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YouTube channel | Abondance

Short Description : Abondance

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Want to read explanatory videos that cover SEO, Google and e-commerce? Check out the popular ones from Abondance’s YouTube channel.

Long Description : Abondance

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With good quality, informative and advising videos, Olivier Andrieu, host of the Abondance YouTube channel will guide you through the intricacies of SEO and digital marketing. Within its media library, discover detailed SEO tutorials, vlogs, interviews… which provide you with concrete advice and tips for getting traffic using search engines.

Description of Abundance’s YouTube channel

Forming a tower that propels your website, SEO and marketing are considered the two lungs of your web marketing strategies, content being the heart.

But to be able to benefit from this energy that they offer to your website, you must dive into the center of the best approaches and get inspired by the techniques as well as advanced tips from the experts. Their blogs are one way to get there. Even more the videos, because they are more lively than the texts.

To discover and read lots of videos that address natural referencing and e-marketing, perhaps you would like to discover the Abondance YouTube channel whose name resonates in these industries.

Presentation of the Abondance YouTube channel

TheAbundance YouTube channel premiered on February 21, 2016. It has 13.2k subscribers with so far 237 videos at the time of this description’s creation. Having already accumulated over 800,000 views, the channel shares informative videos that revolve around the following topics:

  • Search engine ;
  • Natural reference ;
  • SEO and
  • Ecommerce.

In this way, if you want to start in the field of SEO or if you want to have a good digital presence on Google, reading these videos will be invaluable to you.

Led by Olivier Andrieu since its creation, the channel wants to help professionals, brands and e-commerce specialists to optimize their site and to have traffic as well as a good online presence. It is certainly for this reason that the channel’s playlist remains quite diversified.

Playlists from the Abondance YouTube channel

When this description was posted, Abundance’s YouTube channel created several playlists that cover various aspects of SEO and marketing. Discover them.

SEO learning and training

This channel’s playlist currently includes 13 videos whose careful reading will be useful if you want to concretely understand the basics of SEO. Almost all important aspects of SEO are covered. Precisely the:

  • SEO On-Page ;
  • SEO Off-Page et 
  • Technical SEO.

With this video set, even if you already have some basics, you can refresh your knowledge in this industry. Also note that the videos in the playlist last between 3 and 8 minutes, which proves that only the essential elements are explained. After all, the channel is still run by SEO pastor Olivier Andrieu.


SEO links appear as proof of the quality of your website. Its goal remains to increase the authority of your website and it is not Olivier Andrieu who will say the opposite.

To support this, you can listen to his advice and recommendations in his playlist which currently brings together 16 videos that only talk about Backlinks, their importance in your SEO strategy. Topics such as: nofollow, link anchoring or link buying are also covered.

In addition, you have examples of use cases for backlinks. No doubt, you are on the right channel obviously outside themien if you want tips and some guidance on how to manage your backlink strategies.


SEO and UX for user experience put together form SXO: Search eXperience Optimization. It is mathematics, but also Google. Indeed, the big G is interested outside SEO optimization in the user experience, suddenly, you must perfect the alloy between these two technical aspects of SEO. How to get there correctly?

The answer to that question happens to be the subject of this playlist. It gathers at the time of writing this article 4 videos which will certainly increase in number shortly. But for now, by perusing this resource, you will have already found a better approach for the combination of UX and SEO, because it is Google.

Agence SEO

This is a negative playlist. Negative in the sense that you have 4 parts of the same question, which is the following: How to detect a bad SEO agency Olivier Andrieu way? In fact, it is only about this subject in the playlist.

Top SEO criteria

Videos in this playlist range in length from 3 to 7 minutes. They only address the SEO criteria to better consider in order to have significant results for your website with Google. Of course, these criteria are according to Olivier Andrieu. So, if you want to be successful like him, maybe you want to read these 8 videos of the moment that explain why these criteria were chosen.

Domain name

Domain name or address of your soon to be popular website? If you don’t know it by now, one is the other and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to carve out particular importance in the choice of the identity of your website. Discover the explanations and best practices in this playlist.

Duplicate content

Google hates laziness. Indeed, among the list of things that Google robots hate, there is duplicate content or, to put it simply, plagiarism. Within the 10 videos currently available in the playlist, you will understand why.

Also, you will discover the penalties and harmful effects that duplicate content can bring to your entire website. But you will have in return a list of tools that can help you avoid plagiarism and how to exploit them. Thanks developers.

Thinking about SEO 

In all, there is reflection. Thus, the SEO industry is no exception to this, as this playlist demonstrates very well. So far, she’s put together a list of 7 videos that cover some important SEO thoughts. By way of illustration, we have:

  • The culture of failure in SEO ;
  • SEO, School of Patience;
  • SEO? Test and Learn…

The other 4 thoughts that remain for now remain just as important as these. You need to take a look at it.

Search Console

Google, its robots and its tools. As you know, Google remains a whole arsenal that helps website owners, but also users. In all this arsenal, one is among the most powerful. This is the Search Console.

Its use allows you to think outside the box of SEO, there is no doubt. But you still need to understand its use and its role in your SEO strategy. How to exploit it to become the master in the art of user intent? These are what this playlist takes you to.

This playlist is also the second richest in video content on the channel. Note that the topics covered are very well explained in the videos, which last between 4 and 10 minutes.

Voice and SEO

Voice is a technology that is gaining more and more momentum. However, if SEO remains essential today in web marketing, it is because it adapts to digital change. As the vocal is one, you have to know how to balance your strategy by involving it in it.

