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Rank Risk Index | Rank Ranger

Rank Risk Index | Rank Ranger

Short description : Rank Risk Index

GOOGLE SERP FLUCTUATIONS Rank Ranger Mise en avant
Monitor fluctuations in SERPs with Rank Risk Index to anticipate Google updates.

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Rang Indice de risque

Rank Risk Index

According to experts, Google brings about 500 to 600 changes to its search algorithm per year. While most of these changes are minor and don’t really impact search results, some can cause big swings in the SERPs. As SEOs or website owners, it is vital to monitor the fluctuations of the SERPs to see when there are important changes. This obviously allows you to see to what extent these changes impact your rankings. To monitor fluctuations in the SERPs in real time, you can use the Rank Risk Index tool. Through this description, we discover this tool and how it can be useful for your SEO.

What is Rank Risk Index

Simply put, Rank Risk Index is a Google algorithm tracking tool designed by Rankranger. This is a digital marketing agency that offers many SEO tools to help webmasters improve their sites. Rank Risk Index is a great tool for tracking all types of Google algorithm updates. Indeed, Google’s SERPs regularly experience fluctuations and although some are minor, others are significant and affect most sites. By using Rank Risk Index, you get a complete overview and analysis of changes affecting SERPs. The tool monitors daily fluctuations for more than 10,000 domains and keywords to give an overall idea of ​​changes in the SERPs. The system monitors carefully selected keywords and looks for fluctuations.

Measures of fluctuation

Rank Risk Index measures fluctuations and represents them on a graph. On the home page of the tool, you can see the fluctuations for the last 30 where each day is represented by a colored bar. Les mesures de la fluctuation

Red: Very high fluctuation

This color indicates that the fluctuation is very high and there are very large changes in the SERPs. On a scale of 0 to 100, Rank Risk Index estimates this type of fluctuation to be above 70, which is cause for concern. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor your rankings to see how this fluctuation has affected your site.

Orange: High fluctuation

This color indicates that the fluctuation is high and the changes are large, but not reaching the previous level. On a scale of 0 to 100, Rank Risk Index estimates this type of fluctuation to be between 60 and 70. It may also be necessary to check your rankings to see if they are affected or how much they are affected.

Green: Stable and Normal Fluctuation

This color indicates that the SERPs are normal and not fluctuating, meaning there are no unusual changes. On a scale of 0-100, Rank Risk Index estimates normal fluctuations to be between 55-60 . of your rankings.

Blue: Weak fluctuation

This color indicates that the fluctuations are slower than usual and the changes are probably insignificant. On a scale of 0 to 100, Rank Risk Index estimates such a fluctuation to be between 0 and 55.

Features of the Rank Risk Index tool Rank

Risk Index is a very useful tool to see what is happening in the SERPs.

Based on aggregate results

To measure fluctuations in the SERPs, Rank Risk Index monitors a set of over 10,000 domains and keywords as we mentioned earlier. However, remember that it takes into account the overall results and not a specific part of the Google algorithm, a specific sector or a given country. Thus, the tool’s metrics are reliable and provide an overall view of the SERPs

data for both desktop and mobile search results.

The gaps between the SERPs are significant and according to one study, only 13% of websites manage to maintain the exact same position across all devices. SERPs on different devices are distinct because of different features of SERPs and obviously screen real estate, which drastically changes the user experience and visibility of your website. Differentes caracteristiques des SERPs For this, Rank Risk Index measures the fluctuations for the computer SERPs and for the mobile SERPs.

Ability to compare desktop VS mobile fluctuations

The tool compares fluctuations between desktop and mobile SERPs to show the scope of changes in searches from one screen to another. When the changes on mobile are larger over a period of time, it suggests that there is more fluctuation in the mobile SERPs than in the desktop SERPs.

Daily update for the last eighty days

On the homepage of the tool, you can also have the fluctuations of SERPs both on mobile and on desktop for the last 90 days. Les fluctuations des SERPs de mobile et sur ordinateur In this case, the fluctuations are not represented by a bar, but by points with the colors presented previously. The tool also keeps the history of old fluctuations and you will consult them as needed.

Provides a Snapshot of SERP

Volatility SERP volatility is the constant change in a site’s position in Google’s search results pages. Rank Risk Index allows you to see these volatilities in real time.

How useful is the Rank Risk Index for your SEO?

Search engine optimization is an integral part of your website and you cannot neglect it. When you use the Rank Risk Index tool to track Google’s algorithm updates, it also helps you improve your SEO performance quickly and efficiently. Indeed, the more you know about Google’s algorithm updates, the more you will be able to take necessary actions and the level of your SEO performance will be high.

Google SERPs Fluctuations Widget

Most sites want to directly display the fluctuations of Rankranger’s SERPs. For this, the tool has created a widget so that you can easily add this service to your website. Widget Google SERPs Fluctuations To do this, scroll down the Rank Risk Index page, copy the embed code and paste in the section of your site where you want to display this attractive Google SERP Fluctuations tool. By doing so, you can now share with your site visitors quick access to algorithm monitoring results. In short, Rank Risk Index is designed to show SEO professionals and webmasters real-time updates from Google. In this description, we have discussed the features of this tool and its usefulness for your site.

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Rank Ranger is a custom SEO software that helps show ranking risk indices for SERPs. It was created by a SaaS company of the same name, founded in 2009.  Rank Ranger mainly serves as a tool for measuring SERP fluctuations. It offers a ranking index tool called Rank Risk Index. The latter allows you to follow the updates made by Google’s algorithms on a daily basis.  It also allows you to follow the different fluctuations noticed in search engine results after updates.  Indeed, the Rank Ranger software operates on approximately 10,000 domains and keywords, which it monitors daily. Rank Ranger records SERP changes to identify various fluctuations.

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