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Links Audit | Clusteric

Links Audit | Clusteric

Short description : Links AUDIT

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Clusteric Search Auditor a comprehensive tool for link analysis, rank tracking, competitive analysis and more.

Long Description : Links AUDIT

Description Clusteric Search Auditor 

Clusteric Search Auditor is an SEO toolbox that allows you to perform many SEO analyzes including auditing your link profile, spotting backlink opportunities, tracking the ranking of competitor sites, examining expired domains in sight to set up new side projects and much more. 

What is Clusteric Search Auditor? 

Clusteric Search Auditor is an all-in-one desktop software available on Windows and Mac that offers several useful tools and features to improve website ranking for search engines.  In all, the tool has 11 different modules that can be leveraged to optimize SEO campaigns. With Clusteric Search Auditor, you can essentially: 
  • Perform an SEO audit of your website
  • Analyze your keyword lists for better optimization of your web pages 
  • Track your SERP ranking for the targeted keywords or the ranking of competitor sites 
  • Analyze your profile of links and improve your backlink building strategy 
  • Check the quality of expired domain pages
To provide a more complete analysis of websites, Clusteric Search Auditor also relies on reliable external sources including Google Search Console, MOZ, Majestic and Ahrefs.  

 Clusteric Search Auditor: Who is the tool for? 

Clusteric Search Auditor is an SEO optimization tool that can be used by a wide user profile including: 
  • Marketing specialists
  • Advertisers 
  • Webmasters
  • SEO experts 
  • And any other digital marketer concerned with optimizing a website for them. search engine. 

Clusteric Search Auditor: Important features

Clusteric Search Auditor comes with an SEO toolbox of 11 modules with different features: 

1. Link audit and disavowal 

This first module of Clusteric Search Auditor allows you to audit the link profile of your site with a disavow report to detect all spammy links that can potentially affect your SEO. It is an excellent tool for evaluating the quality and toxicity of backlinks pointing to your domain.   Source: Clusteric Search Auditor  When to use this module?  When: 
  • Your SERP ranking is affected by toxic links 
  • Your site has had a manual penalty 
  • Your website has been penalized by Google Penguin
  • You have used Black Hat SEO techniques

2. Competitor analysis 

This feature of Clusteric Search Auditor can determine in a few clicks the important backlinks and main keywords that help competing sites get good visibility on search engine pages.  Source: Clusteric search auditor  You can then draw inspiration from this information to strengthen your SEO strategy and be more competitive on the SERPs.  When to use this module?  If you want to:
  • Improve your search engine rankings 
  • Know the main keywords your competitors rank well for on the SERPs
  • Discover which SEO strategies work best in your industry 
  • Know how to outrank your competitors

3. Check the visibility of domain on Google 

Clusteric Search Auditor also offers the possibility of globally assessing the visibility of a website on Google and on social networks.  For each domain name you analyze, you’ll discover an overview of its top keywords, its ranks for those keywords, and an estimate of its organic traffic.  Source: Clusteric search auditor  When to use this module?  If you want to:
  • Have an overview of your ranking or that of a competitor on Google 
  • Know the areas in which SEO works best 
  • Win more places on the SERPs 
  • Do a quick audit on several competitors 

4. Compare domain visibility on Google 

This feature of Clusteric Search Auditor allows you to compare two websites and get important details such as their top keywords, organic traffic, rank on SERPs and many more information.   Source: Clusteric search auditor  Unlike features, this one allows you to quickly compare the SEO performance of 2 websites at the same time on a single interface. When to use this module?  If you want to: 
  • Know the keywords that two websites have in common
  • Discover the reasons and the keywords on which one site dominates another 
  • Identify the meta tags to favor for a winning SEO strategy
  • Use the same SEO approach on your site web

5. Discovering better places to create content and backlinks

Clusteric Search Auditor also allows you to discover relevant keywords to use as content ideas.  The tool also offers the possibility of discovering reliable platforms and influencers to submit your content to for more traffic and engagement.  Source: Clusteric search auditor  When to use this module?  If you want to know: 
  • The strategies of competitors that perform best 
  • Connect with influencers to promote your content 
  • Know relevant and authoritative platforms on which to publish your content 
  • Earn backlinks from reliable sources

