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Training | Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO

Training | Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO

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Discover the challenges of natural referencing of a website and how to use effective techniques to improve visibility on the Internet.

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Optimize the natural referencing of your website – SEO

Today, the universal challenge facing website owners is undoubtedly: visibility.

Today, users largely depend on search engines. So the crucial question arises: How to optimize the natural referencing of a site to stand out among the multitude of information online?

To answer this question, Ziggourat’s “Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO” training is an essential tool.

In this article, we’ll explore in detail how this training can be the key to solving the complex SEO puzzle.

Presentation of the training Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO

Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO is a training course offered by Ziggourat, an establishment renowned for its distance learning digital training from Paris.

It is designed to facilitate the understanding of the issues of natural referencing of a website and the use of effective techniques to improve your visibility on the Internet through search engines including Google.

The training is provided over a period of 14 hours over a period of 2 days and can be followed in Paris or remotely via platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet.

Ziggurat is committed to answering questions from its audience within 48 hours and offers several financing options.

Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO is aimed at a wide audience. It includes webmasters, integrators, web designers, web editors, and all those who are responsible for improving the SEO of a website.

The training covers a variety of topics, from understanding the main Google algorithms (Page Rank, Trust Rank, etc.) to optimize your site for SEO.

It allows you to learn how to identify your semantic universe, choose the right keywords, manage URLs, use appropriate HTML tags, etc.

Programs concerned by the training Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO

The “Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO” training examines various essential subjects which aim to improve the visibility of a site on search engines, in particular Google.

Here are the main themes covered:

General SEO concepts

This section explains the winning SEO pyramid and presents updates with GoogleTime Line. She covers :

  • The basics of natural referencing;
  • The synergy between organic links and sponsored links;
  • And the main Google algorithms like Page Rank & Trust Rank.

How search tools work

This section explains how Google works in terms of indexing, positioning and popularity.

It also includes the indexing and updating of your web pages (spiders, crawlers, robots) and the restitution of results via the famous SERPs. She also presentsGoogle My Business AndGoogle Search Console.

Preparing the site for SEO

Here, we learn to identify our semantic universe and to work in “cocoons”. In addition, emphasis is placed on keyword selection and the concept of “long tail”.

Additionally, it discusses the use of Google Suggest, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends, as well as choosing the right search engines and directories for your SEO.

Optimisation “in page”

It covers HTML code and page indexing, URL management: heading strategy, automatic rewriting and permalinks. The use of the following elements is also discussed:

  • Subdomains;
  • From the Title tag;
  • From the Meta tag and the “description” attribute,
  • Title tags h1, h2…;
  • “alt” and “title” attributes;
  • And the emphasis on the text.

Optimisation “off page”

We address the issue of Flash and JavaScript, the issue of server response times, the use of “sitemap and robots.txt”.

It is also a question of link management: outgoing links, incoming links, Backlinks strategy to adopt? and the importance of Linkbait and choosing the right partners.

Other training courses concerned with optimizing the natural referencing of your site – SEO

In addition to the “Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO” training, the platform offers similar training courses which provide an in-depth understanding of natural SEO.

Training The golden rules of SEO on the Internet – becoming Google friendly – SEM

She teaches the fundamental principles of SEO on the web. This training teaches how to make yoursite “Google friendly”, that is, how to optimize your site so that it is favored by Google algorithms.

Additionally, you will learn how to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase your site’s visibility in search results.

Training Create and manage your keyword purchasing campaigns on Google Ads – SEA

In this training, you will discover how to create and manage successful keyword purchasing campaigns on Google Ads.

You will learn how to make the right choice of keywords, define your budget, develop attractive ads and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Natural referencing audit training

The Natural SEO Audit training teaches how to carry out a natural SEO audit to evaluate the performance of your website.

It also offers the opportunity to acquire skills to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site in terms of SEO, as well as to develop tactics that aim to improve your positioning on search engines.

Formation Google Analytics 

The Natural SEO Audit training details the basics to masterGoogle Analytics, an essential tool for analyzing your website traffic.

This course highlights how to set up Google Analytics, understand the different reports and data available, and use this information to improve your website and online marketing strategy.

In summary

Ziggourat’s “Optimize the natural referencing of your site – SEO” training represents a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve the visibility of their site on the web.

In 14 hours spread over 2 days, this comprehensive training explores the fundamentals of SEO, offering practical knowledge for webmasters, integrators, web designers, web editors and anyone wishing to optimize the SEO of a website.

With remote monitoring options and guaranteed responses within 48 hours, Ziggurat stands out for its commitment to learner satisfaction.

In addition to this training, there are other additional courses accessible to deepen your SEO skills. Get ready to take your site to the top of search results with this enriching training.

If you’re looking to stay ahead in the world of SEO and attract qualified leads through your site, our article on The 12 Essential SEO Trends in 2024 is a must.

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Ziggourat is a training organization specializing in digital which stands out for its expertise and innovative educational approach.

Since its creation, Ziggourat has been committed to providing high-quality training to meet the needs of professionals who wish to improve their skills in the web, design, communication and digital marketing professions.

The organization offers several training courses ranging from digital fundamentals to advanced technical skills, including tailor-made programs adapted to businesses.

Ziggurat trainers are recognized experts in their field and whobring concrete experience and up-to-date knowledge to support learners in their development of skills.

Ziggurat stands out for its commitment to combining theory and practice. It thus offers a complete and immersive learning experience.

Trainings are designed to be interactive, with hands-on workshops and case studies that allow participants to directly apply what they learn.

With a vision centered on innovation and excellence, Ziggourat constantly adapts to developments in the digital sector to offer relevant and current training.

It is a partner of choice for individuals and organizations seeking to acquire cutting-edge digital skills and remain competitive in a constantly changing world.

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