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Are you looking to join a Facebook group dedicated to natural referencing? Discover here SEO Mutual Aid. Netlinking. #auxioma.

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“SEO Mutual Aid. Netlinking. #auxioma” is a Facebook group dedicated to SEO and Netlinking enthusiasts and professionals. It promotes mutual assistance, knowledge sharing and exchanges on best practices in these areas.

SEO mutual assistance. Netlinking. #auxioma

When you start doing SEO, being part of a group of professionals and passionate people is the easiest way to improve your skills and discover how others do it in practice.

But among the many groups and forums that pollute the web and which are most of the time of no real interest, the real challenge is to find groups truly dedicated to SEO and which can actually impact you positively.

Through this article, I will introduce you to a reputable group administered by a well-known SEO expert: Entraide SEO. Netlinking. #auxioma.

You will discover the characteristics of this group, its themes and its membership rules. So, follow along!

Presentation of the SEO Mutual Assistance Facebook group. Netlinking. #auxioma

The Facebook group “SEO mutual assistance. Netlinking. #auxioma” is a dynamic and collaborative online space, which brings together experts, enthusiasts and beginners in the fields of SEO and netlinking.

The main objective of this group is to promote mutual assistance and knowledge sharing between its members, in order to improve everyone’s skills in these constantly evolving fields.

By joining this group, you will have access to a multitude of discussions, advice and tips to optimize your natural referencing and your netlinking strategy.

Members regularly share articles, case studies and tutorials to help you better understand the issues of THIS and netlinking, and to implement effective techniques to improve your online visibility.

The group is also a place for exchange and debate on the latest trends and updates to search engine algorithms, notably Google. Members are encouraged to share their experiences, successes and failures, in order to learn from each other and progress together.

In addition to discussions and knowledge sharing, the “SEO Mutual Aid. Netlinking. #auxioma” group regularly organizes online events, such as webinars and workshops with SEO and netlinking experts.

The themes covered in the “SEO Mutual Aid” group. Netlinking. #auxioma”

The themes covered in the “SEO Mutual Aid. Netlinking. #auxioma” group are varied and include:

SEO On-page

This theme brings together all the techniques and best practices to optimize the internal elements of a site.

Members of the group discuss URL structure, meta tags, image optimization, use of structured data, content prioritization, internal linking, etc.

SEO Off-page

It concerns the external factors which influence the natural referencing of a website, in particular the popularity and authority of the site.

Netlinking being one of the most important aspects of off-page SEO, group members share tips and tricks for acquiring backlinks quality, evaluate the relevance of partner sites, diversify link anchors, etc.

SEO technique

These are all the technical aspects of a site that can influence its SEO.

Group members discuss page load time optimization, mobile compatibility, HTTPS security, indexing and crawling pages, management of 404 errors, etc.

Content marketing

It is a strategy for creating and promoting quality content to attract, engage and retain a target audience.

In SEO Support. Netlinking. #auxioma, they discuss research and selection of keywords, writing content optimized for SEO, the use of rich snippets, the creation of visual content, etc.

Performance analysis and monitoring

Analyzing and monitoring the performance of a website is essential when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of the actions carried out and identifying areas for improvement.

Group members discuss using analytics tools (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.) to track traffic, positions, conversion rates, etc.

Monitoring and news

SEO and netlinking are areas that are constantly evolving. In SEO Support. Netlinking. #auxioma you will discover the latest news, updates, new trends, etc., to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Conditions for membership in the Entraide SEO group. Netlinking. #auxioma

To integrate and actively participate in the “SEO Mutual Aid. Netlinking. #auxioma” group, you must respect certain rules established by the administrator.

These rules aim to guarantee the quality of exchanges and to preserve the spirit of mutual aid and sharing which characterizes this group.

Give more than you take

One of the golden rules of this group is to actively contribute to discussions and share your knowledge, experiences and advice with other members.

By giving more than you take, you help create an enriching and stimulating environment for all participants.

That said, do not hesitate to answer questions, share interesting articles, offer tips and support other members in their efforts.

No self-promotion, spam content or irrelevant links

The “Entraide SEO. Netlinking. #auxioma” group is not an advertising space, but a place for exchange and sharing. It is therefore prohibited to promote your products, services or websites excessively or inappropriately.

Likewise, unwanted content, such as spam, disguised advertising messages or irrelevant links, is strictly prohibited. It is therefore possible that non-compliance with this rule will result in your banishment from the group.

Answer membership questions

To join the group, it is necessary to answer two questions asked by the administrator.

These questions aim to ensure that new members are really interested in the topics covered in the group and that they are ready to respect the established rules.

Take the time to answer these questions honestly and sincerely to increase your chances of being accepted into the group.

Groups associated with Entraide SEO. Netlinking. #auxioma

For those who are passionate about SEO and online marketing, there are three key communities to consider:


This collective is aimed at those interested in exchanging and offering netlinking services. Netlinking, which plays a crucial role in SEO, consists of acquiring links from other sites.

This group serves as a forum to discuss effective strategies, discover opportunities for connections and learn from shared experiences.


This community brings together individuals around SEO-oriented writing. Writing for the web is an essential skill in the field of SEO and digital marketing.

It requires the production of textual content optimized for natural referencing, captivating for readers, and encouraging action.

The SEO WRITING COMMUNITY – France offers an exchange space for writers, where they can share tips, opportunities and various resources.

In summary

By joining Entraide SEO. Netlinking. #auxioma, you join a supportive and dynamic community that will support you in your SEO exploration.

No matter your skill level, this group will help you improve with SEO tactics that are constantly changing.

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Presentation : Guillaume Auxioma


Guillaume Auxioma is a recognized expert in the field of natural referencing (SEO) and netlinking, having founded the Facebook group “Entraide SEO. Netlinking. #auxioma”.

With a passion for digital and in-depth expertise in SEO, Guillaume has established himself as a leading figure in the French-speaking SEO community.

Its Facebook group, created on November 10, 2016, has become a privileged space for SEO professionals looking to exchange advice, strategies and networking opportunities.

With more than 1,155 members, this group demonstrates Guillaume’s commitment to providing a platform for mutual aid and knowledge sharing.

His collaborative approach and desire to support professionals in improving their online visibility make him an invaluable resource for those looking to master the intricacies of SEO and netlinking.

Guillaume Auxioma continues to inspire and guide his community, focusing on ethical and effective techniques to strengthen the online presence of websites


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