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Learn how to effectively monetize a blog and make better hosting plan choices by reading the Blogging Tips blog.

Long Description : Blogging Tips

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The Blogging Tips blog is a website that brings together several relevant articles on running a blog. Also discover tips, guides and tricks to effectively monetize a blog. This site also brings together other resources which are mostly opinions and comparisons on the best hosting plans. Also find hosting coupons offered by major hosting brands.


Blog de Blogging Tips

Monetizing a blog is often difficult if good practices are not well Since keeping a blog requires discipline, but also an excellent general culture with regard to accommodation and strategic content management.

Very often, these two aspects are not very well mastered by many bloggers. It is for this reason that it is necessary to cultivate more, train and apply the tips of experts.

To achieve all this, you can seek to subscribe to blogs that share relevant content such as the case of the Blogging Tips blog. Here are all the details from this blog.

Introducing the Blogging Tips Blog

Translated into French, the name of this blog:Blogging Tips meansBlogging Tips. This is a website that provides valuable tips for blogging.

Blogging means:

  • its start;
  • its growth or development;
  • its monetization.

More specifically, the Blogging Tips blog is a web-based knowledge platform that offers several articles that provide guidance on how to blog effectively from start to finish.

In fact, it is one of the oldest blogging sites on the web. In this, it represents a reliable source to teach you the most important aspects toto know on blogs.

You will learn :

  • the fundamentals of creating a blog and promoting it;
  • the on-page referencing of a blog;
  • backlink building strategies;
  • traffic growth…

Complete guides or tips and techniques for blogging, that’s kind of what characterizes this blog. But is it beneficial for users?

Some Benefits of Blogging Tips Blog

To know the advantages that this web platform can offer you in the blogging sector, you just have to immerse yourself in reading the articles available on it. As advantages that emerge at first sight, we can cite the following:

  • more general culture;
  • starting a blog without difficulty;
  • grow your blog step by step;
  • tools and resources to become an axis in the art of blogging;
  • guides to earning money through your blog;
  • and many more benefits…

Moreover, it is a blog that is especially aimed at all beginners of blogging, but is also an important resource for specialists and experts. This previous sentence orients us better on the objective of this blog.

Purpose of the Blogging Tips Blog

The Blogging Tips blog is a collection of years of passionate work by the blog team. Indeed, this website was designed to help you create an authority blog.

That is, a blog that acts as a community that can allow other bloggers, writers, and readers to connect with each other.

Thus, the purpose of founding this blog is to be a comprehensive and reliable source that guides you through everything you need to know about blogging or creating a website.

To find out if this blog with such a clear objective is well visited, we will present its main metrics.

Top Blogging Tips Blog Metrics

The metrics that will follow this paragraph were provided by the SEOQuake extension. Note, however, that we have focused on those that we think are essential. Here are the metrics in question:

  • Website Authority Score:56
  • Average length of visit:04 mins 55 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:83,82 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:100.k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These measures are those that characterize the Blogging Tips blog. The average visit lasts almost 5 minutes. This may mean that the articles published on this website are really beneficial for visitors.

But are these articles categorized as in many blogs? Let’s find out about that next.

Blogging Tips Blog Categories

Keeping a blog is a huge challenge for many specialists. Moreover, it is a challenge that they must meet on a daily basis.

Indeed, a blog, whether personal or corporate, must regularly provide relevant and high-value content according to its activity, its objective and its target audiences.

But then, how can beginners easily get away with the art of blogging. What tips, tricks and techniques can they follow to become a true professional? All these aspects are grouped in the different sections or categories of the Blogging Tips blog. Here they are :

Blogging Basics

In this blog category of Blogging Tips, learn the technical aspects of actually implementing your ideas. Since it is at this stage that your blog will come to life.

This is a collection of articles that cover the basics of the art of blogging. With these articles, if you are a beginner, you will know in theory what a blog is and why to create one. Find for example:

  • good and best blogging practices;
  • definitions to know before starting a blog;
  • types of blogs;
  • the basic principles of the WordPress CMS for starting your blog;
  • etc.

These various topics covered in this category somehow mark the way to get started in blogging. They form the fundamentals of blogging and constitute a solid base to practice in this art. Find all the articles via this link:Blogging Basics |

Building a Blog

Forbuild an authority blog, it is important to know a few things. As it happens :

  • the basic concepts of blogging;
  • le jargon du blogging ;
  • the precious information essential to undertake in blogging…

These elements must be understood and mastered by anyone like you or me who wants to start building a blog. This category is just that.

