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YouTube channel | SemRush France

YouTube channel | SemRush France

Short Description : SemRush

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Are you a user of SEMrush tools? Discover the channel dedicated to following and referencing.

Long Description : SemRush

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The SEMrush France YouTube channel offers its community videos on marketing, SEO and digital technologies. She shares videos of various kinds, including: webinars, interviews, backstage video of marketing events, tutorials on our platform features and others.

Description of the SemRush France YouTube channel

The SEMrush YouTube channel is one of the influential channels in the French SEO community. It strives to help its users better understand how to use the various features of the toolbox to improve the SEO of their site.

In this description, I take you to discover this channel, its objectives, its playlists and its popular videos.

Introducing the SEMrush France YouTube channel

The SEMrush France YouTube channel was launched on January 12, 2017 with a bold vision: to share knowledge and innovative ideas on:

  • Le marketing;
  • SEO ;
  • And digital technologies.

With 10.6k subscribers, it has quickly become a go-to in the SEO community and one of the top resources for people looking to develop their digital marketing skills.

Through more than 300 captivating videos, SEMrush France has managed to transmit knowledge in a fun and accessible way. These videos cover various themes and are classified in playlists.

So you can choose the playlist that suits your learning needs.

SEMrush YouTube Channel Playlists

SEMrush videos are organized into several playlists, namely:

SEO for beginners

This playlist includes more than 21 videos to learn the basics of SEO and improve your site’s visibility. As its name suggests, it is suitable for people who are new to SEO and are looking for simple videos to understand the concepts of SEO.

Technical SEO

With more than 11 videos dedicated to the technical optimization of your site, you will discover how to improve its ranking with the help of the technical expert.

Competitive research

The competition being increasingly tough in the various niches, the YouTube channel of SEMrush France has devoted more than 20 videos to help you analyze the competition and develop winning strategies in your field.

Content marketing

In this playlist, the channel shared more than 22 videos to master content creation and promotion techniques that allow websites to attract and retain your audience.

Tips for marketers

If you are looking for advice as a marketer, you will discover in this playlist of more than 17 videos, practical advice and tips that marketing experts share with the SEMrush France community.

Trends to know

SEO is not a static discipline, trends evolve over time. This YouTube channel shares the latest trends in digital marketing with you.

social media

Social media marketing is also on the rise and the channel has released over 12 videos to show you how to optimize your social media presence and grow your audience.

E-commerce tips

Do you have an e-commerce site? You’ll find over 11 videos focused on digital marketing strategies specific to e-commerce.

Optimisation YouTube

If you also have a YouTube channel, the 5 videos in this YouTube channel detail best practices for optimizing your YouTube channel and increasing your visibility.

Big online events

The SEMrush YouTube channel often hosts online events on the various topics it covers. She offers in this playlist 45 videos capturing the highlights of the online events she organizes.

Natural referencing (SEO)

This playlist is a collection of videos that delve deeper into advanced SEO techniques. By browsing these videos, you will discover the best SEO tactics to get better results.

Training – SEMrush Toolkit

If you are a SEMrush user, the channel shares with you over 13 videos that can guide you in effectively using SEMrush’s tools to optimize your marketing efforts.

Popular videos from the SEMrush France channel

Through this section, we will discuss the popular videos in the channel.

1. Optimize the SEO of your WordPress site

In this video, Nicolas Mercatili of the company CreaNico highlights the importance of web optimization for WordPress. In particular, it addresses key points such as:

  • The technical structure (URL, metadata, sitemap);
  • Performance (uninstall unused modules, choose fast theme);
  • Structured data for SEO;
  • The complete translation for multilingual;
  • Popularity via quality link building;
  • Site security.

2. How to build your SEO strategy?

This video from the SEMrush France YouTube channel highlights the key elements for success in SEO. It discusses Google recommendations such as:

  • Comprehension ;
  • Accessibility;
  • And credibility.

The video explains how you can focus your SEO actions on these three Google recommendations.

3. Ranking factors in Google

In this video dedicated to the factors that the American firm uses for the ranking of sites, SEMrush France talks about the different signals to rank content, in particular:

  • The technical structure;
  • Speed ​​;
  • L’optimisation mobile ;
  • The quality of the content;
  • And credibility.

You will discover with this video the different ways to optimize these signals on your site to boost its performance.

4. How does Google work?

This video discusses how Google works, including the mechanism through which the search engine organizes web pages to provide the best answers to user questions.

Knowing this will help you organize your content in a way that convinces Google to recommend your solutions.

5. How to do an SEO audit to improve your rankings?

Using this video, you will learn how to improve your website’s ranking by performing an audit with tools such as Google Search Console and Screaming Frog.

You will also find the different steps to carry out the audit of your site in order to detect all the errors present and to correct them.

Types of Videos Offered on SEMrush YouTube Channel

This channel offers various kinds of content, namely:

  • Webinars : SEMrush France often broadcasts the videos of its webinars;
  • The interviews : You will also find videos of interviews with SEO experts;
  • Backstage videos of marketing events : The channel also shares videos of its marketing events;
  • Tutorials on SEMrush platform features and other tools : Not only will you find tutorials about the toolbox, but also about other tools.

In summary

It is worth remembering that the SEMrush YouTube channel offers different types of videos on SEO and marketing. It organizes its multiple videos into multiple playlists to allow its users to find what they are looking for faster.

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Christophe Vidal is the co-founder of 410 Gone Prestashop, president and founder of the InterAgilité agency.

AT the head of the InterAgilité web agency for 10 years, ChristopheVidal joins the SEO and e-commerce agency 410 Gone in 2021 to create the 410 Gone PrestaShop branch.

Christophe Vidal is an SEO consultant andeCommerce since 2007. Within the 410 Gone agency, he manages the Prestashop eCommerce branch.

Ambassador of SEMrush France, Christophe is also a regular speaker on SEO topicsAnd eCommerce Prestashop. 

In addition, Christophe is involved in the SEO community andeCommerce through the SEO Camp and Friends of Presta associations.

You can contact Christophe Vidal on:

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