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Facebook Group | SEO en français

Facebook Group | SEO en français

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Looking for a serious SEO group? Discover the Facebook SEO community in French.

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“SEO in French” is a Facebook group dedicated to the French-speaking SEO community. It brings together beginners and experts in natural SEO and offers a space for discussion and sharing on all topics related to SEO. Members can also promote their agency or articles.

SEO description in French

SEO is not something to be taken lightly, because one misstep can ruin months or even years of work. This is why you need to surround yourself with professionals who can help you resolve certain problems.

And that’s where the problem lies! Most SEOs are consultants who charge for their consulting according to their competence. Otherwise, if you want advice from these professionals, you have to spend money.

There are still spaces where you can share your concerns to get help from someone more experienced. This is the case of the “SEO in French” Facebook group. This is where real SEO pros meet to discuss.

This is not the kind of group where you waste your time with posts that are useless. The members of this group really know what they are talking about.

In this article, learn about French SEO Group and various ways it can help you.

Presentation of the Facebook SEO group in French

“SEO in French” is much more than just a Facebook group. It’s a real online community where SEO enthusiasts come together to discuss, learn and share their knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice who wants to understandthe basics of natural referencing or an expert who wants to connect with other SEO professionals, this group is for you.

The group is led by Julien, the administrator and Alicia, the moderator. They ensure that discussions remain respectful, constructive and relevant.

Any off-topic publication or article without a presentation is never approved, which guarantees the quality of the discussions.

One of the strengths of “SEO in French” lies in the diversity of its members. Everyone brings their experience, their questions, their successes and their challenges. This wealth of perspectives creates a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.

Members are encouraged to introduce themselves when joining the group. This promotes interactions and helps create bonds between members.

In addition, the promotion of articles or agencies is authorized, which is an opportunity for visibility for SEO professionals.

The group is private, meaning only members can see who is in it and what is posted. However, it is visible to everyone, which allows anyone to find it and ask to join it.

Since its creation in June 2017, “SEO in French” has attracted more than 2,300 members, which demonstrates its usefulness and popularity within the French-speaking SEO community.

Themes covered in the SEO group in French

The themes covered in “SEO in French” are rich and varied, reflecting the complexity and diversity of natural referencing. Here is a more detailed description of some of the key themes:

The basics of SEO

Who talks aboutbasics of SEO talks about its fundamentals. In this group, participants discuss how search engines work and questions related tokeywords, of themeta tags, content creation, etc.

This topic is particularly useful for beginners, but it also offers useful reminders for experts.

Advanced SEO techniques

French SEO group professionals explore more advanced SEO strategies and techniques.

Members discuss topics such as netlinking (the creation of quality inbound links),semantic optimization (the use of relevant keywords and lexical fields), theSEO local (optimization for local searches), mobile SEO (optimization for mobile devices), etc.

This theme allows members to go beyond the basics and improve their SEO skills.

SEO tools

This theme focuses on the tools used to improve natural referencing. You will also have experience sharing and advice on the use ofGoogle Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMrush, Yooda, etc.

They also discuss the features, pros, and cons of these tools, helping other members make the best choices for their needs.

Technical SEO

This theme addresses the more technical aspects of SEO. Members discuss page loading speed optimization, website architecture, site security, and more.

Rules for joining the Facebook SEO group in French

When you ask to join the “SEO in French” group, you will be asked a few questions to get to know you better and understand your SEO needs. Here’s how you could answer it:

  1. ” In which country do you live ? »

This question aims to understand geographic diversity. You can simply respond with the name of your country of residence. For example: “I live in France. »

  1. “What is your level in SEO? (Expert/Intermediate/Beginner) »

This question helps determine your SEO skill level. Be honest in your response so other members can provide you with advice and resources tailored to your level. For example: “I am a beginner in SEO. I’ve read a few articles and watched a few tutorials, but I’m still learning the basics. »

  1. “What difficulty(s) do you encounter in SEO? »

This question gives you the opportunity to share your current SEO challenges. This can help other members understand how they can help you. Don’t hesitate to be specific in your response. For example: “I’m having trouble understanding how to choose the right keywords for my site. I’m not sure how to determine which keywords are most relevant and effective. »

By answering these questions, you help admins and other group members understand you better and provide you with the advice and support you need to progress in SEO.

Groups associated with SEO in French

In addition to this group, there are other similar groups that you can consult and join to learn SEO.

SEO mutual assistance. Netlinking France

The SEO Mutual Aid Facebook group. Netlinking France is a private space which has around 5.8K members. It was created to help people in the field of natural referencing, from beginners to the most experienced.

This is not a commercial group for selling links, but exchanges are possible. The group’s rules state that you must offer more than you take and that self-promotion, spam content and irrelevant links are not allowed.

SEO – France

The Facebook SEO group – France. It is a private group which has more than 9.1K members and which was created on June 13, 20141.

The group aims to bring together all SEOs and SEO enthusiasts in France. It serves as a monitoring tool on the latest SEO techniques, whether Black, Gray or White Hat.

The group encourages the sharing of information and thoughts around SEO and Web marketing, but it has strict rules against self-promotion and netlinking.

In summary

To finish,SEO in Frenchrepresents an invaluable resource for SEO professionals and enthusiasts in France.

By providing a space for sharing knowledge, experiences and advice, this group actively contributes to the evolution of natural referencing in the French-speaking world.

Whether you are an expert or a curious beginner, joining this group will allow you to stay on top of SEO trends and be part of a dynamic and supportive community.

Remember that success in SEO is not achieved in isolation, but through exchange and collaboration. SEO in French is the crossroads where these exchanges come to life.

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Julien, the author of the Facebook group “SEO in French”, is an experienced SEO consultant and an enlightened author in the field of natural referencing.

His career is marked by constant evolution, moving from political science to the exploration of various professions, before becoming passionate about SEO.

His atypical career path, which even led him to consider a military career, testifies to his determination and his ability to adapt.

Julien has built up expertise in SEO, notably by overcoming Google penalties, which has allowed him to become a recognized expert.

He generously shares his knowledge through books and online resources and thus contributes to the training of many SEO professionals.

His Facebook group is a place of exchange and sharing for SEO enthusiasts in French, where he encourages discussion and mutual assistance.

Julien stands out for his pragmatic approach and his commitment to the SEO community, which makes him a respected figure in the industry.2.

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