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The EB Auto SEO Internal Links plugin helps your website’s SEO by building powerful internal links in an automated way. You just need to set respective keywords and links and you’re done. This plugin will automatically generate internal links throughout the website.

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links get little credit in the SEO community, but they are actually very crucial to your SEO strategy. And that’s what a study by Ninja Outreach has proven, which consisted of increasing the organic traffic of 40% on this site using internal links. For institutional sites, they are even more important, because they have an impact on conversion and the achievement of objectives. However, it must be recognized that setting up these types of links takes a lot of time and may not really help those who have no skills in SEO practices. Fortunately, there are extensions that allow you to set up internal links automatically. On Joomla sites, EB Auto SEO Internal Links is one such extension and you can use it to effectively build internal links without getting involved in the whole process. I invite you to discover in this description, EB Auto SEO Internal Links and its usefulness for your Joomla store.

What is EB Auto SEO Internal Links?

EB Auto SEO Internal Links is a Joomla extension that allows you to create internal links automatically to improve the SEO of your online store. You only need to define the keywords and this extension takes care of creating internal links throughout your site. Remember that internal links are those links that connect the pages of your site to each other. Unlike external links over which you have no control, you have full control over the creation of internal links. This is because you can set the anchor text for an internal link yourself, which page can pass the juice to another, and where the link should be placed on the page. The EB Auto SEO Internal Links extension makes all this even easier and takes care of the link creation itself as soon as you have finished the necessary configurations. Thus, you will be able to take charge of other more important tasks on your site and still have a quality internal mesh.

What is the benefit of the EB Auto SEO Internal Links extension for building internal links?

The internal link is fundamental to any site, because it allows to build the architecture of the site and to distribute the link juice. As a result, it has several advantages for your site in terms of SEO, hence the interest of using EB Auto SEO Internal Links when you have neither the skill nor the time to create internal links. When internal links are well constructed, they allow:

Improve user-friendliness

On your Joomla site, internal links help visitors navigate to discover your resources. When set appropriately and user-friendly, they make your store easier to navigate. It’s about creating links to similar pages that users might be interested in using relevant anchor texts that best describe the content of the landing page. A product page like “toothbrush” might redirect to a toothpaste product page with anchor text like “toothbrush paste.” With EB Auto SEO Internal Links, you can set the anchor texts and let the extension create the links.

Distribute Link Juice

To improve a page’s authority, most people focus on quality backlinks. However, you can build a page’s authority using internal linking. From internal links, it is possible to distribute the link juice between the pages of your site. For example, if a specific page on your site receives a lot of external links and therefore more juice, you can pass it on to other pages on your site. The link juice from that specific page will flow to all other pages that have links on that particular page. EB Auto SEO Internal Links helps you spread links from authority pages to other pages on your site.

Increase the number of page views

When your anchor texts help users navigate your site, it is obvious that the number of views of your pages becomes more important. And when landing pages are as relevant, users are more likely to spend more time on those pages and on your site. This is important for the conversion rate and the more visitors discover new products related to what they are looking for, the more they will be able to buy. In addition, when the time that visitors spend on your site becomes more important, it reduces the bounce rate and constitutes a signal for Google that the content of your pages is relevant. Note that bounce rate can have a huge impact on your store, as it is associated with users’ experience on your store.

Helping robot explorers to navigate on your store

It is through the internal mesh that the robot explorers discover the pages of a site. Indeed, these robots move from one page to another using the links as a path. Thus, to help them quickly find the most buried pages of your site, it is important to create links to these pages. The EB Auto SEO Internal Links extension makes this automatic for the different pages you create, which will allow you to have a solid and intelligent architecture. This way, crawlers will be able to discover all the pages of your site and index them.

The functionalities of EB Auto SEO Internal Links

Among the functionalities of EB Auto SEO Internal Links, we find:

Configurable keywords

If EB Auto SEO Internal Links allows you to create internal links automatically, it is up to you to define the keywords, in particular the anchor texts of these links. The advantage is that you will be able to add keywords for which you want internal links to be generated in an unlimited way.

Configurable Links

You will be able to add respective links for each keyword separately. When you define your keywords, EB Auto SEO Internal Links creates links separately to different pages.

Configurable target option

You will be able to define whether you want an internal link to open in the same window or in a new window.


Although EB Auto SEO Internal Links allows you to generate automatic links, you can deactivate this function for some of your pages. Thus, you can activate or deactivate the automatic generation of SEO links for the content of an article.


It is possible to enable or disable the automatic generation of SEO links for category content.

Custom HTML modules

You can enable or disable the automatic generation of SEO links for custom HTML modules. This allows you to not have links to unwanted places on your store.

Post Custom Fields

You will be able to enable or disable automatic SEO link generation for post custom fields. Indeed, some parts of your articles do not require links and it is advisable to disable the function for them.


tags You will be able to activate or deactivate automatic SEO link generation for article tags. For example, keywords in alt tags don’t need links.

How to install and configure EB Auto SEO Internal Links?

To install this extension, go to the Joomla administrator panel and click on the “Extensions” tab, “Manage” and then “Install”. The next step is to upload EB Auto SEO Internal Links which you will have already downloaded by clicking on “Upload Package File”. Once the installation is complete, you can configure the option to activate or deactivate automatic link generation for articles, categories, tags, etc. It should be remembered that EB Auto SEO Internal Links will allow you to automatically create internal links on your Joomla site to improve the browsing experience.

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