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Discover Topics | Exploding Topics

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Exploding Topic is an online tool that helps webmarketers find the most trending words or topics in their target markets.

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Description Exploding Topic

Writing content on the most trending topics is a better way to gain notoriety and virality. But, finding the trending topic is a huge feat for web marketers. However, Exploding Topic is a tool that can make it much easier for you to find the topic that people are searching for the most on the internet. You can use this tool for free as you can upgrade to the pro version in order to enjoy the most benefits it provides. Let’s discover in this description, some features of Exploding Topic.

What is Exploding Topic ?

First, Exploding Topic is an alternative solution to the popular Google Trends tool. It is a great tool that helps you identify topics like keywords that are most searched by users at any given time. Exploding topic features:
  • State-of-the-art technology that analyzes millions of searches, conversations and topics on the Internet;
  • A personal algorithm that identifies the most appropriate explosive topics;
  • The identification of subjects and their organization from the list obtained;
  • Newsletter with the best trending topics of the week.
So, it is a better option for bloggers and YouTuber who wants to create content that can drive traffic to your website or their channels based on the trend in their target markets. When you are on the tool’s home page, you just need to make a few adjustments to perform your search. For example, you need to define the time range for which you want to discover trends. Plus, when you choose an industry or category, you’ll automatically see Trending Topics on the homepage. You also have the option to use the search bar in the top right corner to search for a word or topic. We can see that for our ”SEO” search, the tool displays a fairly accurate view of how this word fluctuates over time. The advantage of using Exploding topic is the credibility you gain from search engines and users for being the first to talk about an important topic. This can not only earn you huge traffic but also make your content viral in the sense that anyone who has discovered a news item may want to share it with their loved ones. The other benefit is that you no longer have to spend all your time on facebook researching which topics people interact with the most. In addition, you can use the information provided by Exploding topic to optimize your existing content in order to make it consumable according to the trend. According to the founders of the tool, some features are still in the works and will be made available to users shortly. Here are the available features and the most notable ones:

Explosive Trends Database

The tool usually has more than enough database to help you find the best trending topics as well as companies. What makes this tool incomparable is its ability to crawl millions of databases on the general web to identify trends according to your topic. Which means, whatever your business category or niche, you can find topics on the fly. Once the data is found, the tool crosses its search result with trends in Google Trends to further sort it out. The user interface and rising curves provided by the tool make it easy to analyze trends in your target market. As you click on each revealed trend, you’ll find what makes that topic a true trend as well as information on related topics.


Exploding topic has a program called Exploding Topics Tuesday that brings you six trending news newsletters each week. Each newsletter contains ideas, comments and statistics to justify their choice. If you are using the free version of this tool, it may happen that pro members receive the same trending message a few months before you do. This means that if you want to discover a topic as quickly as possible and cover it right away in your articles, you should upgrade to the paid version of the tool. In addition, when you use the paid version of the tool, you will be entitled to 10 trends each week instead of 6 in Newsletters.

API Access (Pro)

The minimalistic database may satisfy users of this tool enough, but analysts, strategists or professionals would like to dig deeper to discover the data sources of Exploding Topics. Indeed, the API of this tool allows them to create custom dashboards to integrate trending data into their existing data sources or explore very specific sub-trends. 

Instant Trend Alerts (Pro)

In addition to receiving newsletters on the best trends, Exploding topics allows you to be informed of all the most relevant news in your market. instant trending alerts Exploding Topics’ are a great way to make sure you don’t miss a thing with this monitoring tool. This is a feature that is even more suitable for digital marketers, as they can learn about high potential and low competition keywords at any time. In general, if you want to write content that quickly goes viral, you can use the Exploding Topic tool to find trending topics.

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Exploding Topics is an SEO trend detection platform. It was created by developers Brian Dean and Josh Howarth.  The platform’s mission is to help companies and investors discover explosive new trends on the web, before they explode. It thus allows companies to stay one step ahead of their competitors. To achieve this, Exploding Topics analyzes millions of searches and conversations on the net and through social networks. It features a technology-spotting algorithm, which spots and identifies hidden products, technologies and industries months before they emerge. Exploding Topics is endorsed by many major brands and agencies such as Apple, Shopify, Amazon, Samsung, etc.   Thousands of investors and entrepreneurs also refer to the platform’s information for their research.

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