6. Expired domains 

This feature of Clusteric Search Auditor allows you to identify and analyze domains that have expired in order to recover them and set up new projects in parallel with your main domain. Source: Clusteric search auditor   When to use this module?  If you want to: 
  • Rank on Google with a new satellite project
  • Change a domain that didn’t perform as you expected 
  • Get more traffic

7. Keyword strategies 

Need a good approach to keyword research? Thanks to Clusteric Search Auditor, you can analyze the best results for a specific keyword. This will allow you to create a list of relevant keywords to target on your site.  Interestingly, for each keyword, you have an SEO difficulty score to estimate the optimization effort required before reaching the first results for this keyword.  For effective short-term SEO, you can then prioritize keywords with an affordable SEO difficulty score.  Source: Clusteric search auditor  When to use this module?  If you want to: 
  • Know which websites rank high on your keywords 
  • Learn more about those websites 
  • Know what types of content they publish to get those top rankings 
  • Be more competitive on the SERPs 
  • Get more traffic 

8. Fashion personalized audit 

Thanks to this module of Clusteric Search Auditor, you can personalize your own SEO audit by concocting up to 120 criteria and 50 ranking formulas. For example, you can decide to run a quick analysis of your site that will take into account your performance on social media, the visibility of your e-commerce store (or your blog) on ​​Google pages and duplicate content. Source: Clusteric search auditor  When to use this module?  If you want to: 
  • Add additional parameters to the report on toxic links 
  • Get rid of a manual penalty that persists
  • Obtain more efficient topic ideas 

9. Technical SEO audit 

A good SEO strategy inevitably involves technical SEO. Clusteric Search Auditor allows you to analyze your site and detect technical issues that may negatively affect your SERP ranking.  This can be, among other things, too slow a loading speed, poor usability of the site, the presence of crawl errors, 404 error pages and much more.  Source: Clusteric search auditor  When to use this module?  When you: 
  • Have difficulty locating and fixing broken links on your website
  • Look for a tool that facilitates the analysis of metadata and redirects
  • Can’t identify duplicate content on your site
  • Want to detect possible problems that would prevent your website from ranking on the SERPs 

10. Search Console Importer 

For more advanced analysis of your data (impressions, clicks, CTR…) and crawl errors, Clusteric Search Auditor offers an integration feature that allows you to allows you to import up to 1,000,000 lines from Google’s Search Console.  Source: Clusteric search auditor When to use this module?  If you:
  • Feel engrossed in all the information Google Search Console offers 
  • Find out how to sort and import only the data you deem necessary
  • Identify crawl errors on your website

11. Email and account information extractor social networks 

Clusteric Search Auditor also allows you to retrieve emails and contact details from social network accounts of an infinite number of websites.  Source: Clusteric search auditor  When to use this module?  Ifyou want to: 
  • Create a mailing list for content sharing 
  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ social media profiles 
  • Launch an outbound marketing campaign 
  • Attract new prospects. 

Clusteric Search Auditor: Pricing 

The tool is available in 3 licenses suitable for different needs: 
  • Agency – $379
  • Consultant – $179
  • Small Business – $97
For each license, Clusteric Search Auditor offers additional fees to get Premium data and get the benefits of tool updates. Click here to find out more.

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Clusteric is a platform that helps solve the most common organic visibility issues and implement white hat SEO tactics.  It is an all-in-one SEO suite that contains many tools for better SEO. Clusteric is specialized in SEO audit in general. It contains several SEO tools, including:
  • the audit, links and disavow tool;
  • the competition analysis tool;
  • the Rank Checker Tool;
  • the keyword research tool,
  • etc.
Through these tools, Clusteric allows its customers, mostly big brands and marketers, to be able to better optimize the pages of their sites, in order to attract more traffic from search engines.  In addition, it allows rapid data analysis, providing sites with the metrics necessary for proper operation.

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