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podcast | Marketing Mania

podcast | Marketing Mania

Short Description : Stan Leloup

Marketing Mania Podcast Mise en avant

In the Marketing Mania podcast, several relevant topics related to the circle of entrepreneurs are discussed. Discover them.

Long Description : Stan Leloup

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A well-stocked online audio library, Marketing Mania – Entrepreneur Conversions brings together several episodes that delicately and sometimes intensely address the issue of entrepreneurship. Listen to this one to understand what the concept of entrepreneurship really is. Experts are regularly invited to talk about some interesting topics such as: marketing, productivity and time management…

Marketing Mania Podcast Description — Entrepreneur Conversions

Eare you curious to know what entrepreneurs tell each other when they get together? Are you looking for concrete information to evolve effectively in the entrepreneurial world?

Well, just subscribe to the Marketing Mania podcast, you’ll be up to date with what really matters to succeed in entrepreneurship. Because you will discover tips, tricks and inspiring stories from eminent successful entrepreneurs. So their stories and interviews can give you great ideas. Check out this podcast.

Introducing the Marketing Mania Podcast

With over 350k subscribers to his YouTube channel, Stan Leloup hosts thepodcast Marketing Mania – Conversions des entrepreneurs plunges you into the hidden world of web entrepreneurs.

Aimed at the entire web community and particularly those who wish to embark on entrepreneurship, this podcast highlights the techniques used by entrepreneurs at the top of their game. Moreover, these are names known to the public, other guests are rising stars in entrepreneurship.

Through this podcast that Stan hosts with passion, he seeks to support entrepreneurs as significantly as possible, regardless of their level and experience. Several topics are discussed within these shows, including:

  • The search for customers;
  • Online marketing and entrepreneurship;
  • The structuring of services and their prices…

Just below, I have listed the audio content platforms on which you can access podcast episodes. I also specified how these are structured.

Marketing Mania Episode Availability and Structures

The Marketing Mania – Entrepreneur Conversions podcast remains available on the most popular audio platforms, namely:

  • Spotify (is its main subscription platform);
  • Apple Podcasts ;
  • engraver ;
  • Castbox ;
  • Overcast;
  • PodBean…

I specify that each of the episodes always relates to entrepreneurship. Inspirational stories also remain relevant on this podcast. There are also more specific topics concerning online marketing.

Finally, the episodes of this podcast series are not short-lived. WaitTo listen audio content that lasts an average of 01h15 minutes. On the Podcast platform, below each episode, you have the essential points covered. If training or books were used by the speaker, you also have the complete list.

On Marketing Mania — Conversion of entrepreneurs, themes very often emerge during discussions. Here is the list of the main ones.

Main topics covered in the Marketing Mania podcast

If you continue reading, you will realize that the themes overlap to enable the success of any entrepreneur. It is :

Marketing and entrepreneurship on the web

Representing the main theme addressed in this podcast, in the episodes that address it, you can hear Stan Leloup invite entrepreneurs to share their experiences, strategies and advice for succeeding in the digital world. The discussions cover various aspects of digital marketing, including:

  • Traffic generation;
  • The conversion of prospects into customers;
  • The creation of attractive content;
  • The use of social networks;
  • Web referencing;
  • Online advertising…

The list is not exhaustive. Moreover, his guests also share their personal stories, the challenges they have overcome and the lessons learned in their entrepreneurial journey. So, if you are looking for a source of inspiration and useful knowledge to improve your digital presence, well, youwill love what a podcast.

Productivity and time management

Productivity and time management are the second most discussed theme in Marketing Mania — Entrepreneur Conversations. The various episodes that highlight it talk about:

  • The management of time
  • Motivation ;
  • Concentration and creativity;
  • The search for balance between the two lives of the entrepreneur: personal and professional.

In fact, Stan’s guests share practical advice, entrepreneurial stress management methods and proven approaches to achieving your goals. By listening to these audios, you will improve your lifestyle to be more successful in your projects.

Copywriting et e-commerce 

If you are an entrepreneur and want to improve your copywriting skills to multiply your turnover in online sales, you must listen to Stan’s podcasts. Some talk exclusively about copywriting and e-commerce. In these, he and his guests discuss the persuasive wording of:

  • Product descriptions;
  • Impactful titles;
  • Eye-catching calls to action…

More precisely, editorial techniques and useful tips are very often discussed in these exchanges.

Growth and sales strategies

The fourth theme of the Marketing Mania podcast focuses on growth and sales strategies. Here, Stan Leloup and his guests explore the different approaches and tactics for

  • Encourage business prosperity;
  • Increase sales;
  • Reaching new markets…

They most often discuss:

  • Marketing Strategies,
  • product development,
  • The importance of customer loyalty
  • How to make sales processes efficient.

To this end, you will listen to practical advice and see practical cases presented to help you significantly increase your business performance.