In this playlist, discover the different ways to get there. Also discover some voice tests carried out to identify what works and what does not work. The idea is to refine your web marketing and SEO approaches.

SEO International 

Who dared to think that International SEO is not important? Anyway, SEO in its diversity has many advantages when the international is involved. That said, between knowing it and applying it, there is a big difference.

How to determine and understand this difference? What can be the best practices to adopt? What mistakes should be avoided at all costs? The well-explained answers to these three questions are in this playlist from the Abondance YouTube channel. Happy viewing!

Semantic cocoon

In this playlist, properly understand the concept of semantic cocoon from top to bottom and start applying it to have better results on your website. One place for that: this playlist.

Within it, the stages of the creation of the semantic cocoon are well explained by the veteran Olivier Andrieu. Whether it is the creation of the silos or the links or the Mind Map, you have everything at your disposal to understand this.


26 is the number of videos currently available in this playlist, which is the only one with more than 20 videos and therefore the longest in the channel. All these details, to tell you that these two important concepts of SEO, because they involve search engine algorithms and robots, are explained in detail. Everything about them is discussed.

Thus, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will confirm that we never stop learning. Here are some topics related to these two main themes.

  • How to quickly unindex many pages on a website?
  • X-Robots-Tag, this unknown…
  • How long does Google take to index a page?
  • Should old content be kept online?

You have several other such topics and guides in this playlist. This is a playlist that will help you get good traffic on your website.

Finally, as you will have understood, the playlists of the Abondance YouTube channel address almost all aspects of SEO. Let’s see among this multitude of videos, which ones have been the best since its creation.

Top 7 Popular Videos from Abondance YouTube Channel

Within this section, we have grouped the top 7 popular videos of the channel since its animation. Here they are :

1. The Semantic Cocoon. 1. Introduction and choice of keywords

The semantic cocoon is a process for creating tree structure (silos) and content. On a website, it is sometimes difficult for some professionals to integrate it. If you want to understand how to go about it especially for the choice of keywords then this audiovisual content having alone made 28 k views will be of great help to you.

2. How to change domain name without losing its referencing?

The detailed answer to this question can be found in this video which has already had 17k views at the time of writing this description. Within the video, you have step-by-step explanations and useful tips on how to easily change your web identity without losing your website’s SEO.

3. The Semantic Cocoon. 2. Creation of the Mind Map

The Mind Map appears as a display or visualization of a thought. In the implementation of the semantic cocoon, the creation of the Mind Map remains essential. Find out how to successfully create it in this video that has already racked up 14k views.

4. Domain name: with or without hyphen?

If you want to know if the right domain name includes a dash or not, you must watch this explanatory and advice video by Olivier Andrieu. It is the third popular video on his channel with 13k views.

5. SEO and E-Commerce. Part 1: The Perfect Landing Page

AT Unless you do not want to make a good turnover with your merchant site, you can decide not to optimize it. But if you want to have leads and generate significant turnover, you absolutely must optimize the home page of the site. How to do it well? This video, having accumulated 13k views, guides you on the procedure to follow.

6. What is a response engine?

For the record, did you know that the evolution of search engines started with response engines? Well, if you want to know the history of these response engines and how they evolved, this 13k view video also gives you pretty much all the details you need to know. Good reading !

7. SEO and E-Commerce. Part 3: The Ideal Product Sheet

After the ideal home page, discover this video which talks about the ideal product sheet. If it is popular (12 k views) like that of the home page, it is certain that the explanations, advice and recommendations are well detailed.

Types of videos offered on the Abondance YouTube channel

Abundance’s YouTube channel most often posts SEO tutorials and vlogs. Besides these, Abundance also shares SEO news. These are intended to inform visitors of the latest SEO trends of the moment.

In addition, three other types of videos appear as often as the tutorials. It is :

  • Answers to questions from subscribers or visitors to the channel;
  • interviews and
  • Conferences/events.

These types of videos have the advantage of offering a variety of content to anyone interested in SEO or online marketing.

In summary

Abondance’s YouTube channel is an essential resource in terms of SEO. All aspects of SEO, e-commerce and online marketing are covered through a diverse playlist. It remains led mainly by Olivier Andrieu, a recognized SEO expert. This last founder of the Abundance blog remains the author of numerous books on SEO and online marketing.

Videos : Abondance

Images​ : Abondance

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Presentation : Abondance

Chaines Youtube Abondance Logo

Olivier Andrieu is an independent SEO consultant and creator of the Abondance company in 1996. In 1998, he set up the

Olivier Andrieuwork since 1993 in the field of engineering and networks. He studied Telematicsas well assystemsinformation and he got his degree in 1986. 

For his first job,Olivier Andrieuwas micro-computing and telematics manager at Crédit Agricole de Guadeloupe. He then held the position of customer manager at a provider of videotex and audiotex solutions based in the south of France.

For his third experience as an employee, he became Internet project manager and head of technology watch in the field of telecommunications within the Agency for the Diffusion of Technological Information in Strasbourg.

It was after this that he set up on his own by embarking on digital entrepreneurship on April 1, 1996 as a consultant in natural referencing (SEO).

Olivier Andrieuhas also written about twenty bookson the SEO to help people better understand the different concepts applicable to successful SEO.To get in touch withOlivier Andrieu,the social networkLinkedIn is the most appropriate.

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