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Keyword Generator | Dan zamboni

Keyword Generator | Dan zamboni

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Dan Zambonin is an Adword and SEO keyword swapping tool. That is to say, the tool allows you to combine a set of keywords (adword and SEO) to obtain the best possible keyword combinations. 

Long Description : Keyword Generator

What is Dan Zambonin? 

Doing keyword swaps is a practice often used in search engine advertising campaigns.  Keyword swapping isn’t really used in SEO, although it could be effective.  Dan Zamboni is a keyword swapping tool that allows you to combine several words to obtain new combinations of keywords to optimize for SEO referencing.  The starting keywords may well be a mixture of Adwords and SEO terms for better mixing. 

Dan Zamboni: How to use the tool?  

The use of the tool remains very easy and accessible to everyone.  The tool interface is as follows: 
  • In the first text box, you can enter several keywords by going to the line each time.  
  • Do the same for the second time zone and if possible for the third. 
  • Once your keyword lists are ready, click the “Generate Permutations” button. 
After a few moments, the tool should actually generate a keyword list obtained by combining the words you initially entered.  To really benefit from the tool, it would be best to do some initial keyword research with Google Ads Keyword Planner. This will allow you to find the keywords people are really using to search for products or services in your niche.  From these relevant terms, Dan Zambonin can help you discover new relevant and probably less competitive keywords.  If you are looking for a way to discover new words to target on your website, Dan Zambonin can be an interesting choice with its keyword combination feature. 

Dan Zambonin: Pricing 

The tool is completely free. 

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Dan Zambonini is a company that offers SEO solutions. It therefore comes to the aid of content marketers and SEOs. He has developed several tools including AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator. This tool is a keyword swap generator. It makes it easy to discover new keywords. To do this, just combine a few words and AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator does the rest.  It is true that the creation of keyword permutations is a classic SEO technique on Adwords that few people use, but that is precisely where its interest lies. If few people use it, this could be an option to exploit.

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