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Web Pages Speed | Treo

Web Pages Speed | Treo

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Treo is a great tool that helps businesses understand how their website responds to online user queries. It is a tool particularly focused on the experience and the users.

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Description Treo

When your website responds quickly and displays information as users expect, you increase your chances of getting strong engagements. Treo is therefore a tool that allows you to track the speed at which your website is displayed when requested. The idea is to help you provide a better experience to best satisfy search engine users. To go into a little more detail, here are some of the features of the Treo tool:


The dashboard of this tool gives you access to specific user-centric measures using a graph that relates the performance of your website.  Based on performance metrics like First Contentful Paint, Speed ​​Index, Time To Interactive and Performance Score, the tool shows you through graphs how your website has improved or changed over time. In addition to accessibility metrics, the tool is capable of providing most Google Lighthouse metrics. Treo suggests best practices for SEO, PWA and when you browse the history you will get more details.

A detailed

report Treo’s analysis report is designed to make it easy for users to read the data with graphs that show how each metric is distributed. When you run a website audit using this tool, the report includes data from Lighthouse to help you understand what is working well for the website and what needs improvement. In addition, you have the option of exporting all collected data in CSV format or using the Treo API to integrate it into your infrastructure.

Alert Tool 

Treo also offers a powerful feature that lets you set up budgets and alerts.  The idea is to keep you informed, by email first, of any regressions in the performance of your website as soon as possible. In an effort to be precise and certain in its alerts, the tool repeatedly runs an audit of your website to better notice setbacks.  To do this, it compares the new data taken to the old metrics in your history before generating the errors.

Speed ​​Test Report

Most of the data one gets here already ends up on the tool’s dashboard, only this feature is designed to bring more detail to those metrics. It’s basically your website’s performance data through Google’s vital web core metrics. During setup, you have the option to add several other page load speed metrics to get a rich report. When you hover over each metric in the report, you’ll see highlighted details to improve your page load speed. Treo Site Speed ​​Test shows you how your website’s performance improvements for several years back. The speed test report also has several sections like:

Last 28 days data

Here you will still find vital web core metrics, but for the last 28 days as the title says. Data from the past 28 days lets you see how consistent your website’s performance is today. If you notice that the numbers in this section are getting lower and lower each time you run a test, that means there is room for improvement. Which uses the auditing feature to understand the state of the pages.

Geographic factors

The ”Geography” section of the site speed test report gives a visual representation of how users around the world use your website. This can dramatically impact business decisions within your business. For example, if you offer services in several countries around the world, this feature allows you to see if your website responds very quickly to the needs of consumers in a specific region. For this, there are filter options on the report that allow you to view results for a specific country. Since better Core Web Vitals metrics lead to increased business revenue, seeing how your site is experienced around the world helps you deliver a better user experience.

Connections factor

The connection factor section focuses instead on the type of device as well as the level of connection used to access your website. This feature allows you to view metrics by specific device type in order to fully understand CrUX your site’s  If you have more visitors on desktop than on phone, you can use the filters at the top of the report to view only desktop-specific data. There are generally two different categories of connection:
  • 4G and faster;
  • And the 3G connection.
In most results, you’ll see a disproportionate percentage of sessions recorded on 4G or faster.  Obviously, according to the CrUX definition, the 4G connection is the fastest and used by the majority of people online these days. This category of connection can practically cover between 720 kbps and more.  And when you notice a higher than 20% share of 3G connections, that means your website can respond faster for 4G connection users.

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Treo is a Slovenian company, which has been serving several big brands in the world since 2017. It owns an SEO platform that helps to monitor and improve the speed of websites and web pages.  It was designed with the aim of promoting easy and fast optimization for businesses and web marketers. Treo provides an easy-to-use data report that also includes website and webpage optimization metrics.  Through this tool, Treo helps companies set up a pleasant web experience, focusing on the user experience. Therefore, the tool ensures an improvement of websites in terms of performance, accessibility and SEO.

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