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WordStream’s free keyword tools and resources for SEO and PPC are designed to help search marketers with keyword suggestion, keyword grouping, keyword analysis, keyword research long-tail keywords and the discovery of negative keywords.

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Description WordStream

Google (37.2%) and Facebook (19.6%) alone hold more than 50% of the online advertising market. In a bid to help its users promote their business, WordStream has therefore partnered with some of the most well-known companies in the world, including Google, Facebook, and Bing. It is a marketing platform that allows you to review and edit the data of all your search engine marketing campaigns in a short time. The platform provides pay-per-click publishing tools as well as web analytics tools that advise you on which keywords will add value to your ads. Let’s discover together this very popular program, which is useful for both SMEs and large companies. So let’s go!

What should be understood by WordStream ?

WordStream offers solutions and services to help businesses grow and increase conversions. It is the only software of its kind that combines pay-per-click and sponsored social media management. Advertisers can use WordStream and manage from a single dashboard their campaigns :
  • Google AdWords;
  • Bing Ads;
  • And Facebook Ads.

Why use WordStream?

WordStream is a leading product in the search advertising industry. It is connected to Google, Bing and Facebook in order to help its users market their businesses. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, this platform can help you optimize your sales. The tools it offers are designed to optimize and manage your campaigns or those of your clients without spending hours on it.  Additionally, these tools allow you to analyze and track the keywords visitors use to discover your website. WordStream also has the ability to suggest relevant ad copy that will make people more likely to click on your ads.  Thanks to WordStream and its range of tools, you can create successful and profitable campaigns. 

Key Components and Features of WordStream

Key components and features of WordStream include:
  • Performance Dashboard 
Creating and optimizing sales is not enough to achieve success. You also need a system that tracks your efforts and thus guides you forward.  For example, Wordstream provides a dashboard with campaign data and variables for all your accounts. You will also get performance reports that you can share with other stakeholders.
  • Conversion Factors 
Getting enough traffic through ads is not enough to hope for good results.  Indeed, attractive pop-ups and other elements can help you convert more clicks into conversions, which translates to improved sales and marketing. Other features of Wordstream:
  • Management and optimization of Pay-Per-Click search engine marketing campaigns;
  • Keyword research and suggestion tools;
  • Analysis and monitoring tools;
  • Pay-per-click ad copy creation/editing tools;
  • Pay-per-click publishing tools;
  • Grouping and visualization of keywords;
  • Insights for organic search optimization.

Key Tools WordStream Offers

WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor is designed to help you launch paid campaigns that deliver high click-through, engagement and conversion rates. Whether you run social ads or paid search or both, this tool helps you optimize your campaigns so you get leads, visits, calls, and sales to improve ROI.

Key Benefits of WordStream Advisor

Wusers love it for the following reasons:
  • Enables performance analysis and implementation recommendations to build a strategy for changing paid search across accounts.
  • Users love how the tool generates phone calls through paid search, tracking calls to the ads that triggered them in the first place.
  • Provides guidance to reduce costs through comprehensive training resources and a dedicated customer success team.
  • Allows you to evaluate the performance of your Google Ads account and receive personalized and intelligent recommendations such as improving ad extensions based on individual user account data.
  • New Google Ads remarketing features in WordStream Advisor allow users to stay in touch with their target audience beyond emails.
  • Allows access to social advertising tools and setting up effective and optimized campaigns on Facebook with minimal effort.

The cost of WordStream Advisor 

This online advertising software offers a single package of 45 euros. This plan has the following features: 
  • 20-minute work week and personalized alerts;
  • Landing page builder and pop-up creator;
  • Cross-platform reports and dashboard;
  • Easy tracking (conversions, calls, sources);
  • QueryStream and Keyword Research Tool;
  • -guided video integration and access to WordStream HQ knowledge center;
  • Easy-to-use ad creation tools with Shutterstock images;
  • 24/7 chat and email support.

