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Discover the Search Engine Journal blog in detail and the resources it offers in digital marketing.

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The Search Engine Journal blog is one of the blogs with strong online notoriety in the SEO and digital marketing industry. This blog regularly publishes high value-added content that allows its users to find solutions to their problem, whether in SEO, SEA, content marketing or on social platforms.

Blog Search Engine Journal

Since its inception, the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) blog has earned a reputation as a reliable and comprehensive source of information on digital trends and SEO strategies.

It mobilizes a team of experts who regularly write and publish very high quality content on the block. This makes this blog a safe place to learn how to grow your online business.

Through this description, we discover together the Search Engine Journal blog, its metrics and the different resources that you will find while browsing it.

Introducing the Search Engine Journal Blog

Theblog du Search Engine Journal is a platform focused on SEO, paid advertising and digital marketing in general.

Founded in 2003, the blog features in-depth articles, guides, tutorials, and case studies on various online marketing topics, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and more.

You will also find content on this blog on various topics such as e-commerce, marketing technologies and entrepreneurship. The blog also provides its resources by section and you will discover:

  •     A news section full of content on the latest developments in the sector;
  •     An events section that provides information on upcoming conferences and workshops;
  •     A resource section that offers a wealth of information and tools for SEO and SEM professionals.

The goal of the Search Engine Journal blog is to help readers improve their SEO efforts and drive more organic traffic to their websites.

This is why the blog strives to provide the most comprehensive information and covers a wide range of topics that range from keyword research, on-page optimization to building backlinks.

The Search Engine Journal blog is edited by Ann Smarty, a recognized content marketing specialist and SEO expert. Other contributors are Danny Sullivan, Matt Southern, Jennifer Slegg and John E Lincoln.

Note that readers may also be able to subscribe to the SEJ newsletter to receive the latest blog posts in their inbox.

Search Engine Journal blog metrics

The SEarch Engine Journal blog metrics are as follows:

Website authority score: 76

Average duration of visit: 10min 08s

Average bounce rate: 86.05%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 4.57M

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Overview of the different categories of the Search Engine Journal blog

Search Engine Journal blog posts are divided into categories and each category covers separate topics.

The SEO category and its sections

In this category, you discover the articles according to the following headings:

SEO news and updates : This topic covers the latest SEO news and updates, as well as trends and upcoming events in the field.

SEO tips and strategies : It includes articles that offer practical advice and strategies to improve the ranking of your site in the SERPs.

SEO tools and resources : It presents the best tools and resources to optimize your site for search engines, including guides, checklists and tutorials.

Google Algorithm Guide : It provides in-depth analysis of Google’s algorithms and algorithm developments to help you better understand how they work.

SEO local et mobile : She is interested in local and mobile SEO, including tactics to improve your ranking in localized search results and to optimize your site for mobile users.

SEO for social media : It discusses the impact of social media on SEO and how to use social media to improve your search engine rankings.

The Paid Media category and its sections

Content in the Paid Media category is intended to help businesses and marketers create and manage paid advertising campaigns on search engines and social media platforms.

It includes the following sections:

Paid Advertising Strategies : You will find tips and tricks to optimize paid advertising campaigns on the different platforms.

The latest trends in paid advertising : It contains information on the latest developments and changes in the algorithms of search engines and social platforms.

Advertising formats : You will have detailed content on the different advertising formats available on the platforms and advice on choosing the one that best suits your strategy.

Advertising targeting : It covers information on the different targeting options available on the platforms and advice on how to best target your audience.

Advertising budget management : In this section, you are entitled to tips for better managing your budget and maximizing your return on investment.

Case studies : These are the examples of successful paid advertising campaigns, with the strategies and the results obtained.

Expert interviews : You discover interviews with industry professionals to obtain advice and tips from those who perfectly master the issues of paid advertising.

The Content category and its sections

Like the other categories, this category called Content includes the following topics:

Content Strategies : It offers tips and strategies for creating quality and engaging content that will attract readers and improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

Tips for Writing Content : It includes articles that will help you write effective content and optimize the pages of your site for search engines.

Content Marketing : It covers content marketing tactics and strategies to promote your content and drive qualified visitors to your site.

Content writing for SEO : It explores best practices for incorporating keywords and title tags into your content to optimize your site for search engines.

Content Types : It outlines the different types of content you can use to enhance your site, such as blog posts, videos, infographics, and ebooks.

Content impact measurement : It provides tips for measuring the performance of your content and understanding how your content contributes to your overall marketing strategy.

The Social category

This category of the Search Engine Journal blog is also divided into several sections, namely:

Social Media Strategies: These are tips and ideas to optimize your social media strategy and achieve your marketing goals.