Most of the articles are also guides that better guide blog construction. Through these, you have resources to choose whether your blog should be an e-commerce platform or not.

For example, find relevant information on suitable hosting for your blog: prices, types and advantages. Also, check out the best blog design software packages reviewed and ranked for you.

Growing a Blog

This section was created with the aim of bringing together everything you absolutely need to know to grow your blog from a finished site to one that people regularly visit and share.

You are entitled here to tips, guides, and tricks to grow your blog and make it more successful. Many themes are developed in this section. Among others, we have:

  • and SEO;
  • social media ;
  • networking;
  • email marketing;
  • link building;
  • paid advertisements and many other themes…

In principle, in this section, you will always discover one or more articles which address these themes and which, moreover, deepen them.

About the articles in this section, it should be noted that they are tips and practical guides as well as techniques to quickly evolve your blog. These are available here:Growth |

Monetizing a Blog 

We agree. You have just created a blog and you try to provide content every time. That’s great, but do you know that this passion can be monetized through different means.

Indeed, in this category of the Blogging Tips blog, learn thevarious ways to make money on your blog. Also, if you want to find out how to maximize the values ​​of each of them, you should explore the articles in this section.

You will certainly discover guides, advice, but above all several tips to quickly and effectively monetize your blog. For example, you will learn a lot about the following aspects:

  • Basic principles of monetization;
  • Definition of monetization to absolutely know;
  • Advertising ;
  • Marketing d’affiliation ;
  • Conversion rate optimization;
  • Jobs and jobs…

Considering the question of the articles in this section differently, it is clear that the themes and topics of the section are the key to truly monetizing your passion: that of web writing.


In this last category of the Blogging Tips blog, you will discover a summary of severaltechnical tutorials. These show you how to manage or how to do several and various things on your website.

The articles in this section are only useful and therefore practical guides for both beginners and experts. More specifically, it is a wide variety of guides that cover topics such as:

  • electronic messaging ;
  • monetization;
  • the productivity ;
  • WordPress  ;
  • social platforms;
  • domains ;
  • and THAT…

As such, you have complete guides to practically build your blog and use it to make a profit. We are thus at the end of the presentation of the categories that structure the Blogging Tips blog. But does he have other complementary resources? Let’s see this together.

Other resources available on the Blogging Tips blog

Apart from the Blogging Tips blog categories, you will come across other resources on this platform. We will try to make short presentations.

Product & Software Directory

This blog resource is a product and software directory. Discover business reviews to start, grow and monetize your blog.

Also receive reviews of content products and browse the products and services of certain companies. These resources will certainly guide you on how you will be able to manage your business. See here :Directory |

Compare Hosting Plans

There are several hosting plans in the web hosting market. With this resource, enjoy comparing products from at least 50 companies. Now make sure you get the best value for money to find the perfect web host for your blog. This is a tool developed by the Blogging Tips team. You can use it with this link:Web Hosting Comparison Tool |

Hosting Reviews

This is a resource that complements the previous one. The Hosting Reviews resource is a collection of opinions and reviews of the best hosting plans. These opinions are recommendations that you can use for free for a good choice of host.

Find Coupons 

In order not to spend a lot when choosing your accommodations, you can look for coupons on this resource. The latter is precisely a list that includes hosting coupons as well as offers offered by major hosting companies.

Note that thelist is updated regularly. So by hovering over it each time, you may find the coupon you need.

Does the Blogging Tips blog accept guest posts?

The Blogging Tips blog forms an important resource useful for all users and especially for the SEO community. However, this is a blog that would not accept guest posts.

Do not worry if you are looking for blogs that accept guest blogging. Here :+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR / EN], you have other blogs that accept guest posts. So try to consult it.

In summary

Ultimately, Blogging Tips blog is useful if you want to monetize your blog quickly. And even more, if you are looking for the best web hosting plans. Webmasters and bloggers will be very satisfied with the content offered on this web platform.

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Presentation : Blogging Tips

Blog Blogging Tips Logo

Blogging Tips is a platform who gives himself forambition to help bloggers to create, grow and monetize a successful blog.

To accomplish this mission, it provides practical and reliable advice for bloggers of all levels on creating, promoting and monetizing a blog.

Whether you’re new to blogging or have some experience, Blogging Tips is the place to find tips to improve your blog.

In addition to its blog, the platform also offers tools such as:

  • Compare Hosts, to compare products from more than 50 companies;
  • Find Hosting, to find the web hosting that suits you;
  • Find Coupons, to search for accommodation coupons;
  • Hosting Reviews, to view hosting reviews.

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