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HubSpot | Youtube Channels

HubSpot | Youtube Channels

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Learn how to use digital marketing tools with the HubSpot YouTube channel. Free tutorials and expert advice await you.

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With the advent of digital, marketing and sales strategies have evolved considerably. Companies must now adapt to new consumer behaviors and new market trends.

HubSpot is a YouTube channel that offers tips and tricks to help professionals align their marketing and sales strategy and optimize their performance in these two key areas.

In this article, we will introduce you to this channel and explain why it is a resource for marketing and sales professionals.

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Presentation of the “HubSpot” resource

HubSpot is a company specializing in marketing, sales, and customer service software.

His YouTube channel “HubSpot” which bears his name, launched in 2007, has become a reference for professionals wishing to stay informed of the latest trends and strategies in these areas.

With more than 409,000 subscribers, it offers rich and varied content, adapted to the needs of its target audience, particularly composed of:

  • Marketing and sales professionals;
  • Customer service professionals;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • And SME owners.

The videos cover a variety of topics, such as inbound marketing strategies, sales techniques, and customer relationship management.

HubSpot channel videos are hosted by marketing and sales experts, as well as celebrity guests. Among these guests, we can cite Gary Vaynerchuk and Neil Patel.

The HubSpot channel stands out for the quality of its content, the relevance of the topics covered and the expertise of the speakers. It is a valuable resource for all marketing, sales and customer service professionals.

Themes concerned by “HubSpot”

The HubSpot YouTube channel covers many marketing, sales, and customer service topics. Below are the most frequently discussed themes:

1. Marketing entrant

Inbound marketing is an approach which consists of attracting customers by offering them useful and interesting content, rather than soliciting them directly. It helps you meet the needs of your customers and allows you to create strong and lasting relationships with them.

HubSpot, a major player in inbound marketing, offers you videos focused on effective techniques and strategies, such as:

  • Creating relevant content;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • And the use of social networks.

These expert tips and real-world examples help you implement a successful inbound marketing approach.

2. Online Advertising

Online advertising is a powerful tool for promoting products or services on the internet. It makes it possible to reach a large target audience and optimize return on investment.

As a digital marketing company, HubSpot offers online advertising videos that cover techniques for creating effective advertising campaigns on platforms such as:

  • Google Ads ;
  • Tiktok Ads ;
  • Instagram Ads ;
  • Facebook Ads ;
  • Et LinkedIn Ads.

With these videos, marketers can learn how to:

  • Target their audience;
  • Create impactful ads;
  • And measure the results of their advertising campaigns.

These skills are absolutely essential if you want to get the most out of online advertising and generate a positive ROI. HubSpot therefore offers you practical advice and tips to optimize your advertising campaigns and maximize their impact.

3. Sale

If you don’t sell your products, you won’t be able to grow your business and achieve your business goals. Sales is an important element for the success of a business because it helps convince customers to purchase products or services and builds customer loyalty.

HubSpot offers tips and tricks to improve your sales skills on its YouTube channel. You can discover techniques for:

  • Prospecting;
  • Prospect qualification;
  • As well as closing sales.

His videos also cover the psychology of sales and creating lasting customer relationships. By watching these videos, you can learn to better understand your customers’ needs, tailor your pitch, and close sales effectively.

4. Service client

Talking about sales without talking about customer service is like writing a book without letters: it misses the very essence of communication. You risk getting lost along the way and you won’t go any further.

Indeed, customer service is an essential element of the success of a business. It allows you:

  • To build customer loyalty;
  • To improve the brand image;
  • And to stand out from the competition.

HubSpot’s customer service videos cover techniques to improve the customer experience.

By watching HubSpot’s sales videos, you can learn skills to better understand your customers’ needs, manage complaints effectively, and build customer loyalty.

5. Operation (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a crucial element for any business that wants to provide an exceptional customer experience and build customer loyalty.

HubSpot’s customer relationship management videos show techniques for:

  • Optimize the use of CRM software;
  • Automate processes;
  • And improve collaboration between sales, marketing and customer service teams.

With HubSpot videos, you can learn to better understand your customers’ needs, manage interactions with them effectively, and improve collaboration between different teams in your company.

This way, you will be able to improve your customer relationship management and grow your business successfully.

Episode availability and structure

ChainYouTube “HubSpot” East accessible free of charge at any time to anyone with an internet connection.