Tech, programming and cybersecurity

This theme is frequently discussed in Stan’s podcast. Thus, by listening carefully to certain episodes, you will notice that there is an in-depth analysis of technology, web programming trends, but above all cybersecurity issues.

No doubt, you will know the best practices to develop in the development and protection of online data. See, these episodes which are described through their titles as the latest news of the moment in these different sectors.

Creativity and innovation

Another theme that remains frequently discussed in episodes of the Marketing Mania podcast is creativity and innovation. They feature discussions of multiple ways to:

  • Encourage creativity;
  • Get new ideas;
  • Innovate in different areas…

In practice, these are intense discussions with sometimes divergent points or problem-solving techniques but which offer inspiring perspectives. Inspiring to develop their creativity and demonstrate innovation in their personal and professional projects.

Online training and community learning

The Marketing Mania podcast also regularly addresses online training and community learning. Most of the discussions held between Stan Leloup and the eminent guests provide valuable information on the benefits and procedures related to distance education. Similarly, the usefulness of setting up a committed community of learners remains to be addressed.

If you attach particular importance to its audio content, you will get valuable practical advice for creating a good collaborative learning space. The aim is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and mutual support between learners in the community.

 You may want to get an idea of ​​recent episodes to determine if the podcast can be of use to you. Below is a brief description of them.

Recent Marketing Mania Podcasts — Entrepreneur Conversions

As I was writing this description, here are the three most recent episodes that were shared on the Marketing Mania podcast.

See always bigger — with Alexandre Cormont

In this episode of the podcast, Alexandre Cormont, also known as the number 1 love coach, was the guest. During the interview with Stan Leloup, he shared his advice on productivity, resilience in the face of difficult times and the keys to success in the field of entrepreneurship.

Having lasted 1h27 minutes, by listening to this podcast, you will know without a doubt how:

  • Evolve even when you are already at the top of your business
  • Develop a functional model internationally without worrying about cultural differences
  • Remain productive despite the problems that may arise
  • Choose your future collaborators…

Many other aspects are to be discovered, so it would be best if you read this audio content.

The conversion of Katsuni — with Céline Tran

This episode of the Podcast will always be very inspiring. Indeed, it addresses the experience or the story of Céline Tran, a porn actress known under the pseudonym Katsuni who overnight became another person, to embrace another career. That of a life coach.

 Listening to this story will show you that all success comes from determination and willpower. In the episode shocking facts were discussed including:

  • The omnipresence and role of trance in life;
  • Writing a memorable book;
  • Personal development…

Lasting 01h20 minutes, the interview between Stan and Céline Tran also covered marketing strategies, notoriety, social media and branding. You know that success is a question of strategy, courage, but above all willpower.

Living from video games – with Julien Chièze

In this episode, Stan Leloup talks with Julien Chièze on the subject of making a living from Video Games. I remind you that Julien is the one who hosts the number 1 video game news channel in France. He proudly has 560k subscribers. But to get to this stage and make a name for himself, he had to work with passion. By listening to the episode, you will know:

  • The attitude to have to recruit yourself in the face of better choices than you;
  • Different tips for breaking into YouTube;
  • How to motivate yourself to live from your passion…

Not only that, many other aspects of success in his activity were discussed. We have to believe that the 01h 24 minutes that the episode lasted are not a waste of time.

These are some of the things that have been covered in the last 3 episodes of Marketing Mania — Entrepreneur Conversions at the time of writing.

To finish

Marketing Mania is a captivating audio resource that shares some of the secrets of entrepreneurs. The guests of each episode offer fascinating discussions on topics related to marketing in entrepreneurship. New techniques for success that will make a splash in the future as well as real tools and inspiring stories are to be discovered. If you want to become a great entrepreneur, this is a resource you should definitely consider.

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Presentation : Stan Leloup

Marketing Mania Podcast Logo

Stan Leloup is one oftrainers most marketingknown from France, with 300,000 subscribers and more than 14 million views on YouTube.

He started his career in 2012 at the age of 21. Obsessed with the field of web entrepreneurship, he wanted at all costs to know how to make money on the internet.

After leaving his studies in a large business school, he moved to Asia and earns his living on the internet by selling products ranging from coaching in seduction to productivity courses through B2B service missions.

Only, a few years later Stan felt like he had figured it out and needed a new challenge.

And that’s how Marketing Mania was born, first as a Facebook advertising agency, then came podcasts and training.

He shares his marketing analyzes on his website as well as on the YouTube channel and the podcast of the same name.

Marketing and sales genius, Stanislas Leloup is one of the most influential people in web entrepreneurship in France. His vision, his knowledge and his pedagogy are no longer to be proven.

You can exchange with Stanislas Leloup by:

Instagram : Stanislas Leloup

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Social Network : Stan Leloup

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