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Podcast | The Lion Zeal Show

Podcast | The Lion Zeal Show

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Want to be more visible on search engines and on social networks? “The Lion Zeal Show” invites experts to share valuable digital marketing tips.

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Podcast The Lion Zeal Show

Podcasts are increasingly listened to by listeners to stay informed of the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing. 

Whatever your level, professional or beginner, “The Lion Zeal Show” is one of the best reliable podcasts to listen to. It provides a convenient way to access expert advice and expand your knowledge.

Description du podcast “The Lion Zeal Show”

“The Lion Zeal Show” is a popular podcast that covers topics related to search engine optimization, digital marketing, and online business strategies.

Each episode is an opportunity to listen to rich interviews with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals. They share their ideas, experiences and strategies for growing an online business, ranking higher in search engines and attracting more customers.

Presentation of the facilitator

“The Lion Zeal Show” is created and hosted by Daryl Rosser. He is a computer geek who has specialized in natural referencing for over 7 years. Rosser is the founder of Logeix, a digital marketing agency that provides SEO and online marketing services to clients around the world.

In addition to hosting the podcast, he is also a speaker and consultant in the digital marketing industry. He has shared his expertise at various conferences and events, and has been featured in numerous publications and podcasts.

What makes his podcast successful is the quality of the people invited, but also Daryl’s ability to provide relevant analyzes in terms that everyone can understand. 

Publication schedule and distribution platforms

“The Lion Zeal Show” is a weekly podcast. Every week, Daryl Rosser and his hosting team arrange to release an episode for listeners. 

Each session lasts on average one hour. A duration long enough to allow the guests and the host to address each theme with clear explanations. 

“The Lion Zeal Show” is available on several podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastListen Notes, Podbay, Podchaser And The episodes are also available on the official Lion Zeal website. 

What are the themes covered? 

“The Lion Zeal Show” deals with a multitude of themes, the most discussed of which are: 

Natural referencing techniques

The podcast “The Lion Zeal Show” addresses natural referencing techniques (SEO) the most effective. Several episodes have been dedicated to sharing advanced strategies to improve the positioning of websites on search engines. These include quality link acquisition, on-page optimization, performance data analysis and many others. Auditors can learn concrete methods to boost organic traffic to their own websites or those of their clients.

Content marketing

Another important theme of the podcast is content marketing. Some episodes cover topics such as creating engaging content or optimizing content for SEO. Guests share their strategies for attracting and retaining an audience. 


The podcast also addresses issues related to e-commerce and using SEO to develop profitable online businesses. The episodes explore real-life cases of entrepreneurs who have successfully grown their online stores using advanced SEO techniques, without necessarily resorting to link building.

Some recent episodes 

On Apple Podcast, here is a summary of the latest episodes of “The Lion Zeal Show” that have been published: 

« Episode 99: How To Write Outreach Emails with Amit Raj »

In this episode, Daryl Rosser speaks with Amit Raj, who runs a link building agency. The agency focuses on acquiring links naturally. Together, they discuss Raj’s entire outreach process, from research and link acquisition to techniques for building genuine relationships with potential linkers. The episode provides practical tips and ideas for listeners who want to improve their link building efforts.

« Episode 98: $20k/m With No Backlinks with Ulhas Sakhare  »

This episode features an interview with Ulhas Sakhare, who successfully built a niche site generating over $20,000/month in revenue without any backlink acquisition techniques. 

Sakhare shares the strategies he used to drive significant traffic to his site, including content optimization, on-site SEO, and other tactics that allowed him to succeed without relying on backlinks. 

The discussion touches on valuable lessons to help entrepreneurs and online business owners grow their revenue through SEO.

« Episode 97: SEO to Business Owner with Armando Saenz »

In this episode, Daryl Rosser brings back his longtime friend and former podcast guest, Armando Saenz, for a third interview. 

They discuss the changes Saenz has experienced in SEO, digital marketing and his own business in recent years. As one of the show’s first guests, this episode offers a look back at the evolution of the industry and Saenz’s entrepreneurial journey. The episode brings ideas for SEO professionals and business owners.

In summary 

“The Lion Zeal Show” is a reference podcast for anyone interested in digital marketing and natural SEO. Hosted by expert Daryl Rosser, the podcast features interviews with leading professionals who deliver practical advice and strategies for growing an online business. 

Whether it’s SEO techniques, content marketing, or e-commerce, episodes cover a wide variety of topics relevant to entrepreneurs and marketers.

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Presentation of the facilitator 

Daryl Rosser is an expert in digital marketing and more specifically in natural referencing. He is the creator and host of the hit podcast “The Lion Zeal Show,” which features interviews with industry professionals. 

Rosser owns an online marketing agency, Logeix, which provides SEO services to clients around the world. With over 7 years of experience in the field, he is considered a thought leader thanks to his expertise and ability to explain complex technical concepts in simple terms. Rosser also regularly shares his knowledge at conferences and in specialist publications.

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