Performance Grader Wordstream

‘s Google Ads Performance Grader uses your personal data and Google Ads account information to analyze and rank Google Ads performance. It is completely free. The tool provides you with a detailed report and a final evaluation of Google Ads performance based on statistics such as:
  • Unnecessary expenses;
  • Quality ratings;
  • Text ads;
  • Shopping Ads;
  • click-through rate;
  • PPC best practices;
  • CTR, long tail keywords;
  • Impression rate;
  • Account activity;
  • Mobile advertising.
Now the main benefits of WordStream Google Ads Performance Grader. Users appreciate this tool for the following reasons in particular:
  • Users appreciate the effectiveness of this tool in providing an in-depth analysis that is almost as complete as the audits of consultants or professional agencies.
  • Prevents wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month on useless ad keywords that don’t convert.
  • Increases your Quality Score, thereby impacting ROI, improving your rankings and reducing your expenses.
  • Increases your impression share to get more exposures and multiply your lead generation results.
  • Keeping your CTR high enough by testing various text ads so you don’t lose ground to competing advertisers.
  • Maintain performance by keeping your account active longer.

Free Facebook Ads Performance Grader

In French, this tool is called Evaluator Facebook ”.  As the name suggests, it lets you see how your Facebook ads stack up against those of your competitors.  Within minutes, it will tell you if you’re ahead or behind, and offer you important data about your Facebook ad campaigns. This free tool was designed for small businesses and agencies. It will show you where you are missing opportunities to:
  • Reach more people; 
  • Win more leads;
  • And convert more people using Facebook Ads.
It’s the information you need to take immediate action to achieve your company’s business goals. But to get your Facebook ad performance score, you must first go through the following three steps: 
  1. Enter your email 
  2. Fill in your information 
  3. Link your ad account
  The tool’s in-depth analysis will focus on the following key factors
  • : campaign objectives may be different from those of the account;
  • The audiences your ad sets should target;
  • Facebook fundamentals proven and identified by experts;
  • The locations and platforms you should use;
  • How often you work in your account;
  • The best and worst performing ads in your account;
  • How your advertising account compares to competitors in your industry.

Free Keyword Tool

This free keyword research tool from WordStream helps you discover new keywords and performance data to feed into your Google Ads campaigns, site content and more. Backed by Google, it uses the latest Google search data to generate accurate and targeted advertising suggestions. Here are the three main steps to take advantage of this tool:
  • Get new keywords
To discover hundreds of relevant results adapted to your sector and your place of activity, enter a term or the address of a website.
  • Research and Prioritize
Keyword volume and cost-per-click data helps you discover relevant keywords and optimize your marketing dollars.
  • Putting Found Keywords to Work
Download a copy of your full list of keywords to use in your SEO content and search advertising campaigns.

Free Google My Business Grader

A well-structured Google My Business profile is more attractive to customers and ranks higher in local search results. Indeed,it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing features of Google’s Business Profile. Source: Wordstream In that case, you can use WordStream’s free Google My Business Grader tool to ensure you’re using the latest and most effective tactics.  Thus, you will be able to:
  • Appear in more customer searches;
  • Rank higher than competitors;
  • Stand out from the competition;
  • Get an evaluation of your current ad in less than a minute;
  • And attract more customers on Google.

Free Smart Ads Creator

This free smart ad maker makes it easy to create effective and attractive ads without a designer.  The Free Smart Ads Creator works by following these three steps:
  1. It starts by analyzing your website to find the most effective visual and text assets;
  2. Then it generates attractive HTML5 banner ads, tailored to your specific needs;
  3. Finally, you can download and use these new ads in your online advertising campaigns for free.
The software and services offered by WordStream enable businesses and agencies to simplify pay-per-click advertising to get the most out of their marketing dollars. In general, this tool can be considered for a good optimization of your advertisements and thus improve your return on investment.  Thanks for the reading ! Goodbye !

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For more than 12 years, WordStream has supported small businesses in the field of digital advertising through practical as well as strategic advice. The company also offers tools to help them achieve their goals. In the beginning, WordStream was a keyword research tool. Over time, the tool has improved dramatically and evolved into a full suite of advertising services and solutions. Today, it brings together several other free and brilliant tools. Thus, all companies wishing to develop their activities quickly and efficiently can use WordStream to be more efficient. Their blog is quite extensive and is the best rated compared to other blogs in the digital advertising sector.  Now becoming WordStream by LOCAL IQ serving communities and businesses in different countries, the digital marketing solutions the company offers are realistic and achievable. They come from proprietary technology and remarkable insights born from collaboration with at least 300,000 companies.

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