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Prospection | MailShake

Prospection | MailShake

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Put your email delivery on autopilot. Turn cold leads into warm leads with automated email, social, and phone prospecting.

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Description of the Mailshake tool 

Founded by Sujan Patel, the mailshake is a sales engagement and automation tool.  Used by more than 49,000 customers worldwide, this tool helps you promote your products and get enough leads through broader awareness. And to achieve this end, the mailshake team provides you with a tool that relies on transparency, simplicity and helps you to take effective action to help you achieve the success you want. .

Who is the Mailshake tool for? 

The Mailshake is mainly aimed at marketers and anyone who would be interested in using increasingly efficient solutions and methods to obtain leads on their website.  As such, it will be more useful to owners of websites with a commercial character. It could also be used by the management teams at the level of large online sales companies or even by certain agencies which take care of the management and the marketing aspect of their clients’ sites.

Why should you use the Mailshake tool? 

If you’re wondering that, here are some reasons why you might choose Mailshake for your email outreach campaigns. First, it should be noted that mailshake enjoys the trust of more than 49,000 customers around the world. Then with most of these features, mailshake seems to be the perfect alternative to several other email outreach tools. Finally, another of the reasons why you should use mailshake is that it provides you with resources intended to strengthen your skills in generating and reaching out to prospects via email.

What are the features of Mailshake?  

Regarding the features that this tool makes available to one of its users, I can cite among others:   
  • The email editor with artificial intelligence: This is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and information relating to the different campaigns to help you have quality texts;
  • The lead catcher: This feature allows you to detect the most qualified prospects who are likely to go through with the purchase process;
  • Split Testing: This is a mailshake feature that allows you to perform tests on your outreach emails to find out what works or doesn’t work;
  • The phone dialer: This is a possibility that allows you to speed up phone calls with your list of prospects;
  • Social mediaoutreach: Mailshake has a multi-touch social feature that lets you be where your prospects can be;
  • Automation of your approach: With most of the tools that MailShake puts at your disposal, you have the possibility of automating the way you work in order to send personalized emails on a large scale and to interact with your prospects. 
Apart from these features, also don’t forget that mailshake allows you to integrate it directly with your various applications and tools such as Google analytics through API integration. It also has a Chrome extension that allows you to use it directly on your browser.  Integration can also be done at the level of social network platforms and various content management and website analysis applications. 

How much do MailShake platform features cost?

As for the fees for using Mailshake, note that the company offers three types of plans. The first plan is ideal for SEO specialists, it is valued at $44 a month and gives you access to most email outreach features. The second plan is designed for sales teams. It is billed at $75 per month and allows you to have access to both email outreach features and other features that ensure good sales engagement management. The third plan that the tool offers is a customizable plan that you can request by contacting support. The advantage is that this plan allows you to have the features and flexibilities you want at your fingertips. Likewise, it is necessary to remember that the Mailshake tool does not offer a trial period. It does, however, offer a ‘100% satisfaction or your money back’ guarantee. So once you subscribe to a subscription and you are not satisfied with the services, you can request an immediate refund at any time. You now know everything about the Mailshake tool, do not hesitate to use it if it meets your needs.

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MailShake is a company founded by Sujan Patel, a SaaS marketing leader with over 15 years of experience. With his team, he developed the MailShake software of the same name as his company.  MailShake is sales engagement and sales automation software. It is complete and easy to use. This software was designed for the sole purpose of helping sales and digital marketers get more leads through large-scale prospecting. MailShake is recognized by at least 4500 customers who are satisfied with the services offered by the company. The basic features that the software offers are:
  • writing emails with AI;
  • automation of the cold approach;
  • filling your CRM with genuine leads;
  • connecting with prospects wherever they are;
  • lead generation.

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