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 Want to expand your audience and strengthen the authority of your backlinks through public relations? Check out JustReachOut’s blog posts.

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JustReachOut Blog

JustReachOut’s blog is an online portal that specifically covers topics focused on PR, startups, and growing your audience. On the latter, you will find practical guides, advice, tips, techniques and tools for better management of your business thanks to the power of pitch, press and public relations.

JustReachOut Blog Description

JustReachOut is an outreach software package that gives you the ability to generate loads of mentions and make your backlink authority more sustainable.

But to tell the truth, it is not the tool that interests us, it is rather its blog page. The latter brings together a host of articles that address various issues related to public relations, the growth of startups and the referencing of small businesses…

What are its categories? Are there other resources available on the blog? Keep reading for important details about this blog.

Introducing the JustReachOut Blog

TheJustReachOut Blog is an interesting collection of articles that mainly covers the important and essential aspects regarding:

  • public relations;
  • startups;
  • designing a good pitch…

Through this blog, the JustReachOut team tries to help all web players to easily do public relations and make themselves known. Thus, this blog is a great help for these protagonists of web 2.0. who want to make public relations the main channel for acquiring customers.

However, can we certify that this blog is visited regularly? Moreover, do visitors take their time when it comes to reading the content shared by the JustReachOut team? To verify this, now is the time to take a closer look at the metrics of this blog.

JustReachOut Blog: Core Metrics

The metrics we have chosen to verify the question are data collected using the SEOquake plugin. It is :

    • Authority Score: 31
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:1,57 k
  • Duration of visits:03 minutes 31 secondson average
  • Average Bounce Rate:46,41 %

These measurements were taken when writing the description. To this end, at any time, they can change value. These are approximate measurements.

Let’s continue the description of this blog through a brief presentation of its different categories.

JustReachOut Blog Main Categories

There-below, here are the main categories in which the articles of the JustReachout blog are classified.

Email Pitch

One of the easiest and most fun ways to build relationships is through pitch writing. The latter is a presentation of an idea or an experimental project aimed at convincing an interlocutor. It can be useful in selling a service or product to leads.

To this extent, it would be wise to deepen your knowledge on the subject. It will also be vital for you to master good practices and discover techniques for the success of its design. All this is available in thiscategory.

So, in addition to good practices and techniques for designing a pitch, discover in this category valuable practical guides for success.

PR Outreach

Public Relations Awareness” is the French translation of the name of this category. The articles grouped within these can be very useful to all entrepreneurs or solopreneurs who wish to create links with their audiences.

Indeed, the category covers topics like:

  • The identification of relevant journalists;
  • Writing effective press releases;
  • How to build relationships with the media…

So, if you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, you can take advantage of the informative content as well as the guides that are published by the JustReachOut team.

Without a doubt, you will have all the information on the importance of public relations and will discover several ways to succeed in your campaign. Thus, the contents of this category give you all the elements to better develop your audience and your e-business.

PR Pitch 

How to write a press release that gets results in 2023? If this question has crossed your mind, then you may be looking for a larger audience. In any case, by exploring thiscategory, you will discover answers to questions as relevant as the previous one.

Practical guides and engaging tips are also waiting for you in the category.

PR Strategy

Forging long-term public relations links may be effective in developing your business, but the fact remains that developing a strategy is nebulous.

This requires knowledge of the sector, tools and tactics to be able to succeed. In thiscategory, you can read informative articles and guides that will help you stand out from the crowd.

PR Tools 

Public relations benefits when the right steps and various tactics are put in place. However, to fully enjoy the benefits, it is not enough to be content with approaches and tactics.

You need to find great PR tools to go along with them. Because, if your approach or your tactic is not effective and takes a lot of time, you will be behind your competitors.

WithinPR Tools, discover the best PR tools to be more productive, more organized and more successful. You will find in the latter comparisons, tests and opinions on several PR tools. It’s up to you to read these articles and determine which tools with a good quality/price ratio will be the most useful to you.

Product Update 

 JustReachOut is a more or less complete Public Relations software package. It is therefore obvious to find news on the blog about the updates of their product.

But the team did not limit itself to information related to updates. In fact, they have offered in this category guides for better use of new features after updates. Full articles regarding JustReachOut updates are available by clicking here:Product Update Archives.


Approaching entrepreneurship without revealing themes such as SEO or marketing would be a mistake. To say that SEO is everywhere when it comes to audience.

Discover in this category of articles and tips to optimize the content you share with your audience in your pitches. Understand the importance of link building for startups and many other interesting topics including SEO and PR.

Now you have an overview of the major blog categories of JustReachOut. But did you know that the blog has other resources that may be useful to you? Let’s explore these together.

Other resources available on the JustReachOut website

O2 is the number of resources available on the site outside of the blog. These are Tools and Case Studies. What should be kept in mind regarding these resources?

1. Tools 

This resource is the one you need if you were looking for valuable tools to use for a remarkable management of your public relations. For now, these are the ones available:

The resource is indeed a list of tools that not only allows you to manage your PR, but also to boost your reach of backlinks and PR.

2. Cases Studies 

The currentresource brings together case studies on public relations management. These are concrete examples to better understand the subject and exploit it if possible for your own needs.

Is JustReachOut a platform that accepts the publication of guest content? Can-to be born YOUare you not asked if this is the case. However, if such a question has crossed your mind, we have provided an answer for you below.

The JustReachOut blog and guest posts

JustReachOut is a blog that would not accept guest posting. On the other hand, it offers tools as well as complete and practical guides to help you deliver the right guest message.

You can use JustReachOut resources on the subject of guest blogging to post on other blogs that would accept guest posts. To get an idea of ​​at least 1000 blogs that accept guest posting, you can check out our freeplatform dedicated for this purpose.

What to remember from the description of JustReachOut’s blog?

The JustReachOut blog is a very interesting resource as it allows all entrepreneurs, startups, solopreneurs to create and sustain their public relations links. Articles categorized into the blog’s 7 main categories are a wealth of information that point the right directions if you want to grow your audience.

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Blog JustReachOut Logo

Dmitry Dragilev launchedJustReachOut in 2014 after having accumulated more than 10 years of experience and helped more than 300 companies in the establishment of public relations and press advertising.

The blogJustReachOut aims to help professionals to large corporations with articles, guides and tips to make public relations a success through their goals and gain exposure for themselves.

Dmitry Dragilev is an outstanding strategist in the field of using the best marketing strategies and especially highlighting public relations as a basis for high visibility.

His expertise is sought by other major digital marketing teams such as: Entrepreneur, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch, Moz, AListApart, SEMRush, Mashable, Huffington Post,WIRED etc… 

Thanks to his blog, you will learn the most advanced strategies of digital marketing and the importance of public relations for the visibility of the legitimacy of a company.

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