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Event SEO Campus | SEO Camp

Event SEO Campus | SEO Camp

Short Description : Event SEO Campus | SEO Camp

SEO Campus Mise en avant

Created on the initiative of the association SEO CAMP, SEO CAMP’us Paris is an event that brings together the entire Search community in France.

Long Description : Event SEO Campus | SEO Camp

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More than a simple annual gathering of SEOs, this show is the showcase of the Search Marketing presented to all players in the French-speaking web. 

Let’s discover together the most anticipated Search event in France. 

Presentation of SEO CAMP’us Paris

Famous for its original and cutting-edge conferences, its trade fair, its workshops and its certification exams, SEO CAMP’us is an opportunity for Search Marketing professionals to come and discuss the major aspects of Search and other web challenges. 

Who do we find at SEO CAMP’us Paris and what are the activities specific to this internationally renowned symposium?

Two days of exchanges, sharing and edifying experiences

More concretely, the SEO CAMP’us Paris is two meticulously planned days where hundreds of professionals and other SEO. A tremendous effervescence of practical knowledge, mutual aid and networking. 

Quite rightly, the SEO CAMP’us Paris is a high place of promising meetings intended to promote Search Marketing. 

If the very substance of the event is still based on SEO, it is actually all the main trends of the moment in terms of SEO and web marketing that are addressed.

Activities with high added value

During these moments of networking and sharing, participants and even advertisers manage to take advantage of the many activities offered.


  • Feedback on the strategies put in place during the past year;
  • Sharing the latest tips and good practices from the most innovative members of the community;
  • Meetings with the biggest players in the Search Marketing scene;
  • sessions Speed ​​recruiting or job dating that facilitate meetings and simplify dialogue between candidates and companies;
  • -giving session prize (the SEO Awards); 
  • And many more.

During SEO CAMP’us Paris, you can also join the ranks of the elite by passing one of the most prestigious certification exams. 

Eh yes ! Sessions to pass theQASEO CESEO and the specially organized for this purpose. For those unaware, this is an aptitude qualification unique to SEO professionals.

A pleasant atmosphere conducive to discovery

SEO CAMP’us is not just about giving and receiving knowledge. Indeed, various fun and instructive activities are planned to stimulate minds and promote the profession. 

In the same vein, the experts present at the event like to animate beginners and advanced workshops intended to make participants discover or rediscover the main facets of Search. Learning SEO has never been so fun and effective. Also, in order to make each of these meetings special, surprises of various sizes are sometimes prepared. 

Given the unequaled quality of this event, one is entitled to wonder if it is accessible to all.

Who is this French-speaking SEO meeting aimed at?

The CAMP’us Paris SEO fair is really for everyone. Although it was originally created for direct SEO players, it is now designed differently. And for good reason, all those wishing to take advantage of two days of awakening and updates on best practices and the latest trends in Search are welcome. 

But that’s not all, this conference is also intended for less passionate or more generalist profiles. It is thus intended for all those who wish to discover and enrich themselves with conferences on various themes or even for all those who want to learn about SEO. The aim is to make the most technical notions accessible to all SEO CAMP’us participants.

The diversity of SEO professions is perfectly represented. By way of example, here is a non-exhaustive list of the profiles usually present for the occasion:

SEO CAMP’us through the editions

SEO CAMP’us Paris is not at its first rodeo. At the time of writing this description, the event has already had 14 editions, each more successful than the next. Of course, the principle of the event remains the same, but with each new edition, the SEO CAMP’us changes its formula with enticing novelties.

A successful event since 2009

The SEO CAMP’us Paris is a sustained adventure which began in 2009 and which continues to be talked about well after its first decade of existence.

    • SEO CAMP’us 2009
    • SEO CAMP’us 201..
  • SEO CAMP’us 2022*
  • SEO CAMP’us 20….

The 2022 gathering will indeed be the fourteenth edition of this event.

The reputation of SEO CAMP’us Paris remains partly linked to the quality of its many speakers. 

If the prestige of the event is unanimous, it is thanks to the enthusiastic commitment and the unfailing desire to share shown each time by the speakers scheduled for the occasion. Remember that all activities are selected and supervised by a committee that includes the best SEO and web marketing experts.

SEO CAMP’us Paris: a symphony orchestrated to the millimeter

As you will agree, if an event of this magnitude manages to stand the test of time and to arouse such enthusiasm as well as a faithful commitment, it is because its organization is a masterpiece.

An exceptional organizing committee

The show is organized by the SEO CAMP. It brings together and federates in France since 2008 many SEO professionals. Involved both in the production of the event and in the constitution of its program, the members of the association are committed to making SEO CAMP’us one of the benchmark events in Search Marketing. 

Thus, at each edition, this SEO college surpasses itself in order to offer a successful event to all those who attend. The small dishes are put in the big ones so that everyone can find their account. More than just an event, the SEO CAMP’us Paris is a real added value for all its participants.

A dynamic organization

Usually organized in March, the dates chosen for the SEO CAMP’us 2020 have been pushed back to September. Indeed, the coronavirus crisis has forced the organization to review its calendar. In addition, the staff of the event decided for reasons of practicality to keep this month for the editions to follow. 

Of course, the date isn’t the only variable that has changed over the years. In order to always improve the quality of the experience, the association has changed the location of the SEO CAMP’us 2022. It is the Palais des Congrès de Versailles which has been preferred to the Usine to host the 2022 event.

Whether you are curious, beginner or experienced, give yourself the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event. 

If you have already taken part in one of the editions of SEO CAMP’us Paris, share your opinions and experiences with me in the comments.

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Presentation : Event SEO Campus | SEO Camp

SEO Campus Logo

SEO CAMP is not a company, let alone an agency, but a French association which was founded in 2008 in a rather particular context.

For the record, the SEO CAMP association had its beginnings at the end of 2007. At the time, David Degrelle and Alexandre Villeneuve, both SEO consultants, noticed for several months a lack of events which brings together SEO professionals.

To do this, they decided to organize a “barcamp” in Paris. This SEO workshop allowed a large number of professional SEOs to express their desire and their desire to form a declared association for the promotion of their professions and the organization of meetings.

Thus, on March 1 of the following year, this association was born, which has its headquarters in Paris, Île-de-France. The first president elected at this time was Philippe Yonnet. The latter is none other than the founder and president of Neper, an agency specializing in digital marketing that uses a scientific approach.

After him, 6 other veterans such as Alexandre Villeneuve or Zohra Belmahdi, head of France Textbroker, headed the association. Currently, at the head of the association is Patrick Valibus, SEO consultant in Lyon.

This association brings together many supporters and members whose main activity is SEO or SEM. As a mission, SEO CAMP wishes to:

  • improve and enhance the knowledge of Search Marketing in the company and for the general public;
  • organize more meetings, sharing and mutual aid between its members;
  • represent and defend the interests of SEM near institutions and search engines…

Finally, the SEO CAMP association organizes dozens of SEO and Marketing workshops each year in France and elsewhere in the French-speaking world.

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