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Training | SEO Twaino

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Check out Twaino’s SEO training to set up a complete SEO strategy and rank your site on Google.

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SEO Training – Twaino is a resource for learning SEO online from home. It is composed of four modules namely: Audit, Optimization, Creation and Promotion. These modules cover all aspects of SEO and allow anyone to initiate and complete an SEO strategy.

Formation SEO – Twaino

If you are looking to enroll in SEO training, it is important to remember that SEO is quite a complex field and only a practitioner can provide you with comprehensive training in this area.

With my experience in the world of SEO, I offer carefully developed training to help set up and lead a complete SEO strategy.

This is a training that covers all aspects of SEO that anyone can take to sharpen their skills to rank a site on Google effectively and sustainably.

Presentation of the Twaino Formation

Twaino is an SEO agency that has been helping many businesses to increase their traffic and improve their online presence for the past few years.

In addition to its services, the Twaino site provides SEO training to help its clients and anyone wishing to learn how to rank sites for given keywords and generate traffic.

This online training that Twaino offers can give you the skills you need to excel in SEO and rank sites effectively and sustainably.

The courses are in the form of videos and each video presents specific notions. These are the concepts you need to know to improve your website traffic and visibility. It should be noted that these videos are aimed at both beginners and people with a more advanced level.

Twaino SEO Training Modules

The SEO training offered by Twaino consists of 4 modules.

Module 1 :  Audit

An SEO site audit is the process by which site owners can get an idea of ​​how their site is performing, and understand the effects as well as the shortcomings of their SEO strategy.

This Twaino SEO training module will allow you to:

  • Discover the reasons why a site has a poor performance in the SERPs;
  • Get an idea of ​​what your competitors are doing and whether their strategies are successful or not;
  • Know how to improve domain authority;
  • Know how to improve conversions and sales;
  • Etc.

More specifically, you will discover in this module:

  • Settings ;
  • Monitoring of SEO KPIs;
  • Content Audit;
  • Architecture audit;
  • Redirection auditing;
  • He listens to the 404s;
  • Image auditing;
  • UX audit;
  • Improved loading speed;
  • Make your site “Responsive”;
  • URL optimization;
  • Crawlings et indexations.

Module 2 : Optimisation

After discovering the current situation of your site and all that hinders its performance, we move on to optimization in order to correct the defects and put the site back on track.

This module shows you all the steps and the different aspects that you will consider for the optimization of your site. It includes lessons on:

  • Improved your CTR;
  • Augmentation de son Dwell Time ;
  • Injection “long tail” ;
  • Transfer of authority;
  • Fusion technique;
  • Creation of attractive content.

Module 3: Creation

To maintain your site, preserve your optimization efforts, it is necessary to create quality content that will be able to be ranked for given keywords and generate traffic.

This module takes you into the depths of creating content that readers and search engines will love. You will find for this purpose in this module:

  • Find keywords;
  • Qualify the keywords;
  • Create content;
  • Improve its content.

Module 4 : Promotion

One of the most important aspects of SEO is promoting your site so that other sites vouch for your content. It’s about putting strategies in place to get backlinks.

In this Twaino SEO Training module, you learn the different tactics to get backlinks for a site like:

  • Link Building ;
  • Link Reclamation ;
  • Link Prospecting ;
  • Qualification of the links;
  • Relation ;
  • Search for emails;
  • Outreach ;
  • Promoting content.

Other resources on the Twaino site

After SEO training, Twaino offers resources that are just as great.

Blog de Twaino

Twaino’s blog provides SEO content for everyone. It contains everything you need to improve your ranking on Google and get more traffic to your site. This platform offers high-quality content spread across various categories.

The first category is “SEO” and it contains articles about what SEO is and how it helps people succeed in their online business.

The second category, “SEO Definition”, contains definitions of SEO-related terms. These definitions are exhaustive and allow a complete understanding of each term.

Next we have the “webmarketing” category articles that will teach you how to use social media and other marketing channels to promote your business.

You will learn how to create a strong online presence, reach more customers and boost your sales.

Next is the “website creation” category. It not only encompasses the resources to build a website from scratch, but also those to bring your site to full bloom.

