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Events | Salon des Entrepreneurs

Events | Salon des Entrepreneurs

Short Description : Salon des Entrepreneurs

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Do you want to participate in the Entrepreneurs’ Show? Discover the essential things you need to know about this show.

Long Description : Salon des Entrepreneurs

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Go Entrepreneurs, formerly called Salon des Entrepreneurs, is the major event for those involved in entrepreneurship. It offers a space for discussion, training and advice for those carrying out projects and established entrepreneurs.

Description Entrepreneurs Show – Go Entrepreneurs

The Salon des Entrepreneurs has for ages been one of the most significant events in the French entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fortunately, this show remains open to everyone and you can participate if you want to meet other actors. Through this article, we will discover this show which is today called Go Entrepreneurs.

Detailed presentation of Salon des Entrepreneurs, now Go Entrepreneurs

Go Entrepreneurs is the annual meeting point for thousands of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and decision-makers. This dynamic and inspiring event offers conferences, practical workshops, and networking opportunities.

Participants discover innovative solutions, expert advice and motivating testimonials to successfully launch or develop their activities.

The event takes place over two days and welcomes renowned speakers who come to share their experiences and winning strategies.

Various themes are covered, ranging from financing to growth, including digitalization and social innovation.

Go Entrepreneurs is also a platform to discover the latest market trends and tools, those that help entrepreneurs stay at the forefront of their field.

Since its creation almost 30 years ago, the Salon des Entrepreneurs, organized by Groupe Les Echos – Le Parisien, has established itself as one of the flagship events of the entrepreneurial world in France.

Every year, this major event attracts tens of thousands of visitors, including:

  • New or experienced entrepreneurs;
  • Investors;
  • Political decision-makers;
  • Business experts and students eager to familiarize themselves with the world of entrepreneurship.

During two intense days, these different profiles have the opportunity to attend hundreds of conferences and workshops, explore innovative thematic spaces and build links within a large professional network.

What is the history and ambition of the Salon des Entrepreneurs by Go Entrepreneurs?

Founded in 1993 under the leadership of Pierre Henri Deballon, the Salon des Entrepreneurs was initially intended to promote female entrepreneurship.

Building on its initial successes, the organization will quickly expand its scope to support all those who wish to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

Since then, it has continued to grow and innovate, becoming a real catalyst for projects and initiatives, thus allowing the French entrepreneurial scene to shine ever more.

Even today, this desire to support and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit drives each of the actions carried out by Go Entrepreneurs, whether via:

  • The organization of physical or digital exhibitions;
  • The production of educational content;
  • Connecting project leaders and potential financiers;
  • Etc.

Thanks to this committed and forward-looking vision, the Salon des Entrepreneurs therefore continues to fully play its role as a springboard towards entrepreneurial success.

It plays this role both for young startups seeking notoriety and financial means as well as for VSE-SMEs seeking to consolidate their position on the national or even international market.

What are the activities of the Entrepreneurs show – Go Entrepreneurs?

Each edition of the Salon des Entrepreneurs offers a particularly dense and varied program, structured around four main complementary formats:

  • Keynotes and round tables;
  • Practical workshops;
  • One-to-one meetings and immersive themed spaces.

These systems not only make it possible to address all aspects relating to the life of a company, but also to cover a multitude of cross-cutting subjects likely to interest a heterogeneous audience.

The keynotes and round tables are generally hosted by recognized personalities from the entrepreneurial, political or media world, who share their expertise, their vision and their journey in front of a captivated audience.

Sometimes punctuated by interactive sequences, these interventions address themes as broad as technological innovation:

  • Le leadership responsable ;
  • The ecological transition;
  • Gender equality;
  • Etc.

The practical workshops constitute training sessions provided by business experts, specialists in specific fields such as marketing digital, administrative management, social law or even fundraising.

Aimed primarily at participants who have already started their entrepreneurial process, they provide concrete and actionable solutions to the daily challenges encountered by business leaders.

In addition to traditional conferences and workshops, the Salon des Entrepreneurs also makes a point of promoting direct interactions between its participants, particularly via pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings.

During these individual interviews, project leaders can:

  • Seek sound advice and recommendations from proven experts (coaches, mentors, business angels, etc.);
  • Present their activity to potential suppliers or customers;
  • Initiate constructive discussions with other entrepreneurs who share common goals.

In a similar spirit, immersive thematic spaces invite visitors to live original and enriching experiences, such as virtual guided tours, pitch simulations or educational serious games.

What are the formats of the entrepreneurs fair – Go entrepreneurs

In order to guarantee optimal accessibility for all, the Salon des Entrepreneurs is now available in two distinct formats: the “face-to-face” format and the “remote” format.

If the first undoubtedly retains its charm and effectiveness, it must be recognized that the second is gradually gaining popularity, particularly since the global health crisis which has hit our modern societies head-on.

Whatever version you choose, be assured of benefiting from adapted and personalized support, worthy of the prestigious image associated with the event.

Why participate in Go entrepreneurs?

In a context where the desire for entrepreneurship continues to grow, both among younger generations and among adults undergoing professional retraining, the Entrepreneurs’ Show represents a formidable tool for collective emulation and co-creativity.

Through the numerous testimonies collected over the years, we clearly observe a positive correlation between participation in the event and intrinsic motivation to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure.

Likewise, a number of innovative and promising projects have emerged following chance encounters during previous editions of the show.

So many elements which perfectly illustrate the capital importance of the Salon des Entrepreneurs in the construction of a sustainable, inclusive and resilient economic future.

In summary

You will have understood, the Salon des Entrepreneurs – Go Entrepreneurs presents itself as much more than a simple place for exhibition and networking.

It truly embodies a privileged platform for acculturation, awareness-raising and support for all those who wish to pursue an entrepreneurial career, whatever their level of experience or their field of intervention.

So if you too aspire to join this large family of intrapreneurs, self-entrepreneurs, freelancers of change, don’t wait any longer and register now for the next edition of the Entrepreneurs’ Show by Go Entrepreneurs!

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Presentation : Salon des Entrepreneurs

Go entrepreneurs Logo

Les Echos Le Parisien Événements”, known for its role in the transformation of the “Salon des Entrepreneurs” into “Go Entrepreneurs”, is an entity specialized in the design and organization of leading business events.

This events branch of the famous media Les Echos and Le Parisien is renowned for its know-how in creating enriching and dynamic professional meetings.

The expertise of “Les Echos Le Parisien Événements” lies in its ability to create spaces for dialogue and knowledge sharing, by bringing together entrepreneurs, experts and decision-makers around current economic and entrepreneurial themes.

The organization leverages its privileged access to an influential network of thought leaders and experts to deliver high-quality content and unparalleled networking experiences.

With an approach focused on innovation and business development, “Les Echos Le Parisien Événements” is committed to supporting entrepreneurs in their journey, by providing them with tools and opportunities to grow and succeed.

As the author of “Go Entrepreneurs,” the organization continues to play a key role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, being an engine of growth and a catalyst for success for businesses of all sizes.

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