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Find Anchor Text | Anchor Text Suggestion Tool

Find Anchor Text | Anchor Text Suggestion Tool

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Anchor Text Suggestion Tool Linkio Mise en avant
Discover the best anchor text ideas with Linkio’s Anchor Text Suggestions Tool

Long Description : Find Anchor Text

Linkio’s Anchor Text 

Suggestions Toolanchorage is one of the tools offered by the Linkio platform. This is a platform specializing in the prospecting of websites and whose objective is to help you set up quality links.  This through tools that provide: 
  • Prospecting automation Prospecting
  • quality emails
  • Rank 
  • tracking Backlink monitoring 
  • Anchor text suggestion The anchor text 
suggestions tool is part of this by helping you to find the best anchor text ideas, but also to use the right anchor text template when linking to your website. 

Who is the Linkio Keyword Suggestion Tool for? 

The Keyword Suggestion Tool offered by the Linkio software is useful for anyone who cares about creating quality links to their website and who thinks that the anchor text is an important element.  More concretely, this tool can be used by any creator and manager of a website, whether it is an individual, a professional or an agency. 

Why use the Linkio Keyword Suggestion Tool? 

If you are wondering why use the Keyword Suggestion Tool offered by the Linkio platform, let me tell you that it is a tool that emphasizes precision and automation.  In addition, it is a tool that has many qualities. First, as you can see, the results of the match tool are tailored to your needs in that they are based on the elements as well as the content of your website. It should also be noted that the results you get are reliable and come from certain sources such as Ahrefs and Moz. 

What are the features of the Linkio anchor text suggestions tool? 

In terms of the functionality of the anchor text suggestions tool, the following options can be noted: 
  • Adding the brand name and keywords: This option allows you to tell the tool the names of your brand and the keywords you want; 
  • Page type selection: This feature of the tool allows you to choose the type of page you have and for which you want to get the anchor text suggestions; 
  • Anchor text type selection: With this feature of the tool, you have the option to request the nature of the anchor text you want to generate. For example, you can generate a keyword, a brand name, a brand name plus a keyword, or just a word. 

How much does the Linkio Keyword Suggestion Tool cost? 

Regarding the use of the Linkio tool, when you want to take advantage of it, you can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription.  Anyway, it should be noted that the Linkio tool provides its potential users with four different plans.  There’s:  The “Personal” plan: This is billed at $19.99 per month and allows you to use the anchor text suggestions tool on three websites, analyze 10,000 backlinks and track 150 keywords. You also have the possibility of having access to an inbox to share your access with several users. 
  • The “entry” plan: This plan is priced at $49 per month. It allows you to use the tool’s functionalities on 10 different websites, analyze 40,000 m backlinks, deduce 500 keywords and have 2 inboxes; 
  • The “standard”plan: this plan is available from $99 per month. It can be used on 25 websites. It allows you to track 1200 keywords, analyze 100,000 backlinks and benefit from 4 inboxes 
  • Finally, you have the plus plan: This plan estimated at $149 can be used at the level of 20 websites and allows you to analyze nearly 200,000 backlinks, track 2,200 keywords and have access to 6 inboxes. 
When you decide to make an annual subscription, you are entitled to a certain discount. So the personal plan with the lowest cost of 19.99 is billed annually at $16.66. The $49 A $41 plan, etc. 

How to use the linkio keyword suggestion tool? 

If you plan to use this tool for writing your anchor texts, just go to the platform’s website and register first. Next, select the anchor text suggestions tool and fill in the various fields to have a list of anchor text generated.  However, for more advanced use, you can register on the linkio platform. Signing up is easy and you can take advantage of a free 7-day trial period.   So enjoy! 

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Anchor Text Suggestion Tool belongs to Linkio. The latter is a company founded in 2015 and managed by Bruno Deguet, David Knossow and Kevin Berton. It is located in France and more precisely in Grenoble. It is a company that operates in the business sector of software and computer systems consulting. Among the software developed by Linkio is Anchor Text Suggestion Tool. Specifically, it’s an SEO tool that offers you anchor text ideas the moment you design a link to your site. Whether it’s link building for your homepage, blog posts, or business pages, Anchor Text Suggestion Tool will help you find suitable natural anchor text recommendations. Thus, this Linkio tool contributes as much to your marketing strategy as to your content marketing. It is then aimed at SEOs, marketers and SEO professionals.

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