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Blog | Higher visibility

Short Description : Blog Higher visibility

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Get digital marketing tips and stay up to date with new trends in this sector with the highervisibility blog.

Long Description : Blog Higher visibility

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Theblog de highervisibility offers articles on topics related to content optimization, e-commerce, link building, advertising on google and facebook and several other topics related to digital marketing and SEO. These articles provide those who view them with tips and tricks to increase their visibility.

Whether it’s SEO, PPC, or web design, you may need resources and information to get ideas on what works and what doesn’t.

The highervisibility platform as a digital marketing agency provides its users with a blog intended to provide them with more information on the various aspects of digital marketing.

In the following lines, I invite you to discover this blog. You will also get an overview of everything it offers.

Description du blog de highervisibility 

Established since 2009, Highervisibility is a platform that offers digital marketing services. The said services cover both aspects of SEO, PPC management, web design, local SEO, link building, e-commerce, advertisements and several other services through which the objective is well heard to help those who wish to generate a significant number of conversions.

Next to that, the platform offers a page ofblog through whicharticles are published. These articles address different themes and present links with the different services found on the platform. It should also be noted that these articles are published on the site at a regular rate.

Who can consult the highervisibility blog?

The blog de highervisibility is accessible to everyone. The articles published there can therefore be exploited by all those who have an interest in digital marketing.

The latter can therefore exploit them to overcome the difficulties they encounter in this area. They can also take advantage of the content that is on the platform and which is published at a fairly steady pace to learn new things and further improve their skills in the field of digital marketing.

What are the strengths of the highervisibility blog?

In terms of advantages, it must first be said that theblog highervisibility records a number of metrics that are quite interesting. Indeed, the traffic analysis of the highervisibility blog shows on December 12, 2022 the following results:

  • Average visit time: 15 minutes 06 seconds;
  • Volume of organic traffic per month: 66800;
  • Bounce rate: 79.91%;
  • Domain authority score: 69.

As evidenced by the number of organic traffic per month and the authority score, most of the statistics show the impressive performance of the highervisibility blog.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Alongside these statistics, it should be noted that the highervisibility blog has other advantages, namely:

  • The search bar : It is a bar that allows everyone who uses the blog to be able to navigate without much difficulty through the articles that are on the platform. It is actually enough that they have one of the article they are looking for to find it directly with the search bar;
  • Latest content section : At the blog level, there is also the section of the last contents at the level of which all the recently published contents are displayed independently of their category. This has the advantage of allowing Internet users to browse the articles and find content that may interest them.

What will you discover on the highervisibility blog? 

Once you go to the blog of higher visibility, you will find a multitude of articles divided into several categories. For example, you have the category:

  • Content : These are articles that relate to content creation;
  • Conversion optimization : Here you will find several articles that relate to content optimization;
  • Ecommerce : These are articles related to e-commerce. For example, you will find articles that inform you about the best SEO strategies to adopt when you optimize an e-commerce site or articles related to the best solutions for designing e-commerce sites;
  • Facebook ADS : The articles proposed here relate to Facebook online advertising;
  • Google ADS : It is also a set of articles allowing Internet users to find the resources necessary to better benefit from Google’s advertising campaigns;
  • Guides : This section of the highervisibility blog presents a number of resources mainly on lead generation;
  • Link building : At this level, you have articles that tell you how to create backlinks. You will find for example articles on the creation of backlinks with Pinterest or how to obtain backlinks with guest articles.

Beyond the highervisibility blog

beyond hisblog highervisibility provides its users with a set of services to help them carry out their various digital marketing projects. These services are aimed at:

  • Franchises ; 
  • law firms;
  • E-commerce businesses;
  • Financial services ;
  • And various other types of businesses.

The services offered by highervisibility include:

  • SEO services : This is a set of services covering aspects such as technical SEO, on-page SEO and link building. This may lead to the collection of data, the establishment of internal strategies and a dashboard;
  • Management of paid advertising campaigns : At this level, Highervisibility supports you in your paid advertising campaigns. The goal is to help you generate a lot of leads. In this category, the platform essentially offers management campaigns, targeting as well as the implementation of reports and analyses.
  • Link building: This service allows the Highervisibility platform to support you in your link building projects. It helps you solve problems related to the low level of the backlink, the bad ranking of the keywords m, the difficulties of obtaining the relevant links, etc.;
  • Services relating to e-commerce : E-referencing services help you increase your online sales. They intervene to help you boost your organic traffic, get ahead of the competition and bring your keyword rankings to a good position;
  • web design services : with this service, the experts at highervisibility help you achieve a design of your website that can provide a pleasant online experience for users. Concretely with this service, you present your site project to the experts, they then plan its development as well as its design before proceeding with the launch.

With all this information, there is no doubt that you have everything you need to take advantage of the resources offered by the blog ofhighervisibility.

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Presentation : Blog Higher visibility

Blog Higher Visibility Logo

HigherVisibility is a digital marketing agency headquartered in the United States. It offers several services such as:

  • THIS ;
  • PPC ;
  • content strategies;
  • social media…

This agency supports companies, regardless of their level, to improve their online reputation and increase their marketing ROI.

More clearly, it is a web platform that was co-founded by Adam Heitzman and David McElveen in the year 2008. Here is the useful information you should know about these two managing partners of HigherVisibility.

The first co-founder Adam Heitzman is a graduate of Christian Brothers University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management fromtreprise. He currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.

After his position as a marketing manager in the financial services industry, Adam Heitzman used his more than 10 years of Internet marketing experience to offer online marketing services. These years put to good use have allowed him and continues to provide clients in his country and around the world with significant results in terms of online visibility.

Moreover, in the digital marketing industry, Heitzman is recognized as an expert in online marketing, SEO and data analysis. This notoriety comes from his blog and the resources he shares on the HigherVisibility web platform.

Additionally, Adam Heitzman over the years has consulted and collaborated with several Fortune 500 companies and small businesses onbest practices for using the Internet to obtain quantifiable resultss. 

Also a speaker, Heitzman is often invited to moderate topics related to digital marketing. He has certainreconnaissance the best known of which are:

  • Reconnaissance Forbes as one of the 15 excellent SEO gurus you absolutely need to know;
  • Named Top 25 Outstanding SEO by SEJ (Search Engine Journal);
  • Recognized as one of the 23 Thought Leaders Every Internet Marketer Should Know by Huffington Post.

Here’s how his LinkedIn profile looks:Adam Heitzman. His twitter is@AdamHeitzman.

HigherVisibilty’s second managing partner, David McEleveen, leads the company’s Sales and Brand Success divisions and is also based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Prior to joining Heitzman, he coordinated sales and marketing efforts for major brands such as Hilton Worldwide,, and NCS.

These various experiments have contributed to make more scholarly sknowledge and methodologies of business management as well as his leadership. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a Marketing option from the University of Tennessee. His LinkedIn profile is as follows:David McElveen.

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