Also, if you want to start your business, Twaino’s blog has a section called “Startup” which is intended to help you get started and avoid common mistakes.

There is also an “SEO Gallery” category through which Twaino provides you with many illustrations and photos that you can use on your website for free.

The final category of Twaino’s blog is “Video SEO”. It includes videos that teach you which tools to use and how to follow best practices for optimal results.

Twaino’s tools

Twaino offers a wide variety of tools to accomplish several SEO tasks.

This free audit tool from Twaino is quick and easy to use. You just need to enter the URL and your email address. After analyzing your site, the tool will provide you with a detailed report of its findings.

If you do a job that requires knowing how many words you are writing, this character counter will come in handy.

It makes it possible to find, for a text or a web page, the:

  • Number of words ;
  • Number of paragraphs;
  • Reading time ;
  • Number of characters ;
  • Oral expression time;
  • Word density.

Twaino’s “People Also Ask” tool lets you quickly find questions on a given topic that have been asked by others on Google.

The goal is to help you find your users’ other questions on Google, using the same keywords and phrases.

Twaino’s SERP Simulator is a versatile tool that makes it easy to see how your website’s meta tags will look on different screen resolutions, whether phones or computers.

As you know, Google assigns a certain number of characters to your meta descriptions depending on the peripheries with which Internet users connect. This allows you to display the exact number of characters and which adapts to different screens.

This free tool allows you to do two things:

  • Allow other bloggers to easily use and embed your images/infographics to get backlinks;
  • And embed images/infographics with attribution without having to upload the image.

The Twaino site offers you a platform of more than 1156 French-speaking blogs that accept guest articles. With so many options, you will be able to find the ideal solution for your content!

So, if you are looking for a site that can accept guest posts in your niche to dramatically improve your website traffic, authority, and reputation, just check out this list.

SEO tools platform

Twaino designed this platform to bring together a number of tools that people looking to succeed online can easily find in the course of their work.

ThisTwaino platform offers more than 400 SEO tools to help people improve their site’s ranking and traffic.

Boutique SEO

Twaino’s SEO store offers a variety of resources with which you will be able to rank your site among the top on Google. Resources available on this store, you will find ebooks, checklists, SEO calculators, etc.

Accept guest articles or not

Twaino is a fairly popular site in the SEO community and accepts guest posts. By making a guest post with this site, you will make yours known to another audience, which can of course generate quality traffic for you.

The Twaino site welcomes SEO-focused guest articles that teach its readers how to improve their online visibility. In addition to SEO, this site also accepts content related to web marketing.


With its SEO training, Twaino offers well-developed teaching modules on SEO in the form of videos.

It will allow you to acquire technical knowledge to rank a site on search engines in an ethical and sustainable way.

If you are looking for quality SEO training that will allow you to practice what you have learned, this Twaino SEO Training is the best.

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I amAlexandre Marotel, SEO consultant and founder of Twaino, an SEO agency that specializes in natural referencing. With a rigorous and methodical approach, my agency supports you in your web projects by offering you a quality SEO service.

Passionate about natural referencing, good SEO practices and Internet traffic, I regularly share various relevant information relating to SEO and Internet traffic on my blog.

I also own a channelYouTube dont l’main objective is to support entrepreneurs and the SEO community to create and make their websites more efficient in order to be better referenced in Google.

My agency helps companies to have a better online presence and quality traffic on the Internet. To achieve this, we strive to understand the different business challenges of client activities with a single goal: to provide significant SEO results.

Finally, I hold a Master’s degree from the SKEMA Business School. Prior to the creation of Twaino, I had the opportunity to work for several international groups such as IBM, Danone, General Electric…

To have all the details on my professional experiences, you can consult my LinkedIn profile via this link:Alexandre Marotel.

I also had the chance to stay for at least 3 years abroad as part of my missions. It was after my return to Paris, Île de France that I chose to embark on the world of entrepreneurship. Here is my twitter profile:@Alex_Marotel.

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Alexandre MAROTEL

Founder of the SEO agency Twaino, Alexandre Marotel is passionate about SEO and generating traffic on the internet. He is the author of numerous publications, and has a Youtube channel which aims to help entrepreneurs create their websites and be better referenced in Google.

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