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Discover the tips and guides from the BKA Content blog that allow you to create quality content optimized for search engines.

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Blog the BKA Content

The BKA Content blog is an essential online portal for content marketing and web writing professionals. On the latter, you will find a variety of informative articles on content marketing trends and best practices. You will also discover advice, guides and tips that talk about SEO as well as writing quality content.

BKA Content blog description

The SEO and marketing industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and strategies constantly emerging.

However, professionals in these industries often face a recurring problem: the creation of remarkable content optimized for Google.

If you are looking for an effective solution to this problem, the tips, tricks and how-to guides published on the BKA Content blog might just be the answer. Find out the essentials on the topics covered by this blog by continuing to read.

Presentation of the BKA Content blog

Theblog the BKA Content is a resource that offers informative articles written by experts in content marketing and web writing. Topics covered in this blog include:

  • content strategy for local businesses;
  • the importance of writing quality articles…

By exploring this category, you will also have at your disposal practical advice, complete guides as well as good ideas to refresh your knowledge in digital marketing and SEO.

The purpose of this blog is the same as that of many similar blogs. That of helping SEO and web marketing professionals do better in their industry to escape the competition.

In addition to this objective, there is another: to allow major brands to improve their visibility on search engines. But on this subject, does the BKA Content blog have a good reputation? Here are the numbers that tell you.

Main BKA Content blog metrics

Here are the numbers in question:

    • Authority Score: 40
  • Monthly organic traffic:51,7 k
  • Duration of visit:24 minutes 44 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:71,61 %

This data comes from the SEOquake add-on. In addition, they were taken during the creation of this content. At any time, this data is subject to change. Therefore, these are approximate metrics.

For the description of the BKA Content blog to be complete, in the following section, I have briefly presented the categories in which the multitude of articles on the blog are classified. Here is what it is.

BKA Content main blog categories

The main categories of this English blog are:

Content marketing

Content marketing is a necessity for any brand wishing to have good visibility. Do you know why? It’s simple. Indeed, apart from the fact that it allows you to generate leads and sales opportunities, it also allows long-term profitability.

So reading practical advice and using valuable tips to improve or revise your strategy will be of great help to professionals. And in thiscategory from the blog, you will have access to all this and many other resources such as engaging guides.


Trade okay, but e-commerce is even better. In thiscategory, you will find informative articles on e-commerce. But personally, I think you will love the valuable guides from the BKA Content team.

Moreover, since one of the segments that attract leads in e-commerce is the description of your products or services, you have to know how to create them well.

For success, optimization and to get an idea of ​​the best practices of your descriptions, consider exploring the tips and informative content of the category.

Social Media

Social media platforms apart from their entertaining side are a valuable marketing channel for better visibility on the one hand. On the other hand, to exchange directly with his audience.

If you are looking for practical advice as well as complete guides for an optimization of your brand profile or a better exploitation of these social media, I offer only one thing. This one would like you to explore thisblog section.


GrammarSports is this category that is interested in content and its creator. In other words, within it, you will have at your disposal a multitude of informative articles that address the best practices to adopt for good writing.

You will also findprocess and tips for making flawless content. Indeed, the advice, secrets and tips for offering quality content are to be discovered in the section. By quality content, understand here content without linguistic errors and without plagiarism.


The exploration of thiscategoryis not to be missed under any circumstances. Not only do you have tool reviews, you have tips and tricks to get by as a content writing freelancer.


No offense to other sectors of the world, that of digital and in this case that of content marketing change every time. New news and trends appear. The most recent concerns the famous ChatGPT.

Frankly, the professionals know this. To get by in this digital age, you have to keep up to date with the industry on a regular basis. Thiscategory, if you explore it, will make you aware of information. Discover also and in large majority the exploits of BKA Content and its updates.


Debates are everywhere, especially in SEO. The exploration ofthis section of the blog brings together a set of opinions concerning certain concerns related to SEO. Notably :

  • writer’s block (editors…);
  • writing SEO content;
  • writing creative content…

You will also discover reviews on certain aspects of SEO. Finally, there are articles about self-confidence as a writer.

Write For BKA

Thiscategory is just as important as the previous ones. Not because it refers to the keyword BKA, but because the articles in this category are informative.

In addition, the category brings together guides and tips for getting started in freelance writing to get more income at the end of the month.

If you continued reading, there is no doubt that the sequel will interest you. In fact, apart from the blog, other resources are available on the BKA Content website. Let’s find out this one.

Other resources available on the BKA Content blog

The other resources that are on the BKA Content website actually relate to the services offered by the site. These are mainly:

But apart from these services, there is also another resource that can be very helpful to you. These are thecase studies. The latter is a list of practical cases that highlights the expertise of BKA Content. You can see their clients’ strategy, challenges, and results.

That’s a bit about the other resources on the BKA Content website. Does his fairly extensive blog accept the publication of guest content? This is the question I want to answer in the following.

Does the BKA Content blog accept the publication of guest content?

AT this question, however normal, the answer is no. The founders of the blog do not accept that we publish guest content on their site. However, if you are looking for a list of blogs that accept the publication of guest content in both English and French, you can land on ourplatform

In summary

The BKA Content blog offers articles on content marketing and web writing to help companies improve their strategy. Covering various topics, it is written by industry experts. So, if you are just starting out or if you want to find new approaches, consider putting the blog in your favorites.

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Presentation : BKA Content

Blog BKA Content Logo

Theblog the BKA Content was co-founded by two SEO experts from the same family: Greg Secrist and Matt Secrist.

In 2009, Matt Secrist earned a dual degree in finance and economics from Utah State University. However, the economy was in recession and Matt had no real job prospects!

Meanwhile, Greg Secrist, Matt’s other co-founder and older brother, was looking for ways to earn residual income online. Concerned about the future of his little brother, he decided to help him.

Greg discovered the power of online marketing and created a few blogging sites that generated steady, albeit modest, residual income.

He takes his little brother Matt under his wing and helps him create his own blogging sites in hopes of generating similar income.

Through their research, they quickly realized that there was a market for creating quality content, written in the United States, and for businesses with a website.

In early 2010, they decided to create a simple WordPress site advertising original content written by American writers. (later abbreviated as BKA Content) was born!

Join Greg on BKA Content on his networksLinkedIn, Twitter AndInstagram. You can also find Matt Secrist onTwitter AndLinkedIn.

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