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Bulk Keyword Generator | Increased Visibility

Bulk Keyword Generator | Increased Visibility

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Get bulk keywords with highervisibility’s Bulk Keyword Generator.

Long Description : Bulk Keyword Generator

Description of the Bulk Keyword Generator tool 

Bulk Keyword generator is a free SEO tool just like the Redit keyword research tool and the organic click-through rate analysis tool that you will all find on the platform of hyghervisibility society.  This is a company founded since 2009 that works with different types of businesses offering them SEO strategies tailored to their needs.  Remember that in addition to being free, the keyword generator, the keyword generator made available to you by the company highervisibility is essentially designed for keyword research at a local level.  Some local search statistics clearly show that: 
  • 46% of all searches on Google include location information;
  • 97% of people who use online search are looking for a local business.
As you can see, with these statistics, it is no longer necessary to demonstrate the importance of optimizing websites for local search. Therefore, to achieve this, what could be more useful than having a keyword research tool specifically designed for local SEO? It is exactly such a tool that I suggest you discover in this article.  

Who is the Bulk Keyword generator tool for? 

As I just announced, the Bulk Keyword Tool is a keyword suggestion tool designed for local keyword research. It is therefore naturally aimed at companies that wish to strengthen their online presence in the localities where they have a physical presence.  It could also be useful to digital marketing experts who are often in charge of site optimization processes . Moreover, it should be noted that the Bulk Keyword generator tool may also be of interest to individuals, i.e. entrepreneurs individuals who also wish to develop their online presence. 

Why use the Bulk Keyword generator tool? 

There are many reasons that can make you trust Bulk Keyword generator. One of these reasons is that the platform that houses it is a recognized SEO agency and considered one of the leaders in digital marketing.  The second reason is that it is not only a free tool, but also a tool designed for local keyword research. 

What are the different features of the Bulk Keyword generator tool? 

Regarding the features of this SEO tool, note that this tool allows you, among other things: 
  • To search for keywords from your type of business: This is a feature that allows you to to choose the category in which your company falls and the services they offer; 
  • To enter the addresses of the different locations of your company or business; 
  • To have an idea of ​​keywords to use depending on your location. 
  • Perform your keyword research based on a suggestion of the keyword patterns you want to use; 
  • Export your search results in CSV format. 

What is the cost of using the Bulk keyword generator tool? 

As I already said a little above, the bulk keyword generator is part of the free tools of the hyghervisibility platform.   You will therefore not need to subscribe to any subscription before you can take advantage of the features of this tool. 

How to use the Bulk Keyword generator tool? 

In addition to being free, it must be said that this keyword generator is a very easy to use tool.  In reality, once on the platform of the company hyghervisibility, you just have to scroll down the page in order to search in the menu at the bottom of the page for “free SEO tools” in order to display the free tools of the platform.   Once the free tools page is displayed, all you have to do is click on the keyword generator. The tool window then appears and you just have to follow the different steps to carry out your keyword research.  But note first of all that the use is done in two ways.  The first consists in choosing the category to which your company belongs in an already predefined list and also checking in a preestablished list the types of services that you offer. Once you’ve done this, all you need to do is enter your locations to get some keyword ideas.  The second way to use the tool is to enter your locations and manually indicate the services you offer and the keyword patterns you want displayed and then start the search.  Regardless of how you use the tool, note that the results are displayed the same way and you have the option to save them by downloading directly in CSV format.  Now you have all the information you need to use Hyghervisibility’s free keyword suggestion tool.  Take advantage of it!

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Bulk Keyword Generator is a tool developed by Higher Visibility. It is a digital marketing agency founded in 2009 through a collaboration between Adam Heitzmann, David Mc Elveen and Scott Langdon. The objective of this agency is to offer small, medium and large companies personalized digital strategies that can meet their specific marketing needs. Bulk Keyword Generator is precisely a local optimization keyword generator for both these businesses and marketing professionals. To use it, simply choose a type of business as well as a city and the tool will automatically suggest local keyword ideas for your industry.

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