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Plugin SEO | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

Plugin SEO | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

Short description : Plugin SEO

Plug In SEO Shopify App Store Mise en avant
Optimize SEO. Fix broken links. Add the JSON-LD schema and Alt text.

Long Description : Plugin SEO

Description Plug in SEO – Shopify App Store

To get good visibility and ranking on SERPs, it is important to optimize your website for search engines.  But with all the tasks it involves, SEO can become very time-consuming very quickly.  Fortunately, there are effective solutions to automate certain tasks and speed up the SEO of your site.  Plug In SEO is an all-in-one SEO optimization tool that makes it easy to optimize Shopify eCommerce stores. 

What is SEO Plugin? 

More than 30,000 Shopify store owners have installed the Plug In SEO tool to help optimize their e-commerce site for search engines.  This is probably the most comprehensive and widely used SEO plugin on Shopify. It could be likened to the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.  Source: Apps.Shopify  This is an all-in-one SEO application that gives you all the tools you need to analyze, fix and optimize your e-commerce store’s SEO and increase its ranking and traffic on search engine pages (SERPs).  The tool works with the built-in features of Shopify SEO and allows you to perform several optimization tasks such as: 
  • Checking for possible SEO issues and errors 
  • Marking up multiple types of structured data: products, collections, pages, blogs, etc
  • Google keyword rank tracking 
  • Checking for broken links and setting up permanent redirects
  • Optimizing image ALT tags Bulk 
  • optimization of title and meta description 
  • tags Optimizing title and meta tags separate description for each page of your online store 
  • And many others … 
Source: Apps.Shopify The tool remains easy to configure and use. It also provides detailed SEO documentations. This makes it accessible to everyone and especially to SEO beginners.  Plug In SEO also facilitates the integration of other renowned SEO tools such as Google Search Console.  If you are looking for an all-in-one tool for SEO of your online store on Shopify, Plug In SEO is probably the best solution available on the market. 

Plug In SEO: Key Features 

Plug In SEO comes with several features of which here are the most important ones to note: 

1. Best JSON-LD Structured 

Data rich snippets.  Source: Go Fish Digital With Plug In SEO, you can add several types of structured data to your website such as: 
  • News article
  • Product Product 
  • variation Product 
  • models
  • Breadcrumb or breadcrumb
  • Contact page
  • Local SEO 
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Site name 
  • Organization
  • Offer
  • Logo 
  • Etc. 

2. Automatic SEO audits

By adopting Plug In SEO for the SEO of your website, you also benefit from SEO audit reports delivered by email to check the problems that undermine your SEO on search engine pages.  SEO audits are a way to take stock and get an overview of the different aspects of your site. 

3. Bulk SEO

This Plug In SEO feature allows you to optimize all the pages of your website very quickly, be it category pages or even blog post pages.  The Bulk SEO Editor allows you to perform certain SEO tasks such as title and meta description tag optimization in bulk for 10, 100 or even 1000 product pages at once in just a few moments.   Source: Apps.Shopify You can also take care of optimizing your special pages like home page, about page, services page, etc. 

4. Monitor your website’s organic traffic

Using the Plug In SEO tool, you can also track your site’s ranking for targeted keywords in organic search engine results.  Source: Apps.Shopify But for this, it will be necessary to integrate the tool with Google Search Console via an easy and simple configuration process to perform.

5. Identify and Fix SEO Issues 

By integrating Plug In SEO with Search Console, the tool allows you to spot and fix SEO issues that might be identified at heading tags, heading tags, -headers (H2, H3…), alternative image tags, etc.  Source: Apps.Shopify  Some of these issues can be configured to be fixed automatically such as duplicate or missing page titles and meta descriptions. 

6. Set up 301 redirects to fix dead 404 

links Dead links that lead to 404 error pages are elements that can significantly affect your SEO.  Source: Apps.Shopify  The Plug In SEO identifies these dead links in order to replace them with valid links through permanent 301 redirects. This will make it possible to no longer lose new visitors and to recover lost traffic.

Plug In SEO : Pricing 

Plug In SEO is available for free for life 
  • Unlimited SEO, blog, speed issue check
  • Instructions and fix code
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Help and support by email
PLUG IN SEO PLUS $29.99 per month with a free trial 14 Days
  • Automatic SEO Improvements
  • Free Installation
  • Detailed Instructional Videos
  • Premium Support
  • Structured Data (JSON-LD)
PLUG IN SEO Pro $39.99 per month Access to all features available

SEO Plug In: Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use tool set up and use
  • Easy Google Search Console integration 
  • All-in-one optimization app with all the tools needed for full SEO 
  • Tutorial resources (helpful learning tutorials, in-depth blog posts) and a support team 
  • The documentations may be difficult for some users to understand, especially SEO beginners.
  • The premium plan price seems too high for some users. 

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Company : Plugin SEO

Shopify is an online platform created in 2009 in Canada that has powerful tools for creating and managing an e-commerce site. The platform aims to help the seller find customers and boost his sales while allowing him to manage his daily tasks well. In a few clicks, the seller can create his e-commerce store to allow his physical store to be positioned on the Internet.   Shopify makes many free and paid apps available to these stores through its Shopify app store. These applications are of all kinds and allow:
  • The presentation of the product, its price, the order options;
  • Marketing (SEO referencing, advertising) ;
  • Inventory management, orders and order processing. the proposal of solutions or shipping methods.
  • Customer management and security of your sales site.
Some applications that shopify app store offers to its merchants: 
  • Facebook channel;
  • SEO plugin;
  • Shop channel;
  • Product customizer.

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