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Podcast | Marketing Square

Podcast | Marketing Square

Short Description : Caroline Mignaux

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Entrepreneur or marketing player? Discover with Caroline Mignaux immediately actionable tips and tricks to improve your activity.

Long Description : Caroline Mignaux

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“Marketing Square: Growth Marketing secrets” is a podcast hosted by Caroline Mignaux. It features interviews with hidden talents in the marketing industry who don’t hesitate to share professional secrets to improve your strategy and achieve better results. Each episode provides actionable methods and concrete resources you can apply immediately to transform your business. The podcast is available on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts,, Deezer, and is also hosted by Ausha.

Podcast Marketing Square

With a variety of topics covered, Marketing Square has quickly become a trusted resource for entrepreneurs and players at various levels of digital marketing. Whether you’re an experienced specialist or a beginner looking for knowledge, Marketing Square has something to offer everyone.

General description

Marketing Square is a podcast dedicated to marketing professionals and communications experts. Its objective is to decipher the latest trends and innovations, to share concrete feedback and to offer practical advice to improvemarketing strategies.

Each episode of Marketing Square is an opportunity to (re)discover behind the scenes of marketing and to draw inspiration from best practices on the market. The topics covered are varied, ranging from inbound marketing to automation, including influencer marketing, social media marketing and content marketing.

Throughout the episodes, you can improve your strategy thanks to valuable advice, but also testimonials from experts who share their experience and successes on the channel every week. The podcast also focuses on the ethical and societal issues of marketing, for a more global and responsible vision.

Presentation of the Facilitator

The host of Marketing Square is Caroline Mignaux, a growth marketer and entrepreneur, best known for her podcast.

Having only become a podcaster in 2021, she already remains a reference in the industry thanks to the quality of her content and her role as host that she masters so well. For each issue, she manages to bring her expertise, but also an informed look at the themes, even the most complex of digital marketing. She also knows how to captivate her audience thanks to her relevant analyzes and the quality of the speakers she invites to her podcast.

His attentive listening, his ability to ask the right questions and his sense of synthesis make each episode a real source of knowledge for Marketing Square listeners.

Podcast frequency and format

As it began in 2021, episodes of the Marketing Square podcast were released almost every day. A remarkable effort from the host which did not fail to bear fruit. For a recent podcast, Marketing Square has quickly built a reputation in the world of podcasts with an ever-growing audience.

Although the publication frequency has decreased slightly, Caroline still continues to deliver several pieces of content per week. Each episode lasts on average 30 minutes, which is a fairly reasonable length to discuss each subject in depth without putting readers to sleep.

It adopts a rather fluid format which promotes good interaction with guests. Each episode begins with an introduction where the host presents the topic and the guests of the day. The discussions then take place interactively to address all the important points.

The themes covered

The Marketing Square podcast covers a variety of topics related to marketing:

Growth Marketing

TheGrowth Marketing aims to improve the growth of a business from a sustainability perspective. Concretely, it consists of deploying certain marketing techniques focused on the customer, by analyzing their sales cycle and their behavior throughout the purchasing journey. It’s a very effective approach that helps boost business conversions.


L’emailing consists of broadcasting emails to a list of contacts, with the aim of promoting a product or service. It is a method of communication that is still widely used to retain customers and generate more sales. If it is so popular with businesses, it is surely because of its effectiveness.

Le social ads

The Social ADS refers to paid promotions run on social media platforms. This form of advertising is particularly effective in increasing a brand’s visibility and engagement with its target audience. It is an approach that can be added to organic methods for a more complete marketing strategy for lasting results.

Le search ads

Search ads allow businesses to post sponsored ads on search engine results pages. This is an effective way to reach potential customers who are actively looking for products or services related to your business. Each search ads campaign requires real keyword research work upstream in order to offer relevant and truly targeted ads for your prospects.

Accessibility and subscription

Marketing Square podcasts can be listened to on the most popular audio streaming platforms. These include in particularDeezer, Spotify, AndApple Podcast. The host is also active on social networks. She also has a chainYouTube as well as an account onLinkedIn AndInstagram. Marketing Square is alsoa website where you can find all the episodes of the podcast.

In summary

The Marketing Square podcast is a true gold mine for all digital marketing professionals, whether beginners or experienced. With varied episodes, exciting interviews and tangible advice, this podcast offers an endless source of information and inspiration for anyone looking to improve their digital marketing expertise.

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Presentation : Caroline Mignaux

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Caroline Mignaux, the figurehead of Marketing Square, is a growth marketer and entrepreneur recognized for her podcast. Starting as a podcaster in 2021, she quickly established herself as a reference thanks to the quality of her content and her mastery as a host.

In each episode, she shares her expertise and offers an in-depth look at complex digital marketing topics, captivating her audience with relevant analyzes and quality guests. His attentive listening, his ability to ask the right questions and his talent for synthesis make each show a mine of knowledge for Marketing Square listeners.

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