Social media tools and technologies : It contains critical content and recommendations on the best software and technology solutions to manage and analyze your social media activities.

Social Media Trends and News : You have access to information on the latest trends and developments in the field of social media, as well as analyzes of major events and important news.

Case studies and social media successes : These are concrete and inspiring examples of successful social media campaigns and initiatives, with tips and tricks for replicating them.

Social Media Tips and Tricks : In this section, you will find practical tips and tricks to improve your presence and engagement on social media, as well as ideas for creating quality content and engaging your audience.

The Digital category and its sections

With this Digital category, you will have a global overview of the following elements:

Analytics : This section highlights the latest trends in data analysis to measure and optimize the performance of digital campaigns.

Ecommerce: It covers e-commerce strategies and trends, including approaches to optimizing conversions and online revenue.

Lead Generation : This is content related to converting your traffic to get leads and sell.

Marketing d’affiliation : If you want to train in affiliate marketing, this is the ideal section that you must follow to improve your skills.

Other resources on the Search Engine Journal site

Apart from its blog, Search Engine Journal also provides other resources like:

eBook Libraries

Search Engine Journal’s ebook library offers a collection of free online guides and resources for anyone looking to learn about digital marketing.

His content covers a wide range of topics, including SEO, online advertising, social media, content marketing, data analytics, and e-commerce.

SEJ’s library ebooks are free to download and include how-to information, expert advice, and real-world examples to help you improve your online strategy.

This library also offers additional resources, such as marketing plan templates, checklists, and worksheets to help implement the techniques covered in the various content.


Search Engine Journal webinars are free online learning sessions that cover the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing.

Most of the time, these webinars are led by experts and you learn concrete information that can help you improve your skills and strategies.

Search Engine Journal webinars often cover topics such as:

  • Natural referencing;
  • Online advertising;
  • Social networks ;
  • Content marketing;
  • Data analysis;
  • E-commerce ;
  • Etc.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions live to the speakers and to chat with other participants to exchange ideas and advice.

Search Engine Journal webinars are available to all members of the digital marketing community and can be viewed live or recorded for later viewing.

They also come with additional resources, such as PowerPoint presentations, marketing plan templates, and worksheets to help attendees practice the techniques discussed during the sessions.


The SEJ SHOW is a series of podcasts from Search Engine Journal that discuss online marketing tactics generally.

SEJ SHOW episodes are often hosted by specialists and you can listen to them live or recorded for later listening.

Like the webinars, they are accompanied by resources to put into practice the concepts covered in each episode.

In addition to the SEJ SHOW, Search Engine Journal also offers a range of podcasts on specific topics.


The SEJ eSUMMIT is an online event organized by Search Engine Journal for digital marketing professionals. It includes a series of virtual lectures led by experts on various topics.

The SEJ eSUMMIT offers participants the opportunity to learn from and interact with its experts. The SEJ eSUMMIT is available to all members of the digital marketing community and can be viewed live or recorded.

Accept guest articles or not

Search Engine Journal accepts guest articles and you can submit your posts, but in accordance with the requirements of the site.

The site has a certain requirement for people who want to post content on their blog. It is a question of writing content following the editorial line of Search Engine Journal and writing original content, without any plagiarism.

You also discover on the requirement page for Search Engine Journal contributors how to format your text, including which fonts to use and how to write your paragraphs.


It should be remembered that the Search Engine Journal blog is an essential resource for learning digital marketing and, specifically, SEO, SEA, social media, content strategies, etc.

This blog is an invaluable resource, especially since it provides quite explanatory content as well as different content formats to help readers understand quickly.

Search Engine Journal also offers resources such as ebooks and webinars on the site to make it easier to learn how to rank a site online.

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Presentation : Blog Search Engine Journal

Blog Search Engine Journal Logo

The Search Engine Journal blog was founded in 2003 by Ann Smaty. The latter is involved in the industry and more specifically in the functioning of search engines, as shown by the publications on her blog.

Ann is passionate about the web and has enough significant experience in this field. She specializes in:

  • keyword research;
  • online reputation management;
  • link building;
  • social media marketing…

On his LinkedIn profile:Ann Smarty, here is the information that we were able to draw concerning his different skills. These clearly show that she is very comfortable in SEO.

  • Affiliate Program Manager (entertainment niche);
  • Freelance SEO consultant (celebrity niche);
  • SEO consultant in e-commerce…

Finally, it is important to know that currently Ann Smarty whose twitter profile is:@seosmarty is also the founder of and brand manager for Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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