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Training | SEO Backlink France

Training | SEO Backlink France

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Découvrez SEO : Boostez le référencement de votre site, un cours en ligne disponible sur BrainyUP qui aide les apprenants à optimiser un site internet.

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SEO: Boost Your Site’s SEO is an online course for anyone looking to master the art of SEO. The topics developed in this course cover a wide range of areas of SEO including keyword optimization and link building, mobile search engine optimization.

SEO: Boost your site’s SEO

Today, any effective digital strategy takes natural referencing (SEO) into account.It is a crucial discipline for increasing the visibility of a website and its success rate in search results.

However, mastering the contours of SEO represents a great challenge in a constantly evolving digital domain. The online course “SEO: Boost your site’s SEO” is a captivating guide to mastering the intricacies of SEO.

In this article, we will discover in detail this training which teaches how to boost the SEO of your site.

Presentation of SEO: Boost the SEO of your site

Led by Lucas Grimont, the founder of BrainyUP,SEO: Boost your site’s SEO is free online training, open to all and permanently available on the platformBrainyUP.

It aims to help learners increase the visibility of their website in search results, which leads to an increase in visitors.


The program of this comprehensive training covers various aspects of SEO including:

  • And WHAT ON Page ;
  • And SEO OFF Page;
  • Use of Google Tools;

Each section of this training covers specific topics and provides detailed information to help learners understand and implement SEO best practices.

SEO: Boost the SEO of your site is intended for a varied audience such as:

  • Web agencies;
  • Webmasters;
  • Developers;
  • Integrators;
  • And owners of personal sites.

The prerequisites for taking the training are simple: knowing how to use the Internet and knowing how to create or manage a site already created.

Participants, after completing this training, will acquire a variety of natural SEO skills.

These skills are:

  • Carrying out an SEO audit;
  • The creation and implementation of an action plan after an audit to improve the SEO of a site;
  • L’URL Rewriting ;
  • Web writing;
  • Semantic markup;
  • Netlinking;
  • L’Analytics ;
  • Le Content Spinning ;
  • And knowledge of many SEO tools.

The training is certified, with a certification cost of €120. It is designed to be followed over a period of 5 weeks, with an estimated effort of 3 hours per week. So far, it has attracted more than 3,132 registrants.

Sections concerned by SEO: Boost the SEO of your site

The SEO course: Boost the SEO of your siteincludes several chapters on the fundamentals of SEO.


This section introduces the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Topics covered include:

  • The discovery of SEO;
  • SEO developments;
  • And search engines and Google.

Learners will discover how search engines work, why SEO is important, and how to build an effective SEO strategy.

SEO On-Page

This part of the training focuses onSEO On-Page.

This strategy refers to all actions that can be taken directly on a website to improve its position in search engine rankings.

He covers :

The definition of ON Page SEO;

  • Basic optimizations in On-Page SEO;
  • User experience;
  • Indexing of your site and semantic markup.

This training allows learners to know how to optimize the elements of their website for search engines.


This section presents the principles ofSEO Off-Page. It is an SEO strategy that refers to all actions performed outside of your own website to improve its position in search engine rankings.

It takes into account:

  • Netlinking (development of inbound links);
  • SEO directories;
  • And external content and social networks.

Learners will master how to build a link strategy, how to get quality backlinks to their site, and how to use social media to improve SEO.

Google Tools

This part of the training gives an overview of Google tools useful for SEO including:

In this chapter, learners will discover how to use Google tools to improve their SEO.

SEO Tools

This section focuses on SEO-specific tools.

The course presents:

  • Performance tools;
  • Global SEO audit tools;
  • Keyword tools;
  • SEO competitor tools;
  • And specific tools and data.

In this section, learners will learn about a variety of SEO tools that can help improve their SEO.

Other SEO training: Boost your site’s SEO

Scratch: Discover creative programming

This course introduces you to computational thinking using Scratch, a tool that anyone can use to understand code and publish their creations.

You will learn to code small video games and direct your own stories. You will also discover the basics of computational thinking and the concepts of algorithms.

This training is designed byClass’Code and is intended for teachers, educators, people working with children and computer and gaming enthusiastsvideos.

Emailing: Create your newsletter

It completes on emailing will allow you to define your objectives, choose your strategy, your emailing solution.

The training will give you the keys to creating your own newsletters to communicate directly with your community.

It is intended for bloggers, influencers, online store owners, web agencies and anyone wishing to inform their community.

In summary

The SEO course: Boost your site’s SEO is not limited to simple online training.

Directed by Lucas Grimont and accessible on the BrainyUP platform, it offers a deep dive into the workings of SEO. From the basics of SEO to advanced techniques, this certified training equips learners to improve the visibility of their site.

In just five weeks, participants gain practical skills, in-depth knowledge and rewarding certification.

By investing in this course, prepare to propel your site to success by mastering the secrets of SEO.

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Brainy Up is an online learning platform that specializes in providing innovative and accessible training for professionals and individuals.

With the creation of the “Boost your site’s SEO” training, Brainy Up demonstrates its commitment to providing quality educational resources in the field of digital marketing and SEO.

The “Boost Your Site’s SEO” training is designed to help entrepreneurs, content creators and marketers improve the visibility of their website on search engines.

Through educational modules and practical advice, Brainy Up transmits proven SEO techniques and current SEO strategies that allow learners to master the fundamentals of natural SEO.

Brainy Up’s educational approach focuses on efficiency and simplicity, making learning SEO accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior skill level.

The platform stands out for its interactive and engaging content, which encourages participants to put what they learn into practice and achieve concrete results.

Brainy Up is therefore a key player in online education, offering training that meets the needs of professionals wishing to develop in a constantly evolving digital environment.

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