the field.  Surfer targets companies or individuals who publish content, to benefit from a better optimization rate on search engines. Surfer has special features, which differentiate it from other optimization platforms. Indeed, it allows its users to generate a content strategy and provides them with tools to build the plan of their article.  It also allows them to follow the ranking of their article, and offers them SEO content suggestions to possibly improve it.  Furthermore, the tools offered by Surfer include:
  • the Surfer keyword extension;
  • the content editor extension;
  • the free AI outline generator; 
  • the flow of growth.
Surfer offers its services in nearly 70 countries and has approximately 30,000 users worldwide. It is one of the most adopted content optimization platforms. It also benefits from numerous distinctions in the field of technology and innovation.

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