Each video lasts on average between 5 and 15 minutes and is made to be easy to understand and share.

The channel offers a wide variety of informative and engaging videos, structured to provide great value to viewers.

Recent videos from Hubspot

On its YouTube channel, HubSpot publishes videos designed to be easy to understand and practice. These videos empower viewers to improve their business and achieve their business goals.

Here are the last three videos published on the HubSpot YouTube channel:

1. “How To Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile in 2024” :

This video offers practical advice for creating a professional and attractive LinkedIn profile in 2024. It is a complete guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

She starts with the importance of having a professional profile photo and an appropriate background. Next, she emphasizes the importance of using targeted keywords in the title and summary of your content to improve visibility and generate leads.

In this video, HubSpot also gives tips for describing your skills and professional experiences in a concise and impactful way. Furthermore, to save time and get ideas, she recommends using headline and summary generation tools.

Finally, the video discusses the importance of personalization and relevance in connecting with other professionals and finding opportunities.

2. “The Only WhatsApp Business Tutorial You Will Ever Need (For Beginners)

This video is a complete guide for beginners on using WhatsApp Business. She explains how:

  • Set up a professional account;
  • Create a product catalog;
  • Communicate with customers;
  • And use the advanced features of the application.

She also provides tips for automating answers to frequently asked questions and effectively managing customer conversations. Next, the video discusses the importance of personalization and relevance in communicating with customers and promoting the business.

In this video, HubSpot recommends using contact segmentation and broadcast messaging tools to effectively reach different customer groups. Finally, the video features success stories from businesses using WhatsApp Business and gives tips to avoid common mistakes.

3. “TikTok Shop: The ULTIMATE Tutorial (Step-by-Step)

This video is a complete guide for beginners on using TikTok Shop. She explains how

  • Set up a professional account;
  • Add products;
  • Manage shipping options and payment preferences;
  • And use the app’s features to promote products.

She also gives tips for optimizing product titles and descriptions, and avoiding common mistakes.

Next, the video discusses the different ways users can shop on TikTok, including:

  • Shoppable videos;
  • Shopping lives;
  • Store pages;
  • And the Shop tab.

Finally, the video highlights success stories from businesses using TikTok Shop and gives tips for growing your store on the app.

Other HubSpot resources

HubSpot offers many free resources to help businesses grow their online presence and improve their marketing strategy. Here are some of the resources HubSpot offers:

Free Certification

HubSpot Academy offers free certifications in various areas of digital marketing, such as:

  • Content marketing;
  • Natural referencing;
  • Online advertising;
  • And social networks.

These certifications are accessible to everyone and allow you to acquire practical and recognized skills in the sector.

HubSpot Free Trials

HubSpot offers free trials of its marketing, sales, and customer service software. These trials allow you to test software features and learn how they can help your business grow.

Social networks

HubSpot also has a company page onLinkedIn, a pageFacebook, an accountInstagram, chainX. You can:

  • Follow the latest company news;
  • Discover job offers and interact with other online marketing professionals;
  • Participate in discussions and access free resources;
  • Discover inspiring visuals and customer testimonials;
  • And discover tips and advice to improve your marketing strategy.

In addition to these resources, HubSpot offers plenty of other free content on its blog.

In summary

With informative and engaging videos on varied topics, the HubSpot channel provides maximum value to viewers.

By applying the tips and best practices shown in HubSpot videos, you can improve your business and achieve your business goals. Additionally, HubSpot offers free certifications and free trials to help businesses grow.

We encourage you to explore the channel and view videos that match your needs and interests.

If you want to go further in your learning, do not hesitate to read this article ondescription of the podcast “Sales & Marketing”.

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Presentation : HubSpot


HubSpot is a marketing automation and CRM platform used by millions of businesses around the world.

The company has a self-titled YouTube channel and offers hundreds of free marketing tools at your fingertips. She is a reference for anyone who wants to develop their online presence and succeed in the field of digital marketing.

HubSpot is known for helping professionals understand the behind-the-scenes of marketing automation, inbound marketing, email marketing and other techniques to boost your online business.

On its YouTube channel, HubSpot offers a wide variety of content related to digital marketing, such as tutorials, webinars,expert interviews and much more. The topics covered range from natural referencing to content creation, including social networks and online advertising.

As an author, HubSpot offers innovative tools and solutions to help businesses optimize their online strategy and achieve their goals.

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