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Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) | Merkle

Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) | Merkle

Short description : Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)

Schema Markup Generator Merkle Mise en avant
If you’re having trouble setting up Schema markup for your website, this is a great tool.

Long Description : Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)

Description of the markup schema generator

Founded in 1971, Mercleis one of the largest media and communication companies in the world.  Thanks to its expertise, and its exceptional strengths in data analysis, skills and technologies, it helps companies to improve their way of working and boost their organizational capacity to offer better services to their customers.  It also offers companies well-developed tools and tips to help them have better digital communication. The Schema Markup Generator is one such tool.  Generateur de balisage Schema It is a tool whose main objective is to help you better personalize the information to be displayed in the SERPs in order to attract new visitors.   It is also responsible for transmitting the appropriate information to the search engine so that it can optimize your site for new visits. Each time you submit a search to the Google search engine, it offers you a series of information corresponding to the said query. This information is displayed in various forms. They actually come from the structured data of your site and can take the following forms: 
  • Lists; 
  • Paragraph ;
  • Statistics ; 
  • Address ; 
  • Price.
As you know, structured data is a set of tags implemented on your website through a code inserted into the source code.  These tags allow the search engine to obtain detailed information about the content of the pages of your website. They are implemented according to a structure and format generally known as JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) and based on schema markup.  Balise schema×508.jpg That is a set of tags that are added to the website and which improves the way the search engine perceives and shows up your site in search results.  As claimed by the search engine, their implementation allows the automatic updating of the content of your site and its automatic exploration.  Their creation requires some technical knowledge but thanks to this free tool set up by the company Mercle, you can easily create them. 

Who is Mercle’s Schema markup generator (JSON-LD) intended for

This tool is intended for webmasters, website owners and SEO agencies who are responsible for the proper functioning and improvement of the performance of the websites they are responsible for in the search results.  The tool facilitates their creation process thanks to its many features. 

What are the features of the schema markup generator? 

Speaking of the features of the Schema markup generator, it is important to remember that the tool is presented in a rather simple way.  It allows you to create with a single click the type of Schema markup you want for the content of your website page.  Differentes types de balisage Schema You will therefore have the option of choosing between a dozen different categories of markup type.  These categories relate to the following items: 
  • Articles;
  • Ariadne’s file;
  • Events; 
  • FAQs;
  • Comments; 
  • Job offer ;
  • Local businesses; 
  • Organization ;  
  • Product ; 
  • Nobody ;
  • Recipe ; 
  • Video ; 
  • Sitelink search box. 
When you click on either of these schema markups, you will see various options that you can modify.  Once, the options fill in and customize, you can copy the generated code and add it to the source code of your web page.  In addition, for the sake of efficiency, the tool provides you with a link for each type of markup that refers to the Google documentation and another that refers you to the references.  As you will see, the establishment of one or other of these links has the sole purpose of allowing you to have a better knowledge of what you are doing.  Similarly, the generator also offers links to the markup verification tool that you set up. 

How do I use the markup generator? 

To use the Schema markup generator that Mercle offers you, the first thing to do is to go to the tool’s website.  Once the site has loaded, all you have to do is choose the type of Schema markup you want to set up and fill in the necessary options.  For example, to set up schema markup relating to a  product on your website, you must: 
  • Select product at “which markup you want to create”;
  • Then, you will have to fill in the various information concerning the product, namely: the name, the URL of the image, the brand, the description of the product, the identification property, the price, etc.; 
  • Once the information has been integrated, you now need to copy the generated code in order to integrate it into your website. 
Outside of products, the same process should be followed if you want to use the Mercle code generator to create other types of markup.  Also, being free, you will have no trouble creating all the Schema markup you desire for your website. So use it! 

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Merkle is a media and communications company. It was founded in 1971 and then taken over in 1988 by David Williams, who is the current CEO. It is one of the largest companies in its field.  Indeed, Merkle’s mission is to promote the development of communication and media management at the level of agencies and companies. Merkle has exceptional strengths in data analysis, skills and technology. Thus, it helps companies to improve their working methods and boost their organizational capacity in order to offer better services to their customers.  Merkle also offers companies well-developed tools and tips to help them have better digital communication. Merkle also offers the Schema Markup Generator. This is a tool that helps you better customize the information to display on the SERPs for your site to attract new visitors.  This schema markup generator is responsible for transmitting the appropriate information to the search engine so that the latter optimizes your site for new visits.

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