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Want to deepen your knowledge of SEO and master semantic SEO? If so, discover the subjects developed in the blog.

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The blog is an online portal that brings together articles that deal with many essential aspects related to SEO and Semantic SEO. It also presents on its interface tips, tricks and practical guides whose reading allows users to improve their overall knowledge of SEO. Blog Description

If SEO is one of the acquisition levers of the digital marketing process, it is certainly for the ROI it offers professionals. But for this ROI to be truly beneficial, it is necessary to prepare effectively beforehand.

However, this preparation can sometimes seem nebulous if you do not practice healthy habits in this direction. Worse, if you don’t know how to handle the most strategic aspects of SEO such as semantic SEO.

Under these conditions, it would be smarter to find the right information channels that regularly deal with this industry. One of these famous channels is the blog. Check out the gist of this blog now.

Presentation of the blog’s blog is an online resource that brings together a large number of articles that cover some of the most crucial aspects of excellent SEO performance.

Led by the company’s experts, the content of the blog is practical advice, essential guides and valuable tips to deepen your knowledge of SEO. More precisely, this blog covers a large majority of questions related to semantic SEO.

Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a professional, the content shared on the blog will show you the right steps to follow when it comes to success in SEO or content marketing.

Can we say that the blog is visited? What can his authority score be? If you are wondering these questions, you might want to know its metrics.

Main metrics of the blog

The main metrics of the blog are the following:

    • Authority Score: 24
  • Monthly organic traffic volume: —
  • Duration of visits: —
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

These metrics were collected with the SEOquake plugin. However, these are summary data since we have noted them during the writing. At any time, they may vary.

Now that you have some idea of ​​the metrics of the blog, we can continue the description by presenting the categories of it.

What are the categories of the blog?

The blog has classified the content it publishes into several categories to facilitate navigation and research on the platform. Here are the blog categories.


In thiscategory, you will read several informative articles that cover topics related to some essential elements of SEO. Notably :

  • SEO strategies
  • Les backlinks
  • Preferred SEO tools
  • Netlinking…

These very understandable articles form practical guides, useful advice and above all valuable tips. Their exploitation will undoubtedly be beneficial to all SEO professionals who wish to improve the quality of their SEO or deepen their knowledge of the sector.

News is an expert team specialized in semantic analysis. Sometimes, it happens that news concerns them directly. This is the case, for example, of their invitation to the Paris SEO Camp in 2022.

Thus, inthis category, discover news, updates and new projects concerning the team. You will also find within the category comparisons between theBabbar tool suite and other tools.


This category includes a certain number of contents whose attentive reading of these will be very profitable for you. Indeed, you will find practical guides and relevant steps to improve your SEO performance.

These guides are backed up with some great tips, allowing you to effectively handle any SEO-related issue. As such, if you want to make a name for yourself in the SEO universe, reading the articles of this category is strongly recommended.


Like the French category, this category is what makes the blog intriguing and interesting. But the most important thing to remember is that the English category brings together articles that discuss SEO and marketing (in short).

Another note regarding articles in this category would be the experiences or exploits of the team. Of course, they are in English. All of these articles are here:English.

Pure theory

This category gathers the bibliography of some web and computing names like:

This list is not exhaustive, you will come across other names. Besides the articles that describe the life, history and CV of these names form are available if you click on:Pure theory.


Thepresent category brings together articles that provide information on the steps and best practices to adopt in Semantic SEO. Indeed, it is not easy to approach SEO without mentioning the semantic approach.

Since the latter concerns content, keywords, search intent, to name a few. Thus, how to understand the issues and achieve these objectives in terms of semantic SEO are undoubtedly the real difficulty that SEOs encounter.

By reading the articles available in this category, you will be able to find guides, great advice and new ideas to get by with semantic SEO.

Here are some of the various categories that you can find on the blog. So is this a blog that allows the publication of guest articles?

Is the blog accepting guest posts

Some blogs, even though they aim to share relevant information to help visitors, tend not to always accept guest posting. The good proof is this blog which despite the publication of valuable articles would not accept guest articles.

However, you can try publishing guest articles on other French and English blogs. Just visitour platform which lists a few blogs that would accept guest posting.

To finish

The blog is to be favored if you want to understand and master SEO, especially semantic SEO. It is subdivided into 6 categories which are:

  • French ;
  • News;
  • Practical ;
  • English;
  • Pure theory et
  • Tech.

Reading the content of each of these categories gives you a better understanding of the issues and good practices of SEO.

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BrothersSylvain and Guillaume Peyronnet have been SEO experts for about 20 years andco-founders the famous SEO tool as well as the tool. is a more advanced tool than, which includes all aspects of SEO from A to Z. It makes any SEO project easier with all achievable goals by combining all the necessary tools in one.

The blog serves as a virtual platform offering a wealth of articlesrelating to necessary tools for SEO,to vital and semantic THIS.

Also, it provides users with practical advice, tips and tricks on its interface, which helps them improve their overall understanding of SEO.

The blog is to be favored if you want to understand and master SEO, especially semantic SEO.

If you want to learn more, you can get in touch withSylvain and Guillaume Peyronnet by: 

LinkedIn :


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